Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frog or conch?

It was 8:00P.M when I finally reached my house after getting caught in heavy traffic ( the usual 1.25 hours of commute took me 2 whole hours yesterday) and after messing up something at work ( when you are a writer, it comes with the product release time package) and after a totally dull day in general.

Now, this is definitely not the ideal mind state to solve a mystery. As I opened the front gate to my house, I casually looked around to see a 'frog' on the top of a car parked in front of my house. I stopped on my track and took one step towards the car to see the frog in the bright yellowish orange street light. That according to me, is a total venture..Me and frogs are not friends really.

That bold step and my creative eye-sight made it look like a conch shell on top of the car. I thought that the lighting gave it a perfect touch and was wondering why would anyone keep such a beautiful conch shell on top of the car. Before I could assert that people and their thinking can be crazy(!!!!) I wanted to confirm this conch shell discovery. So took another few steps towards the car. I am sure, any police officer around would have questioned me as a suspect for a prospective incident in the locality, had there been a police patrol van. I was constantly staring at the conch shell. For an unknown reason, I just decided to let this be and walk back into my house. You see, I have had a very tough day, so I take that you can surely understand when I make such crazy moves.

As I closed the front gate after me, curiosity took the better of me and I took one last look back at the conch shell and it looked like a dry leaf from the tree's branch. And leaf it finally was!!!!! It looked so beautiful. I don't walk around with a camera, but I think some of these captures are totally worth it.

When I sat back later last night, I realized that my mind can be so creative ( imaginative?? crazy?? can be alternatives and reasons, but creative is what it finally pins down to) and I did not believe so much when people say, Creativity exists in everyone's minds..

From Frog to Conch Shell to a Dry leaf, this little episode unveiled the truth about creativity to me. We just don't believe that creativity is everyone's self. We all are creative and to know how much, we just need to observe such minor happenings in our day to day lives to assert ourselves of our creativity within. Creativity can be practised. I have not identified a concrete know-how, when I do, will write it for you. As step one, we can start off by just believing that We are blessed with creativity by birth.

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