Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Splash on Quiet

It is tough to keep quiet.... :)

When you need to spell it out, if you keep quiet, it might get late.. :)

Splash on Facts

If you have a headache, say it.. I may not know..

Sometimes nuts are tough to crack. Just accept the fact and keep up the attempt with that smile on :)

Splash on Understanding

Understanding is all it takes...
If you acknowledge that I am brilliant, then you must be brilliant too.. :)

Splash on Attention

You have my undivided attention...

Splash on Anger

Hit the roof.... but remember to take care of your head.. :)

Splash on Blessing

Blessings in disguise happen all the time...

Be a blessing to everyone around...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Comments do matter...........

This is about how comments can change your life.... :)

It was my first job as a writer... Never written anything except those essays in school and a few technical, sleepy, long winding, sometimes, utterly lifeless essays in college, in the EXAM banner... ( I hate exams, though I was able to perform well in most of them, throughout my academic life.. Thanks to my folks at home.. Studies were rarely a topic of conflict for all of us at home ... I guess that's what made me study without hassles... )

Here I was, working on my first assignment, first paragraph - introduction.......struggling for the golden words to just jump out of my head... ( or is it my keyboard, I have no idea.....). It was just impossible for me to write the first few lines of the document. It was on project management... :) I did not know projects at work as yet, Project management was a far-fetched illusion back then.. :)

My assignment was to write a user guide for a project management software for a client company. That simply means, the client says and you listen.. You cannot take your own sweet time to write your document. It might be your first project but it is his focal interest and your manager has signed you up(!!!!!??!!!!) for the project. First job, First project, First manager, First salary, First image, First impression and all that came in my way so much that I could not get that First line right...

I forgot there will be a First editor also in my writing life.... After one whole day of struggle to write a paragraph which had five lines and all these properties:
- grammatically correct sentences
- meaningful to the business eye
- strictly adherent to the style guide I managed to grasp partially over two the first two days
- simple enough for the reader
- slightly basic for an MBA, still will pass the documentation test any day

My manager introduces my first editor to me and says that he will be editing a paragraph before he got to the book that he was editing that day. The editor said, " I know you would have done a good job, given that you have cleared our stringent recruitment process, but let me have a first look at your work for a few days till you get a first hand grip at writing... " Tired of the repeated firsts that I was facing that day, I left for the day. My editor works in the evenings only.

The next morning, I came in to have a second look at my first paragraph.. All I could see was RED colored comments... All over the page. I never knew you could rip apart 45 words ( average - nine words per line) in about two full pages of comments. Every word had a comment... I did not know how to react... I was beginning to feel, if I ever will qualify as a writer... and then came the best of the lot :) (back then, it was worst, as I was all RED in fury... I hated editors instantly....)

My editor had written this on my document:

Hi Deepa,

I know this page does not find you in the best of your cheers this morning. You must be feeling very upset at my comments all over the document. I also have to appreciate that you have taken all efforts to follow standards and write error-free grammatically correct. None of this is a language error.

Let me tell you, just this once, close all the comments, then you will get a real good grip on writing. Believe me, this situation of having to look at all red marks will not happen again in your writer life, IF and only IF you close all these comments to the best of your satisfaction.

Thanks and Regards
- Your editor

I was all wild that moment... "if none of this is English error, then what have you commented at all??!!!??" and i intended to find out.... I cleaned up the document and left a counter note to the editor saying.. " Thanks a lot....I hope you never get to make such comments again on my document. Some day I intend to learn to read a document to the level of ripping it apart with questions and comments...."

And believe me this changed my way of looking at writing for a profession and till date, I owe my sincere thanks to this editor friend of mine.. :) I am still into writing, because I successfully closed my First set of comments on my First document in my First writing job by my First editor...and such a thing never happened again.. My work still has comments, but never to that extent... I prefer to think that I have improved, though the chances are that my editors do not read my documents with the same eye for detail.

I have taken all the liberty to violate all technical writing rules in this page... :) So please don't look for technical writing standards here :) If you still do, then don't let me know.. :) This blog has only ethical rules :) and nothing else.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bouquet making

Bouquet of Roses : One of my favorite ways of wishing people. I always thought that Roses brought the best of wishes and expressed all the love in the world... And I know am not the only person who thinks the same.

This rose bouquet was part of a farewell wish. I had asked for a bunch of roses with a few ferns interspersed. The vendor smiled and asked me to choose a color.. I picked Red, as it is the usual routine... pick a color, choose wrapping ( bunch or bouquet), choose fillers ( ferns and other unscented flowers) , select a 'Best wishes' card and then write your name and wish in the little blank space that is available in the card.

The guy set on to work.... Not that I am noticing for the first time, the way bouquets are made, but this time, it was early morning and I was kind of focused on what he was doing, unlike other times, when I would mostly run late for the function that I was attending... So on this day, when I had lots of time before the work day began , I pulled a chair and sat there watching him work on the bunch of roses.

Till date, I had thought that it was just the sender, the bouquet maker's experience and the flowers you choose ( or get ) makes the bouquet look good.... Not really..... I just saw another aspect that made a huge difference... The kind of involvement that the bouquet maker has on the specific bouquet also adds a few points to a perfect bouquet....

If you are not able to see the point.. let me make it clearer... See, for you it is your friend and your dear one.. For the bouquet maker, it is just another customer's job entry. He would have made hundreds of such bouquets and this one may just be one more on the job tray....

This bouquet maker put in the best of efforts .....the extra special care on the satin, the wrap, the dews and the newspaper cover in the end made all the difference....every other bouquet maker might probably do the same... but there is always a difference you see when things are done whole-hearted and as part of a chore....

As I walked back with a beautiful bunch of roses neatly wrapped in a newspaper cover ( not forgetting the appreciation that he owes along with the money) and with a wonderful feeling that you know, if you have ever held a bouquet to gift someone........, I realised, routine jobs need not be boring at all... its the way you see work... :)

This vendor saw my friend's joy when he made the bouquet...he probably saw every customer's friend and the occassion and whatever else his profession involves before he started work.....

Later that day, when my friend's face lit up as she took the bouquet, I said a silent "Thanks" to the bouquet maker, the second "Thanks" for his Job... I was so glad that I had not forgotten to say "Thanks" to him in the morning when he gave me the bouquet.

Never ever fail to appreciate or thank a job well done, however trivial it might be :) is what I learnt that day. It could be a routine job that "Cannot" go wrong, still it is important to acknowledge it, because in effect you are contributing to a better performance in the next to next stereo-typed jobs of the guy, on the same day....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Hand Bag

I didn't know that my handbag was my major support when I am all by myself, till I faced a bomb threat at work and I walked out without carrying my bag....

All the time, all books and magazines have quotes and proverbs that state:You would not know the worth of things till you lose them... True, I never realised what all my hand bag meant to me, till I had to part with it for more than two days....

It had my tickets, the cash, the desk keys, my cupboard keys, my address book among many other things that made my hand bag more of a sack instead of the mere brown, unassuming, leather finished resin hand bag.

