Friday, January 25, 2013

Changed people or changed situation!!!

Just read a statement which made perfect sense..And here is what I understood.

Whenever you think that things have changed in a people relationship, it is really not the people who have changed, but it is the situation that has changed at any given point in time.. and the way people react to the situation makes all the difference. It is this reaction that makes one feel that the people have changed.

It is not often you get to read sensible bits that are worth sharing on a blog or book. I thought there is no documentation for some realizations in life and decided to blog it for all of us!

Growing up?? Or Growing Old??

"Desire is the root cause of all evil " - Gautama Buddha.

I recall how this line seemed pointless and totally senseless back in Class Five when my teacher tried to explain the paragraph about Gautama Buddha in a History Class.

I also recall how I was trying to reason out the statement at home the same day and in the days after. Everyone smiled. Today, I don't remember much of how the argument came to a close but for some unknown reason I remembered the section in the history book and the statement this morning.

Been thinking about it over the day and I think it seems to make sense now, much better and much clearer.

Wonder why do we still 'want' and 'do not want'?
Wonder why we cannot take life as it is and as it comes?
Wonder why history was not taught later in college days when we could have understood it better?
Wonder if this is because I am growing up or Growing older??

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Definitely not a section taken out from a primary school science book or a Chemistry text book. I realized last month and today how much I had taken WATER and its availability for granted.

One fine morning when I opened the tap there was no water.. According to me, this was a simple problem.. In my mind I ran the various reasons ( of course, I am an engineer whose thinking is tuned to think of the probable reasons for a problem and I hate probability as a subject in Maths) for the probable water strike in my house - Could be the tank was empty - Could be the municipal water supply was cut - could be a billing issue - could be a power problem...

When I finally got some sense of the real problem - THAT WE HAVE NOT A SINGLE DROP OF WATER in a household which includes the two of us, two old people and a new born - I reacted.. Phone has always been my best companion in India.. So I dialled a few numbers and finally got the Emergency Number for Water related issues. After all the automated voices I was told that the main inlet pipe from the desalination plant that supplies water to most part of the city had a major breakage and that they didn't have a resolution date.. and they had a probable date too.. which was three days after then.

The reality sank in slowly and then we had many practical problems to deal with in the house.. With minimal water we managed those five days time..

Resolved never to waste water and from then on been using water frugally as much as possible. From last evening until this minute there is no water again.. and this is the same pipe I am told...

Experience makes a man perfect.. The problem doesn't seem major this time as we are still waiting for the water supply to be set right...but can't help thinking of the simple town life that I chanced to have in my life where I never had to struggle for water ever.. Never realized the value of water at all back home.. :) Never realized the value of water in Indian farms, Town's bore wells, Village's wells... Rivers, Lakes and Ponds.....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where are we headed?

It is an old story - the gangster group misbehaves with a 23 year old college student in Delhi, India.

Ever since, every time I glance a news channel ( not my taste anyways, but it happens to be the best choice of channels for someone in my family, so when you walk here and there inside the house, automatically you get to see some news item) there is something related to an inappropriate treatment given to one lady or the other.

While the case of the Delhi girl is still waiting for justice, there have been many more such cases, one more ruthless than the other ( it is almost like a revenge towards women I would say)...

This morning, there was a news item where the bus conductor of the school bus misbehaved with a four year old Kinder Garten little angel. What could have been running on such psyched people's minds?

People are blaming the government, the police, the law for not taking action on crimes against women. Another group says that Women need to dress this way, behave this way, not go out late nights and many more page-length advice ( which I am sure are being given out in most Indian homes to their children ) on what 'Women' must NOT do. Another group ( heights of feminism ?? ) walks around talking about self- defense techniques and martial arts.

But.. But.. Not even one way to really deal with the minds of the men who behave the way they do to the young and old ladies and little children...Why are some men so psychologically affected, so much so they do not know what they are doing?? Why blame everything on alcohol? Why this KOLA VERI in the most literal sense??

I don't see an answer...

Thursday, January 03, 2013


Encouragement has often meant so much to me and I guess has always been coming from my near and dear ones. One such email today made me revisit my priorities and that is how I am sitting in front of my computer trying to blog about something.. There are too many topics and too less time to write about, still I thought its best to start somewhere.

Of late, my focus has been my little girl and my own self as a mom.. I didn't give much time to the outside world and what it teaches me... Usually that is what my blog talks about... Now it is a lot about the inner self and inner mind and lessons learned and unlearnt..more so from the new world am living in...

New year has been a slightly different start for me this year... Silence... :-) Everyone around was asleep... and I was wondering why its so very quiet in this country on New Years night!!! Still, made my new year wish and prayers and gave my little angel her first new year wish ever !!! :) The best moment I would say!!!

Best New Year Wish

Its not often you get to read thoughts and wishes like the ones posted here by a friend of mine. The best of the lot I would say..

Happy 2013!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

New year day today.. Beginning of new hopes, new aims and new aspirations... Wishing one and all a wonderful year ahead. Happy Happy 2013.

This year, I have no resolutions. Just wishes... There is no point in resolution, I realized. I am going to strive for excellence in some areas of life and never resolve on anything in particular this year.

Will be back in the blogging world soon.

Wishing you well once again.



With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...