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Superlatives!!! - Major Grammar lesson

There is always someone who knows better than you do, less than you do, and as much as you do. There is always someone who is elder to you, younger than you and of the same age as you. There is always someone who is nicer than you, not as nice as you, and about as nice as you. There is always someone who cares for you more than you know, less than you expect, and as much as you acknowledge. There is always someone who is happier than you, less happier than you, and as happy as you are. There is always someone who is smarter than you, less smarter than you can appreciate, and as smart as you  want to believe. You must just believe that you can be better, elder, nicer, caring, happy, and smart as much as you are capable of. There is no need to really justify yourself as the best in any way. In a tall man's land you may be short. But in a dwarf's land, you may be the tallest. So, its just okay to be what you are, who you are. the way you are, as long as you know you are


Credit of building the physical Bridge mostly goes to the Civil Engineers often shared by Architects or Structural Engineers. Many contexts to this word - Bridge, all of them intending connection. Two unconnected things are usually bridged with something in common usage.London Bridge, Bridge the gap, Bridge the difference all mean the same but in different contexts. Most important context of bridge comes in real life when we have to build mental bridge with people. Physical bridges have a complexity, agreed, but there is a know-how that is always available. You just have to have a practice and some guidance and it is possible. No matter how much you train yourself or discipline yourself, or learn from others, the matter of mental bridge between you and the other person seems a tough job... Still, may be with age and time and practice it is still possible to stay 80% connected and understanding with most people we may chance to move with. Physical structural bridge cant serve

because I am generally feeling happy today...

I remember reading this in one of the office emails I received one fine morning. There was another email from the sender saying ' Sweets at my Desk. First come first serve'. Now, I was a new joinee and didn't know if you have to know the person to accept sweets from them to share their joy or would it be a dishonor of the invite to just let the email go unnoticed. When I was still deciding, I saw this message from the same person saying he was generally feeling happy. I am quite choosy with the sweets I take and generally keep it minimum unless it is my favorite Gulab Jamoon ( yeah, that is for a later reference for the readers.. in case you plan to send me a box of sweets for some reason... if not anything else, the same ' am feeling happy ' reason ). The email made me go over to this new friend's desk and share the joy..I really liked the second email message.. that's the only reason I went over. Took a Dhoodh Peda and ate it fully for the first time!

Routine - Meaning

I believed that the word Routine means there is a standard route or pattern which keeps repeating, mostly undisturbed . Now I know that Routine can also mean standard pattern of known unexpected happenings!!! If that is confusing to you, either you are a man and are single, a woman and are not really thinking of babies yet, a married man blissfully unaware of what your baby's caregiver may be going through each day, or a married woman who is waiting outside the gynaec's office without knowing what you have really gotten yourself into!! All said, babies teach you new meanings to old words and given a chance and absolutely free time, after the rest I am waiting to take every chance I get, I might think of putting a new dictionary to the many new meanings I have learnt so far, such as this one word, ROUTINE.