I didn't have much to do that evening when I was wading my way, wait a minute.. when the auto I boarded to reach the bus station that evening.... was wading its way through the oceanic traffic. Am so used to hugging my hand bag wherever I go, for the last few years. It was the first time when i am travelling alone, I did not have my hand bag... The bag i borrowed served the purpose of holding my freshly printed e-ticket and the generously lent out money.. still it was never the same....I realised for the umpteenth time that i have nothing called "Presence of Mind" to carry my hand bag with me.

I missed my bag...

If my bag were to speak, I wonder if it will cry out loud : Don't over stuff me with things!!!!

I loaded it with keys some of which are just old key chains now, bills that recorded my expenses, my address book that is my appointed record keeper of phone numbers and addresses, books that will either be a gift to me or my gift to someone, note pads that had a lot of scribbles that meant so much only to me, post-it notes that remind me of my to-do list when my memory wants to take a vacation,my cash that keeps me company when I am in an auto mostly, my travel tickets that are my prized possessions every time I go home, my health care easy reach essentials that helps one and all around me, my cell phone that defines me among my folks, and to add to all these, there are always one or two of the "once-in-a-while" residents in my hand bag : Water bottle, eatables, some courier that I had to post, some greeting card that I have to hunt a postal stamp for since the last week, some gift that I had to give someone, a passport size photo or two that I had taken year before last and forgot to paste on some form or other, my phone bills that are never "light" and some papers that I stuff in my bag for later reading on subject, writing, fashion and new phone service provider's advertisement( in my attempt to reduce phone bills :)

I had wanted to be methodical about my hand bag load.. but it just doesn't work well between us.. me and my hand bag.. we are fine this way :) I travelled light the other day when I had left my bag behind, but was a little too bothered about my bag more than any thing else that evening.. may be because, no one else would offer to carry all my possessions just like my brown resin hand bag :)

Jaan Pyaari Hai

That's the Hindi equivalent of "Life's dear".... True... We have all realised at one point or other in lives, but almost always we tend to forget it, till we come across another incident from which we chanced to escape by a stroke of luck.

Last week, my friend had to remind me "Jaan Pyaari hai" as we were all being guarded out of our office portals owing to a bomb threat/scare. I was very concerned.....worried.....feeling bad....completely lost.... not because I came to know that it was a bomb scare and that such news can ruin your peace of mind...... but because, I had left my dear hand bag behind at my desk as soon as I heard the announcement.....

It was a busy Friday afternoon at work and I was literally lost in a technical document that I was reading...An announcement voice said: Your attention please. You are requested to leave your work stations immediately and move to the safe zone outside the building.

I picked up my mobile on a reflex and walked out with the others. Little did I realise that it would be a bomb threat and that we would not be coming in for the next five hours. It was after all of us had walked out of the building that we came to know of the threat...

There was this guard ushering all of us to a safer distance. "The road had not been planned for such an emergency traffic", I thought(!!!!) ...I also thought that it was heights of absent mindedness or over confidence ( I couldn't tell which one dominated me that day) that caused the major flaw of life - Not carrying your hand bag when asked to leave the work station!!!!!

My thoughts when I was walking out with my thoughtful friend.....

Bad road - so crowded it is
Bad memory / commonsense - I should have brought my hand bag along
No money - How will I travel tonight?
No tickets - May be I'll take a print out.. How I love the Internet world!!! - I had an e-ticket..:)
No keys - I can ring the bell and some one will open the door..
I have not packed my baggage - That means I can't wear my favorite suit for the weekend plans I had.

I should have told out aloud one of these mind maps unconsciously, I guess..... I still remember the air of satisfaction and "Come on, get back to your senses " tone my friend had, when she said: Jaan Pyaari Hai Beti :)

The truth of it struck me immediately:

True... How many more times does nature and life has to teach people that sometimes, the very fact that you are alive is in itself a major stroke of luck? ......... while you are spending all your time worrying about what else has gone/ can go wrong, when the chances of your living on any given minute, is by itself a real GIFT :)

Well, it is not that I don't know that "Life is dear", its just that it is easy to forget it very often... :) especially when you know that "Nothing went wrong" ( when by all means it could have ) and it was just a "hoax" ( and didn't happen after all )... and that's when we complain about trivial things.

On another trail of thoughts.... I also realised that luck is not always bad on a bomb scare and if nothing happens to you , your hand bag/wallet is important anyways :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beware of Garbage Trucks by David J. Pollay

An interesting forward I received:

Beware of Garbage Trucks by David J. Pollay
************************************************************************************************************************** How often do you let other people's nonsense change your mood?

Do you let a bad driver, rude waiter, curt boss, or an insensitive employee ruin your day?

Unless you're the Terminator, for an instant you're probably set back on your heels. However, the mark of a successful person is how quickly he/she can get back her focus on what's important.

Sixteen years ago I learned this lesson. I learned it in the back of a New York City taxi cab. Here's what happened.

I hopped in a taxi, and we took off for Grand Central Station. We were driving in the right lane when, all of a sudden, a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his breaks, skidded, and missed the other car's back end by just inches! The driver of the other car, the guy who almost caused a big accident, whipped his head around and he started yelling bad words at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was friendly. So, I said, 'Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!'

And this is when my taxi driver told me what I now call, 'The Law of the Garbage Truck.'

Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it. And if you let them, they'll dump it on you. When someone wants to dump on you, don't take it personally. You just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. You'll be happy you did. So this was it: The 'Law of the Garbage Truck.'

I started thinking, how often do I let Garbage Trucks run right over me? And how often do I take their garbage and spread it to other people: at work, at home, on the streets? It was that day I said, 'I'm not going to do it anymore.'

I began to see garbage trucks. I see the load they're carrying. I see them coming to drop it off. And like my Taxi Driver, I don't make it a personal thing; I just smile, wave, wish them well, and I move on.

One of my favorite football players of all time, Walter Payton, did this every day on the football field. He would jump up as quickly as he hit the ground after being tackled. He never dwelled on a hit. Payton was ready to make the next play his best.

Good leaders know they have to be ready for their next meeting.

Good parents know that they have to welcome their children home from school with hugs and kisses.

Teachers and parents know that they have to be fully present, and at their best for the people they care about.

The bottom line is that successful people do not let Garbage Trucks take over their day. What about you?

What would happen in your life, starting today, if you let more garbage trucks pass you by? You'll be happier Here's my bet.

So.. Love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don't.
Believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance , TAKE IT!
If it changes your life , LET IT! Nobody said it would be easy... They just promised it would be worth it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just do your best!!!!!!

Well, I heard this from my grandma almost always as a kid....

Next, from my parents and sister always....

From my thoughtful friends who say this when they see me all hypertensive at work....

From my managers who say this when they recruit me....

All quotation books have this....
All fiction books prove this....
All non-fiction books speak this....

A few years ago, I remember stopping by a road side board that said:

Even if your job is to sweep roads, do it in the best possible manner that no one else can excel you....- Sir Visweswarayya.

Close to the sign-board, there was a young man sweeping the dried leaves off the road. Noticed that he was doing a flawless job of sweeping... He probably does not even know that his kind of work ( literal sense here ) was being appreciated in the nearest sign-post. I just walked off amazed at the sincerity and sincerely and quietly wished him well and that he lands up in a nice job in life....Didn't have the mind back then to appreciate him out loud, which i should have, I realise now.

