Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stand It All and Stand Tall

A new comer moved in with me to my hostel room, just the previous night. After the quick introductions, the first thing she did, when she started to setup her space in the room, was to pull out a hand-written paper that said this :

Remember to Stand Tall.....

The verse that followed was long and poetic, but this is the only line that I remember to date. When you need a quick dose of confidence, you just have to say this line once. And it does help.

"Remember to Stand Tall" got engraved in my mind. The first week of January 2010 began with the next set of dreams and hopes and expectations for the world. It was a nice Sunday morning and my friend comes in with this troubled look to say that someone committed the highest order of crime - Ending her life herself - in our neighbourhood. This girl was working with a reputed shop and is reported to have joined work quite recently. The shop was shut for a day and the next day's news paper gave a short paragraph note in 'nano-small' sized font about the incident. The same evening I chanced to cross the shop and life is back to normal in the shop. May be the colleagues of the dear girl - who put a full stop to her own life, felt sorry for her.. and may be are still feeling sorry for her and missing her.... but nothing stops just because she died... Although a school of thought says that her destined life time came to a close and she passed away, another school of thought says that there is a very important lesson for the rest of the world to learn : If you can stand it all, you will be able to stand tall - in spite of all the emotional eruptions that devastate your confidence and ultimately your dear life...

I am not willing to comment anything on what could have caused the girl to take this decision, as no one in this world can really understand the depth of what the next person you meet on the road is going through. It is very easy to say that she should not have done this to herself from where we stand. Life is parametrized a lot. Which parameter caused this is buried in the depth of the lost life's history. And not many lives get into history books, so there is no way to know what could have been done differently by anyone to help her out.

I was putting off ( for no particular reason) this post for a long time now. I recently heard another case of this kind, in a different city. Someone known to my friend's circle. This prompted me to write this post today.

What we can surely do is to :

- Inculcate confidence in ourselves.
- Inculcate trust in friends and family.
- Stay in touch with spirituality in a way that works for us.
- Be at peace with self and take help when we cannot manage it ourselves.
- Know that we have a duty to live, no matter what adversity faces us.
- Remember that we can Stand It All and It is definitely doable.

If we do this, help in adverse situations will land in some form or the other. And you will be able to deal with it.

Homes, Schools and Colleges should try to teach a little more of 'Confidence' and a little more of 'taking life light'. I think we take life too serious than it is meant to be. We are giving too much importance to privacy ( while it is going for a full toss on the internet ) and tend to keep quiet even to close folks, about what we think and dont think about a lot of our so-called 'personal' life. That should change a little.

The girl's family lost their precious dear one, and they HAVE TO LIVE with it anyway. Life just goes on.. and in time people will have learnt to deal with the loss.

The same applies to all troubles... They can be solved, dealt with, managed, healed, or just forgotten with a new breeze of happiness. So why hurry up and call it quits??

This has to move on..whatever be the situation.. and we just have to Remember to Stand It All and Stand Tall.

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Arjun B S said...

Great one Deepa!

I agree with the suggestive points you've mentioned. But what really opened my head up was the fact that we're so psuedo about our privacy in real life, and come bare on the net.

Well written!

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