"Just do your best!!!" got registered in my mind I would say and is one point that I find myself drawn to.

And from that day on, I really try hard to do a good job of sweeping whenever I had chanced to sweep the floor in my house. :) :) It is quite a tough job on its own and needs its own experience :)

The essence is that every job,whether it requires literacy or no, experience or no, is considered elite or no, is highly paid or no, definitely requires the "Just do your best!!!" attitude... :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

On Sharing

It was a very early on a bright Sunday morning when we started out on a long drive. All of us at home enjoy this kind of long drives and we have fun talking about everything under the sun.

It was a little different this time as both me and my sister did not want to eat outside. We had packed lunch from home and had planned to have food at one of the fields beside a tube well.

It was well past lunch time that we finally managed to find a lush green field.After Appa spoke to the farmer,we all took our huge picnic bag and walked towards the tube well in single file... We have never walked in a field and wanted to make sure we don't disturb the work that was happening there. An old farmer remarked to Appa, " It is sometimes important for us to let our children know that rice does not grow on trees ".. It sounded an interesting comment and slightly degrading all the same, given that all of us had a flair for Botany.. "The comment was a casual passer-by comment and never intended on us" - I reassured myself.

We were very grateful to the farmers for letting us spend quite a lot of time on their fields. After a lot of playing, eating, and conscious effort to ward of the sleep that the gentle cool breeze induced in us, we finally decided to drive ahead.... We carried back an almost empty bag, except a few biscuit packets.

As we walked back, we saw a group of tired farmers and an old lady with a tea pot +a few stainless steel cups. I looked at my watch to see it was 4:00 in the evening and their tea time... Wondered how long will their work day extend to... As we crossed the clan, we smiled at them and they invited us for tea. I looked at the tea pot. It was just enough for the group, but they still offered. We politely declined saying we were too full from a late lunch we just had....

We waved them a "Bye" and walked further on. All of us stopped to look at the next person in the file, and we kind of knew that we all had the same thought in mind..

"Their hospitality is amazing and whats more amazing is the fact that they had very little to offer and still they did, with all their heart." We gave the group a few biscuit packets that we wished would "make their tea time" that day.

Back in the car, all of us sat dazed and still are impressed beyond words with the attitude they showed towards us, strangers...

Could not help contrast this with our urban behavior: We would not let any stranger in first... leave alone extend an invitation to join us for tea... They don't have much and are not bothered about sharing whatever little they have...

We have money and we would not be left without anything if the wealth gets lost or stolen... We are still are worried.. Sad, we have to do this because of the growing crime scenes in the world... is one reason we can give. So forget strangers.....Are we open to share as much or little with close folks???

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Homo Sapiens

On a day bustling with activity at my work desk, on a casual intranet messenger talk, I mentioned to my friend: "I didn't find time even to look at myself in a mirror"....

Immediately came the response : A human being should not be in such a situation any day... and call it after thought or a reiteration, there was another message saying *NEVER....

I rephrased the sentence as: A human being should NEVER be in such a situation any day...

Now that I know this friend and our English conversations for quite sometime, I could see that the word "human being" is almost new in our conversational vocabulary..... I stopped, read the sentence again and in a minute understood the marvel of the sentence construct...

Only human beings can appreciate ( applies to only people who really appreciate their reflection or at the least understand that mirrors reflect just the way you look) their reflection on mirror.... If you try getting an animal to stand in front of the mirror, the animal is obviously going to think of its own reflection, as that of another animal approaching it.

On the same lines......only human beings can smile.... only human beings can laugh out loud....

Sad that we find many reasons to be busy and not a single reason to free up some time for our folks.....

Sad that we don't find time to even look at ourselves the mirror ( may apply to inner self too, for a psychological pitch :)....

Sad that we don't find enough time to laugh and make merry with close folks....

Sad that we don't really find time to just "Do Nothing".....

Sad that we don't realize how unique and blessed we are, to be the Human Beings we are :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am what I am

I am what I am...

That's a saying I read on a girl's shirt when I walked out of a movie theatre feeling just that way :) This girl zipped off on her bike as the signal turned Green. :)

As the signal for the pedestrians turned 'Red', my train of thoughts from the movie was also interrupted by this T-shirt quote. While waiting to cross the road, I pondered over the saying :
I am what I am...

It says a lot of things.

Taking the words to be true to the very letter and the meaning of it.....:

The subject, in this case the T-shirt owner, is a very confident person. She does not care what you think about her. She knows she is right, pretty well, and that is all she cares about. She is all about the person you see right in front of you and she has nothing to hide away from or hide from you.

I liked this shirt partly because of the saying, and partly because of the winning look, the girl who wore it, had portrayed in her eyes. :)

It is said, Attires contribute to your elegance and confidence.. Just like this T-shirt. :) Whoever has designed this, knows the tact of words and the impact it can have on people.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

On Deadlines

When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.
- Samuel Johnson
I came across this quotation one fine morning when I logged on to one of the servers at work.

The thread of thoughts that followed, as the meaning of the statement began to unfold :

When you have an exam tomorrow, you are all focussed and determined to get the content of the entire thousand page book into your head. Amazing, it is possible over night, when you could not do the same over six long months or a semester as they call in college...

When you have a project deadline tomorrow, you are all glued to desk and bent upon getting that code work right. Amazing, it is possible over night, when you could not manage it in the last one week you had for the same task...

We have known of "weakest of the weak" gaining strength on the verge of adversity...

In the scheme of things, the quote sounds and seems correct....... :) Is that why "Time line" for a task at work is gazetted as "Dead Line"... ?? :) Just may be.. :)

Makes me wonder... what would be our reaction if we know for a fact that the world is going to come to an end tomorrow? What all will we manage in a day's time? Love, Hate, Prayer, Fate, Wishes, Parents, Friends, Children, Parties, Movies, Games, Books, Drinks, Phone calls? ..... Can't tell... :)

What kind of things would the mind concentrate on?? :) We never know :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Strangers or Saviors?

As dusk sets in, whether the birds fly back to their nests or no, it starts raining heavily in Bangalore... So you kind of need to step out of the office space to the balcony to see the weather outside before you leave work...

Yesterday, after I double-checked the weather and kind of was sure that it was just a drizzle outside, I stepped out.. Unusually there was too much of traffic deadlocks on the road..... At least ten autos refused to come to the place I wanted to reach. In all the time that I was waiting there, I saw more and more people walking, waiting for auto, waiting for cab, waiting for bus, but no one really could get anywhere....I wanted to know if there is any major problem lest I get caught in the maze and find it difficult to get home. I was still closer to office and could take a refuge in the office portals instead of struggling on the road.... I approached another girl who seemed to have given up on the crowd and the non availability of a vehicle to get to where ever she wanted to.. So asked her "What's happening?, Any idea.....?" From her report, I learnt that there was some function in a nearby church and that there is a complete traffic block. There would be no autos or buses plying to most places in Bangalore for at least a few hours from then.

Fantastic.. That was the right piece of information you need when you need to rush home, and the sky is deciding between drizzle, rain and heavy downpour. I had to get home to take the most needed rest as my brain's charge was running out. Needed to recharge my mind with a good night's sleep. While I was still deciding my next move, I involuntarily looked at my watch.. It said, 7:15.P.M, which meant I had been struggling for the last half an hour and the dusk had long turned into dark... :)

Further down the road, I saw a bus stop with lesser crowd.. So thought I'd move closer to it. There was another girl, much younger than I waiting for a bus. She came over and told me that there would not be buses from where we were standing. I didn't quite understand what she was doing there till I noticed that she was expecting a baby in a month or two and did not want to take a risk getting caught in the crowd. I got concerned about her getting back home and asked her where she wanted to go. Her place happened to be closer to mine and so we decided to take an auto rickshaw when we find one. We chose to walk to the nearest junction to board an auto.

Only when we started walking, I realised the foolishness.. It was rainy and dark. The roads were slippery and I was kind of worried about the girl walking beside me. I prayed that we get to spot an auto at the earliest, so I do not have to take the tension of this girl struggling in the walk way, as much as me.. her struggle being more than mine and my mind's tensed state more than hers.

In a minute's time, I remembered that I had bought cream biscuits that evening. Now, I was unsure if she can have them and if there existed a rule of some sort that pregnant women cannot have cream biscuits.... She was very hungry and she decided to break rules. She took one biscuit while I finished almost the rest of the pack..

We saw a restless auto on one of the traffic signals... It seemed to me like the times when we have all hated to obey the teacher, but still bound by some unseen rope, we all eventually have listened to the teacher... The auto driver looked like one of them. The passenger got tired of waiting at the signal and hopped out of the auto. We managed to get into the auto paying a little extra than it usually takes for us to reach...Still, the extra money didn't really matter as we were too glad to have got a vehicle to go home...

It was 9:15 when the auto dropped her off on the way to my house and as we waved each other bye, I began to wonder... "Is she a stranger or savior? "

Am still wondering .... Were we Strangers to each other or Saviors? If you know Bangalore and what it means to struggle on a dark, rainy evening without a vehicle, without connectivity on your mobile, without knowing the language , you would find yourself wondering too.... :) Strangers or Saviors......... :) :) or probably " A Strange Savior..... " :) God bless her... :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good read at work.............

Birbal was the intelligent courtier of King Akbar, who later became his management advisor. Birbal Tales is famous among most Indian children for the full-length humour that every story is lined with.

'Solve your Problems - The Birbal Way ' is a book by two Indian Authors. This book has about seventy short stories, with one or two management moral lessons at the end of every tale. It is hundred percent fun to read and a great way to take a break between work.

Never before would you have enjoyed management lessons as in this book. The morals in this book are, for a change, without management jargon.. and that's what you'd like about the book.

The cover page does not look like its designed for managers or grown-ups in general, the fonts do not look serious ( to me serious means - 9 point font, close spaced and long paragraphs) and you don't have to read it in one shot as you would want to read a novel.....

If you are the kind who is constantly aspiring to keep a cool environment at work, then 'Birbal Tales' is one of the best ways to help you out... at your own pace....

We have a copy of this book in our cube for anyone to stop by, spend five minutes on a story or two and leave our cube as a better informed person about management principles. Even if the management principles don't sink in, at least the stories would have brought a smile on the reader's face... and that's some times what you need to keep your work day alive with enthusiasm...

As I see, for best experience of the reading, you need to read a story or two per day and not finish the whole book overnight, however tempted you might be...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

This wish was special and a grand surprise to me on my birthday.. Have been thinking of posting it for quite long now.. Here it is...

A year older,
A year wiser

A year younger in your aspiration,
A year younger in your innocence

A year more of life and jubilation,
A year more of sense and nonsense

A year less of your tears that you can forget,
A year less of your trials and worries

A year added for your good memories and dreams,
A year added in your score of good friends

A year subtracted from your disappointments,
A year subtracted in anger and bad memories

A year more of opportunities you can get,
A year more of good food and amma's curries...

A toast to your new lease agreement with life :)

May all happiness and dreams find their way to you.

Some thoughts and people bless your lives in a very special way on your very special day.... This poetry is one of them....

Thanks friend. :) :) With due respect to the promise I gave my friend about not disclosing the identity and my own principle of not using my friends' original names in my blog, I have not given my friend's name here.. :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Stop to think........

Finally, last Saturday I managed tickets to watch the much-hyped Tamil movie, "Shivaji" starring Rajinikanth in one of the seven auditoriums of PVR Cinemas, Bangalore.

We reached the place at about 3:00 O clock, just in time for the 3:10 show. I don't particularly recall when I had become impatient about the delay in a movie theatre... but for the kind of money you pay here, I think I began to expect great service.... which for a start meant meant, screening the movie show on time.

We waited till 3:20 for the "doors of the fort" of Audi - 4 to open and walked on the red carpet (Required????!!!!!???), found the seat and settled with the costly and famous duo of popcorn and coke we had just bought. Could not help thinking about the last time when the popcorn tripped off my hand, scattered all over the carpet...and about how I was sorry about that throughout the show... :)

During the intermission, we stepped out to shell out some more money on a plate of north indian snacks. As we started eating, we realised that we would get late for the second half of the movie if we stood outside the Audi till we finish eating. Every one else in the theatre had their hands full of eatables and paper cups. I was considering starting my own movie theatre for a minute when I understood the intelligence the PVR Cinema proprietors had. This place didn't allow outside food and had costly snacks. No one seemed to have any thought on spending so heavy for a minimal quantity of the eatables that you got. So the theatre made a huge profit, even after you consider the expenses on maintenance... My movie theatre dream got disturbed when 'Shivaji' started talking on the screen.

After the show got over, with a lot of queries on the worth of the money that the director has spent on the movie, and the craze of the people for the movie I stood up from where I was seated. I stepped onto the paper plate that I had plugged on to the coke holder on my chair, intending to throw it out after the movie. I had no idea when the plate had fallen off.. I trashed the plate and the coke cup at the nearest dustbin, on my way out of the Audi.

In the now, well-lit Audi, it was sad to see that the plates and cups and plastic covers were scattered all over the place.The people in the theatre seemed to be well educated enough to know the importance of keeping a public place clean. Yet, no one bothered about clearing the paper plates and cups after they were done.

Immediately, I recalled the wait outside the theatre that all of us had to put up with ( albeit for ten minutes ) before the movie began and how I hated it. Now I was wondering how many long minutes it would take for the house keeping folks to have this place cleared up before the next screening which was due in ten minutes... They were pretty fast I should say. Still, for the kind of mess the Audi was in, I am sure the next show would have got delayed....

Now I know, there is no point in blaming any delay, for all you know, you or your folks might be the cause for it.... Stop, think and then blame.... :) May be we never will blame anything or anyone if we really stop to think.... :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Nice Tamil Poetry

I just happened to remember this tamil poetry. For those who dont understand the poetry, I can tell you, its about a few basic things that you should wish for in life.

Aasaipadu Pennae Aasaipadu...Osaipadaamal nee Aasaipadu...
Kaalai nera Kaatrukku...Aalai Izhukkum Kuyilukku..
Punnagai Seiiyum Anbukku...Podhum Endra Manasukku..

Poramaiyilla Pugazhukku...Puthagam padikkum Iravukku..
Kalaiyilladha Varavukku...Kadanilladha Vaazhvukku..
Noilladha Ilamaikku...Thanimaiilladha Mudhumaikku...
Aasaipadu Pennae Aasaipadu...Osaipadaamal nee Aasaipadu...

Naalai Pookum Malarukku...Nalladhu Seiyyum Natpukku..
Sutham Niraindha Veetukku...Sonnadhu Ketkum Pillaikku..
Pasithu Unnum Vayitrukku...Paduthaal Urangum Padukaikku..
Aasaipadu Pennae Aasaipadu...Osaipadaamal nee Aasaipadu...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Loud Silence

Loud Silence............

Most of the literary worshippers would have heard this word. We all feel it once in a while.

Was waiting for an auto, on the pavement just outside my office yesterday. It seemed that everyone in the city decided to set out for an outing at the same time. For a really far stretch, all I could see was vehicles and vehicles and vehicles....

At this point, when I looked at one of the motorists and then the next and then a car driver and then a lot of pedestrians who were waiting to cross the road, the word 'Loud silence' popped into my mind...

.................not without a reason.. They all seemed lost in thought....could be work, could be home, could be the traffic, could be their folks, could be money, could be just about anything... but definitely the silence in their eyes didn't show happiness. Amidst all the noises, you could see that there was a silence which seemed to be talking too loud.....

To put a positive note to it, I also thought " may be their parents have asked them to take care on the roads and be careful on the ride or drive "... :) still, I surely know that the silence was louder than the horn of the auto which had thankfully stopped right next to me.. I hopped in and looked at the same pavement where I stood.

May be an onlooker would feel the same 'Loud silence' in me too from the pavement.... I was not talking... I was quiet... I was staring at particularly nothing... just quiet as I can't talk to myself.. and my phone was not ringing and even if it does, there is no way I am going to be able to hear as the traffic horns were too loud...

As an after thought... It struck ........... that ..........

It could have been just the plain annoyance over the unmanageable traffic and the limited choice that they had, which forced the silence in people :) :) :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

M.K Retail, Indra Nagar, Bangalore

This retail outlet is always full of people... This is just another 'One-stop-shop' in this part of the city with branches all over the city...

Over the last six months, I have been a regular customer to this store , though NOT 'most-valuable' customer... Well, that's just a jargon which means, ' a customer who shops for a lot of money with, a 'lot' ranging from minimum one thousand rupees to zero-balance in your Salary account..'. :)

Yesterday, I had been to M.K, for getting some of my usual shopping done. I've always noticed that people here, shop for a lot of things without thinking whether or not they need it... May be it's the same everywhere, but here I get to see it very clearly, as I wade my way through the crowded aisles of the shopping zone here.

I had picked up whatever I needed and some of what I want ( which I could have done without) and headed to the billing counter. I was beginning to think that my shopping cart was a little too heavy than I had expected.

While I was doing the mental math of my load, and deciding between cash and card at the counter, I saw the counter clerk packing the billed items for the previous customer... It had all 'Ready-to-eat' items. From my mental math I could see that the bill was surely more than five hundred for items that would serve as two meals or maximum three meals for the guy. Brushing aside my thoughts, I handed out my debit card and waited for the bill generation. There was some connection problem and my billing took longer... 'Leaves me with a little more time to gaze around this place with people a little more crazy than I am.. :)' - I thought.

This is what I recall:

A bright five year old walks in and picks up a small shopping cart.. fixes the plate on it properly enough to seat her teddy bear... Her father says " We'll take the bigger cart..". and she says" The bigger cart doesn't have a seat for the Teddy and the teddy would feel left out".. So the father took a cart for himself and the daughter wheeled away another with her teddy seated on it... mostly she was focusing on the teddy.. or so I want to think... :)

While I take my eyes off this scene, I see a beautiful young woman with a very cute child, walking in. There are two others with her, one - a very well dressed old lady who seems more of an elder version of the young woman and two - a middle-aged man who doesn't seem to belong in the family and is more of an assistant to these shoppers. The women start picking up the new arrivals and the most expensive things in the shop while the middle-aged man wheels the shopping cart. He would have got used to the idea that he can never buy these things for himself or his folks given the soaring prices of each of them...

Couldn't help thinking ' how much thought did these people give to the emotions of the assistant ? Can't they handle the shopping cart themselves?'

From the delivery counter, I saw a huge cornflakes box walking towards the billing counter... All I could see was a cornflakes box till the man reached the billing counter and dropped the box on the billing table. Wonder if he ever eats 'desi' food.... :)

In all the three cases I saw 'money' and the fact that the value for it has never been thought about. I hope people in this city get to spend as much always... If there is a crisis in the IT field in future, then unsure about the world, but this city will come to a halt.. an abrupt halt.... people cant live a simple life here and they will miss their luxury so much that their lives will come to a stand-still....

God save IT in Bangalore.......

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do or Don't

"You either do it, or your don't. 'Try' doesn't make sense.".

This is the quote I have on my white board today... No reason to have put this up, but just thought about 'Do or Die' and remembered the corporate lecture I attended one year ago.

"Do or Die" is all, most of us have heard.

There could be different versions to the reason behind the saying. One thing I can say for sure, however , is that 'to die' cannot be a solution to anything at all in life..

I recall from one of the corporate lectures that I chanced to attend last year, "You either do it, or your don't. 'Try' doesn't make sense.".

My version:" Do or Don't. Never say Try".

Coming to think of it....

This is kind of true.
When you DO, often, you are acknowledged.
When you DON'T, always, you are noticed.
When you TRY, seldom, your efforts are recognized.

Another way to look at it is when you 'Try' something, you are already half way through it. So the status 'Try', changes to 'Do' here, and 'Try' is no longer valid.

In this result-oriented world, both official and personal, I think we all should graduate to doing or saying what is possible and what is not. It helps everyone around.

The next time you want to 'try' something, ensure you don't say it. If your try doesn't end up in a success, there are very few people who say, 'At least you tried' and that attitude is what we need to inculcate some day, in us..

As of now, most of us fail to recognize and realize the 'Try' aspect in any task of others.To live life to the fullest, all of us need a pat in the back once in a while.. Let's start recognizing 'try' aspects wherever we find.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

On Birthday


I just turned sixteen :) Well that is what I want to think always... :) Actually getting older and wanting to get better each day!!!! :)

According to some people, Birthday is just another day, with just about the same or similar happenings and experiences.... but coming to think of it....

Isn't birthday a day to

- say thanks for a dawn of another new year,
- respect parents and friends for what they are and have been till date,
- say thanks for what you are,
- appreciate yourself,
- feel good about yourself,
- put some real thought into the wishes you receive,
- be glad to have people around,
- say thanks for all the good wishes,
- reflect on your inner self,
- redefine rules,
- just 'Be yourself'?

You know what? When I read it again, I see that we can be this way, every day... :) It's just that it will take time to get this kind of thought into our daily lives, so till then, I think we should count these thoughts in , at least on our birthdays... :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Its all about interpretation in communication....

Communication can be a word, deed, expression or just a mail, note or letter.... It's all about how we interpret the message conveyed...

I happened to attend a very interesting session related to technical writing which was presided over by Prof.Dr. Jagadish who is teaching in the Information systems department.

The inaugural speech had this segment on interpretation. Quite an interesting one.

A lady had a discomfort in her chest and was referred to a cardiologist who suggested that she take an EEG ( Its called an Echo test). On the doctor's table, the doctor held a scanner on her chest and was scanning the impressions on the monitor in front of him. He said, "No Thrill"....

The lady, was obviously waiting for a diagnostics and didn't want to hear such a comment. She jumped off the bed, changed quickly and walked out fuming...." I didn't know that this doctor is such an indecent man".

It turned out later that the lady had been referred to the cardiologist because it was suspected that there were problems with the murmur of her heart beat. The unit of murmur in medical jargon was 'Thrill'. The higher the value of 'Thrill', the more problems the heart beats had. So the doctor was just ruling out the possibility of errors in her heart's murmur when he said, " No Thrill".

She didn't wait to hear what would have actually made her glad... :) All because of the wrong interpretation.

You never know what the other person means unless you want to ensure that there is no misunderstanding of facts... Often times, we don't care about this. In emails, in phone calls, in conversations, in meetings, in discussions, and just about any kind of communication.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Native language trick!!!

There is a specific stretch of road on the Bangalore - Pondicherry route which is yet to be called a 'road' in all senses.....You would never believe it is part of one of the Bangalore highways. So many speed bumps, so uneven, so dark are few points I can recall because, I cross this stretch usually just after mid-night and after this point, I lose my sleep usually...

With nothing better to do, most of the passengers would just close tired eyes and try to sleep, which is what I was doing during my last Friday night's journey too....this state is when you know what is happening around you but you are not completely awake and you hate to be disturbed.. at least , with me it is like this....

Suddenly my bus comes to a jolty stop and I woke up with a start, so did most others... Looking out of the window we could see a truck parked in a very unlikely angle from the road and was headed in a direction opposite to ours.. More heads peered out of the windows to clearly see that it was not an accident. The truck driver was blocking our way.

The truck was seemingly trying to park in a 'Truck Lay-by' area and did not notice our bus. When he did, he was trying to avoid a major accident... Our driver knew only Kannada and the Truck driver knew only Tamil. The cleaner of the truck took this opportunity to have fun in the middle of the night. His point is that our bus has to back its way from the route and give way to the truck which carried important goods. The driver's take was that his bus was loaded with people and people are more important than the materialistic stuff...

Like this the conversation went on and on and finally after about 20 minutes, a guy in the bus who was not aware of this story, walked out of the bus in a disturbed mood.... saying... "Ego clash in the middle of the night!!!!!"

While the cleaner of the truck and the driver of the bus were busy arguing whose vehicle was carrying more important load, this guy walks up to the driver and talks in Kannada and then walks over to the truck and speaks to the truck guy in Tamil and solves the issue in minutes....

You should have seen the magic of language in the middle of no-where at that hour of the night..
:) In minutes the bus was back on the track heading to Pondicherry and the truck was backing off its way to the 'Truck layby' area.

Later when asked the guy told us.. I just told them both in their own languages " Take it easy boss, leave way please "... :) and it solved the problem in seconds...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Thought of the moment...........

This is about writing all that comes to my mind just this minute..

The Gulmohar flowers which I saw in the morning on the road-side trees....
The Maroon Salwar Kameez I am wearing....
The work at my desktop...
My sister....
The movie I watched with a friend....
The person who sends comments on my blog often....
A friend of mine who usually writes back to my mail...
My friend who is expecting a baby...
My Mother who is travelling...
My Dad at work....
My tickets to home town next week...

Just wondering about this mind of ours.... How much can it think in a matter of minutes.... Does this mean it has multi-tasking ability or does it mean it is out of focus? On a second thought, I think multi tasking is correct....

I am sure most of our minds are lost in so many thoughts every minute... When one of the thoughts require immediate attention, that's when we call it 'Focus' and we concentrate on it.... All else, remains in the background and become 'Active' when each of it gets the chance....

People say meditation is important only to put this forever busy mind to rest....and it is said, the efficiency of mind and thereby 'way of life' becomes easier. Planning to try sometime.. :)

Right now, my work is in my mind's queue, so going ahead with it....

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ta ra ram pam

:) That's the name of the hindi movie I watched day before yesterday.. :)

Directed by Siddharth Anand, Ta Ra Ram Pam is a lovely movie with a lot of points to learn.. Well, if you are in the movie theatre after a hard day at work or after a mind boggling argument, or a 'not-so-easy' day, then you may curse the movie for its water works... I must admit that it is a little sentimental...

Sentiments... no matter how much we say, we dont want it, we all still are sentimental about a few prized things/feelings in life... and i guess it's just okay to watch such movies once in a while.. :)

but it is also a lot about a cute family.... :) a family which u will fall in love with for sure..

Ta Ra Ram Pam .... the story goes like this.... a carefree guy, who has dreams about becoming a racer, but has no means to become one, meets a friend who happens to be the manager of a Car Racers' team. Miss Fortune smiles and the guy also meets the right person and the right time and marries her. Over years he becomes a very popular racer and then suddenly Miss. Misfortune breezes the cute family's path and all joys go for a toss..

How did the family survive the problem is the rest of the story........

For more on this movie, and the what next questions , go ahead and watch the movie.. worth every second..

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Elephant at a buffet

This is a snap from an email i received this morning from a friend of mine... She sends interesting forwards, I must say... Today's forward was about an artist elephant.
As I read the last line which says " buffet of fruits and vegetables at the event.", I could not help thinking why not a full vegetarian buffet for the elephant?

Unsure if elephants do not like cooked vegetarian full meal ( including sweets and icecream).. but just imagined this elephant eating a complete buffet meal as a treat for winning the event....

The lunch is held for just the winner at the play ground. There are trucks full of cooked rice, Drums of side dishes, Trolleys of rice mixed appropriately with the side-dishes. There are uniformed men standing at every counter to direct the elephant to the next food item. Every counter has atleast 5 people to help with the serving ,replenishing, and clearing the trolleys. The guest of the day finishes one complete round of the main course and moves ahead with the dessert. Trolleys of mixed fruits was served. Next , the elephant moves over to the sweets section and eats up all of all kinds of sweets. Last round, our guest gets tired, but still goes ahead to finish the drum of icecream too...

In the really posh lunch buffet that our guest attended, there were atleast 10 counters in all, and five men for the guard-of-honor event and five people from the management. So in all sixty people were posted to ensure that the winner had a great lunch time...

Just wondering... may be this is why, the Creator ensured that animals, elephants in particular do not eat cooked full meals.. People can't afford the cost.. :)

That was a day-dream at work as soon as I saw the mail this morning, from my friend. Day dreams sometimes make ur day.. just like this one did!!! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I rarely tune in to T.V channels... This particular day when I was in one of those 'feel-like-doing-nothing' moods, I chose to switch-on the T.V.

Four kids were praying in a temple, each asking for different things... One kid interestingly thought out aloud "Dear God, I know you are the Almighty and have great strength... then, may be you do not need this much of milk for yourself " and rushes out of the temple with the can of milk that was kept in front of the deity as an offering...

The scene ends with the kids making Horlicks Shake and enjoying themselves.. :)

This advertisement has a major thought which is controversial to even discuss here.. There is this practice of 'Abhishekha' in Indian temples where people offer 'milk' to God. It is a mark of devotion to the good God for all that he has given and been and ' is-to-be' to people.

Wonder why no one ever thought of this basic question.. God is the Almighty and so he may not need so much milk after all??

The point is 'Some questions that kids ask, do not have correct answers. All answers given are to manage the show for the moment.'...

Curious to know what God thinks of the Horlicks Advt, at this moment as I write this post... :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


What does half-a-century mean to us?

The phrase sounds great as compared to the number fifty which is half of a cent. Cent as in the number hundred and not the cent that denotes the lower denomination of a US Dollar.

Wonder if we have ever cheered up about our score cards showing half a century back in school or college or even at work... We were never happy about half a century achievements as much as a century... Wondering aloud why?? :)

The phrase is all about optimism. For a person who scores 50% in something, saying "half-a-century" makes it sound positive and optimistic and also inherently gives the pat-on-the-back that all of us sometimes need to come up in life.

You might want to compare it with what it feels like to say 50%. Well, it doesn't sound bad either, except when some people add the unnecessary word 'just' to it. Let me spell it for you.. "Just 50%...".

I am so glad that I have completed 'half-a-century' posts as dewdrop.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This is about the verse I remembered this morning.. Dates back to about sixteen years ago in school...

Good Morning merry sunshine...
How did u wake so soon...
You've scared the little stars away and shined away the moon...

I saw you go to sleep last night..
Before i ceased my playing..
How did you get way over here and where have you been staying?..

I never go to sleep dear..
I just go around to see...
My little children of the east..
Who rise and watch for me...


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Positive Side...

If we can see the positive side then we are better off ...........

This was a thought caught from a conversation with a friend... :)

True... I realized that I could see the positive side of things..

Recently had a ligament tear and gained a lot of insight on things that I have not ever thought of..

Every one should listen to biology teacher... :)

- I really didnt when i was taught on bones. Never occurred that ankle means a lot..

Every time you see a puddle of water on a polished floor you should take the time to arrange to have it cleaned dry.

-I really didnt care too much till I got a ligament tear.

It is okay to be patient.

-After this ligament tear my patience has improved tremendously.. Wait at the doctors, wait for the auto, wait for the crowd to cross so u don't trip and fall...has taught me lessons on patience...

You need not hurry up at all for things in life...

-Well, I realised that I could not do things I want to do faster, because, my ankle did'nt permit me to.. and anyways,if I did things slow, it did not have the volcanic impact which I always thought it would create if am slow speed all these days had not mattered at all.. people can still accept u the way you are...

Take it easy...

-You don't have a choice, but to listen to doctors advicing you to take care and how you could have avoided the fall and how this ligament tear is going to take ages to recover... :)

Accept that some times it is okay to be a spendthrift..

There are times when money will just flow out of your purse..You really can't control.. :)

So, summing it up, I am better off looking at the positive side of this ligament tear of mine..I have learnt so much and to top it all am sharing the learning with you now :)

Afterall, my friend is right :)

Friday, March 30, 2007


Came across an interesting phrase at work today... just thought on the same lines and came up with this post.

It is about Check lists...The hints on a piece of paper or a scratch pad that come handy when you think your brain is jam-packed with things to do.

I can recall a few main checklists that we have all often heard of or used ourselves:

Travel Check list
Enclosure Check list for a University application
Interview Check list
Shopping List
Banking Check List

I am sure there are a lot more, but all of us would have used atleast one of these checklists..

This minute, when u are reading this post, there would definitely be a number of other thoughts running on your mind...

Have we ever thought what we are exactly doing when we use a check list? According to my friend's remark, we are just 'Outsourcing Thinking'.. :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

T-shirt thoughts

Some T-shirts make u smile, no matter what mood your mind is in.This afternoon, I came across one such shirt with this saying:

Girl Friends are like medicines, they come with expiry date...

Not sure how many people saw a quick smile on my face, but I couldnt help thinking:

Probably the designer never thought of Ayurveda medicine and never believed that there are Girl friends who do graduate to 'Wives' and can still be 'Girl friends'. :)

For folks who are wondering about the reference to Ayurveda, it is a form of medication that is practiced mostly in South India. Most medicines in it, as far as I have known, do not have expiry date.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Just remembered this one liner:

Dear God,

Give me the strength to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change what I cannot accept and the wisdom to know the difference...


How true..

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Conversations with God - Neale Donald Walsch

'Conversation with God' is a wonderful collection of almost all questions we have all faced as teenagers.

Neale Donald Walsch has written about three other books on 'Conversations with God' apart from this one, that is targeted towards teenagers.

The first look at the book makes you wonder about the kind of perspective with which the book was written. The book has reference to God... and you are not sure if the author refers to the Good God who has created or is believed to have created everything you can possibly think of....
and you are not sure if you should be reading this yourself well past teenage or should you be gifting it to some teenager you know of....

I got this book as a gift from a good friend of mine.... not because I was a teenager but because some one suggested this book was good....

The book opens with a wonderful way of holding the audience's attention completely. You get glued to the words you read and your picture as a teenager slowly, quietly, unfolds in your mind and you do not feel like putting down the book at all and you know that Walsch has got you into the whirl of concentration.

Now why do I say 'whirl'? That is because all the questions that come up in children's mind cause your thoughts to just go topsy-turvy.... and you exclaim one of these phrases almost after every question u read:
How True!!!
Exactly, that is what I thought too!!!
Yes, it is just impossible to get that point right....
How easy to follow...
How hard to relate...
and this list is endless....

Walsch has taken the role of God and answered all the questions that a teenager might possibly have.

As a reader, you are better off if you are non-judgemental about the author's take on God and HIS existence. If you are a believer, it is better to take author's views on God according to your own and not go by every word in the book. This, I felt only in the end of the book.. Unsure of the explanation that I have for this point...

If you are not a believer, you might want to consider the views in the book and you might be inclined towards believing in the Supreme power which is commonly christened as 'God'.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Shivaji Nagaram

Second week in bangalore....It was Friday evening. I was walking my way to the bus stop as usual...

The bus stop was unusually crowded and I asked for the auto rickshaw driver there to drop me to where I was headed.He said a flat No and would not even stop for a second. Then came the next stream of autos and everytime I stopped one, I had to either hear a "No" or "Nahi" or "Illai" or "Ledhu" or "Hogathilla".....

Finally as it was getting very late, I started walking to the nearest bus station , Shivaji nagar terminus, where I was sure I would find a bus to reach home.

Five minutes of musing about where is the crowd beside me heading to, why is every Muslim more prayerful than me, what is the point in being dressed in white to attend a prayer meeting, and i realised that i was also in white salwar kameez that day.... coincidentally... and that I seemed to be walking at the tail end of a procession....

Now, since school, i have hated processions whatever be the cause of the procession. To me always, processions meant protest and i am not very much for it...

So, without any idea of the scenario there, I had accidentally gotten myself into a major procession. Thanks to whoever was responsible for the construction of roads in those days...I quickly had the presence of mind to step on to the pavement. I would have stood there watching the procession for about a few minutes when I realised that I should be heading home fast.

I quickened my pace when i slipped on to something that felt warm on my toes. I looked down to see ash all over and remains of something still red hot. I did not waste a second trying to figure out what it was , all i could conclude was that something is or was or would be seriously wrong....

Dropped the idea of bus and took an immediate left.. God knows where this left turn was heading toward... I started walking fast..( one of the very few times when you walk fast in bangalore i guess.. to me it was the first time i was walking fast in say fifteen days' time... :)

I saw autos that were properly lined up on both sides of the road and to me it seemed like I was a top star receiving 'Guard of Honor'. Never would you have seen autos so neatly parked with equal space between each of them. At the moment, this observation should have been of least priority in my mind, but then, sometimes your mind notices intricacies in the most serious moments... and mine did.

I walked on and the five-minute walk seemed to be taking very long before the road hit a bylane where a police constable was trying to regulate the traffic. I walked up to him and told in all languages I knew,that I wanted to reach a specific area in the city. He simply said, 'Walk over to the main road and take a bus'. What he did'nt know was I had taken an hour to reach this place from the same main road that he was talking about. End of day, except getting home safe, nothing else was on my mind, but surely I was not going to go over to the main road again.....

Finally, a lady officer stopped her auto and I hopped in to reach home without any problem.

As I write this, news channels are flashing news on the probable riot this evening related to the Kauveri water tribunal....... I hope people don't burn things this time.... and care for lives and understand that water is a natural resource and not a point to be debated on...

Well, there is always the proverb.. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.. i want to hope for the best but i am not prepared to handle the worst... I wish Bengalooru tides through this verdict without any noise.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Dance class in Bengalooru

Bengalooru city buses....

It was a traffic signal...Not even a bus stop. My friend who was accompanying me to the bus stop suddenly yelled and in a minute I was pushed into a bus that had just come to a halt near us. She waved a 'Bye' and asked me to give her a call or message when I reached the place I was supposed to go. She is the same girl who thought I would get 'Lost' in Bangalore. :)

This city traffic had no value for any one's time, so I asked my friend to drop me off at a bus stop and promised to inform her when I reach wherever I had to reach.

Okay, the bus inched its way forward and I realized that the signal turned 'Green'. I was at the foot board and if my bus hits just another speed breaker ,I was sure to fall off the bus. Oddly, I was bothered if I would get a clear space to land on the road if I fall off the last step of the bus. So many vehicles on the road all jamming the way....

When I was lost in this train of thoughts, I was shaken back to reality as the bus driver started yelling something in Kannada. I was not affected at all because, I did not get any word of what he was saying.. Still from the look on his face, I realized that what he was saying might be serious. I should have given some expression that i myself cannot define now...

Looking at my expression and the driver's face someone offered to help me with the translation. I learnt that i was obstructing the driver's view of the Rear View Mirror. So moved ahead... but wait.. where was the space to move...? Being a software engineer by qualification and a technical writer by profession, I put forward my left foot without thinking about the chances of finding a foot place. ( That's how the IT industry works .. They just go ahead with a bold move.. consequences will be analyzed in meetings ...or surveys that happen after the problem is over..) When I didn't find one foot space to keep my left foot, I decided to put it back to where my right foot was... Little did I realise that by this time, the bus had stopped at the next station and the next set of people had got into the bus. So, I could not find the place to put my right foot... I tried settling my tired left foot somewhere but couldn't find place at all. For you to imagine better, I was kind of learning dance steps on the foot board. :)

That was just to let you know what it was like to be on a city bus in Bangalore in the peak hours. I thought Chennai was the toughest when discussing local buses, but Bangalore at peak hours is just about the same...

As to what happened to my dance class that day, the session was brought to an abrupt halt when the bus stopped at the next station and I was pushed to a safe corner (??!!!??)by a good, old, fat lady's elbow.. :) I was glad all the same, because, I did not have to further struggle with balancing myself on one foot.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It was a cold Sunday morning when I reached this "Cool" city. I was shivering literally while I waited at the bus stop for a friend who had promised to be at the bus stop to receive me. According to her, I am new to the city and there is every chance of me getting lost. :)

Quick snaps from the city over the last three days of my stay here...

Cool city - It is a great change for me from the Tropic climate in Chennai to the pleasant climate in Bangalore....

Lazy city - People take their own sweet time to start and gear up for the day ahead....

Friendly people - Everyone I met was willing to help me with anything I needed to locate in the city... I am not that used to this 'over-friendliness' that a caution alarm started ringing in my mind and it has still not stopped.

Crowded buses - Not to beat Chennai Local transport, still it is new to me as all along I have stayed away from the crowded city buses in Chennai.

Jammed traffic - For a five minute running time, you need to cross five red lights at five signals, and ten speed breakers and spend twenty minutes in any vehicle you commute. ( This statistics is extrapolated from the data I collected from my own experience .. :)

Fair North Indian Food - The eateries here serve fairly good North Indian dishes. Need to take care about the butter and paneer that gets added to your plate unexpectedly.

Complex language - Kannada seems complex to me.. Should learn, else it is going to be tough to manage the shopping and autos. Thankfully a lot of the localites here manage to understand Hindi and Tamil fairly well. I even spotted an auto with the Word 'Rajini' written in tamil wrongly spelt as 'Ra - ii - Ni' for the letters in tamil.

That 's what i am able to manage for now, as the clock is ticking and the climate outside is getting cold.. :) Need to leave , Until the next post,
:) smile and have fun.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Year 2006 is coming to a close according to the calendar within another 12 minutes..
I am in front of my computer trying to handle all the new wishes on my mail box, my chat windows, and my mobile's inbox...

Wishing people Happy New year and acknowledging the wishes....

My mind is tossed up to even think of a new year wish currently..An untoward incident happened in the family and i have been managing my level best to handle it on my mind apart from other things that are giving me a head ache...

Still, trudging on.. just wondering aloud.. what is stopping in this world just because something went wrong with some one?

Dogs are barking outside..

My net connection is down...
My watch shows 11:55
some one is bursting crackers.. may be his watch shows 12:00 now...
I am here scribbling away to glory...fortunately it is not handwritten..
My folks are tired and are sleeping...
My close people are travelling....
One of my friend is at a resort...
Some one i know is studying...

Just how this dawn is going to be different from the rest of the year 2006?I am thinking..

right now...My system time is 11.59...I dont have an answer still...I am praying as i type this line..

May God Bless this year with lots of joy and peace in everyone's life.I

t is 12:01 and i spent the one minute praying for all of us..

Automatically tears welled up in my eyes.. I took care not to cry...I am looking forward to a great year.. just like my mom who just woke up to pray too... :)

I am looking forward to the success in the surgery my friend is going to have...
I am looking forward to the peace of mind that was slightly lacking in the last year...
I am looking forward to my sister's prayers being answered....
I am looking forward to my friend's tension coming down....

I am looking forward to a lot of things...

I didnt realise a new year wish mattered so much till this minute as im writing..
A new year wish matters for so many reasons..

It brings new thoughts, resolutions that may or may not work, forwards to give new insights that are likely to be forgotten..

still a wish is a wish... some one out there wishes you a wonderful year... it is a way of showing u care....

Wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous, bright, joyous new year filled with musical notes of peace..


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...