Thursday, July 31, 2008

Better to stay-out-of-it

You know that a conversation falls under the better-to-stay-out-of-it category:
  • if you get a smile for an answer
  • if you get a "well... may be.. may be not " for an answer
  • if you get a quiet stern look that asks "Why do you want to know?"
  • if you sense a quick change of topic
  • if you get an indirect " as much as you.. or not as big as people think it is" answer

I have noticed that people are not comfortable talking about Money, Property, Weight, Age among other things.... And once people who take these topics seriously get into this kind of a conversation, it is just never the same between them.... Wonder Why??!!!???

Courtesy : yesterday's road side conversation when A was keen on knowing how much B got for a hike, and he drilled him very casually ( hard to notice if you didn't know the context) and found out exactly the amount he got for a hike... :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jaane Tu yaa Janne Naa

Maane Tu yaa Maane Naa....The girl in the movie, Aditi, is a typical fun loving, adorable college student.

Nice movie... That's a blanket statement I would give just like most others who watched the movie would say..

The story is simple... Two friends think that share nothing but friendship but then later decide that there's more to their relationship than plain friendship. The story is world-known, but the way this movie has been made is very different from the regular Bollywood films.

There is a lot of fun and nice dialogues that take you back to your early college days... There is good music.. Thanks to Rahman... :) There is lot of English and socialization in the movie, thanks to today's way of life in most metros.. :-) There is a lot of noise and cheer and fun and laughter.. :-)

On the surface look, this movie is a cool time pass. On careful thoughts, you will notice a few pointers that never get explicitly called out anywhere in the movie... These have been left for the audience to explore.

There are scenes that tell you how it is important to notice that children are not as happy as you think they are, how talents in kids go unnoticed simply because you do not care to notice, and how inherent skills/attitudes surface some day or the other... Could be my interpretations, but you will surely notice it too..

For an analysis this is a good movie..
For a causal mind less time pass, this is a fantastic movie..
For college goers, am sure this movie is sure to kindle a lot of hard-to-justify thoughts..
For fun lovers this is great..
For people who are looking for a change from the usual Hindi movies this is a definite hit..

A nice mix of old story in a modern canvas with colourful palette of music, dialogues, and fun. A rare make in today's film industry.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Caution : Potential common sense failure

You step out of your work desk to enjoy the picturesque scenery created by the gentle rainfall.The granite steps that lead to the office reception is wet.

You spot one of the housekeeping staff members in your office with a bucket full of water and a mop. She is mopping the hallway.

What is obvious in these two cases ? Wet floor!!!

And no one needs to tell you that in these two scenarios... I have got so used to the sign boards in my offices : Caution! Wet Floor that I think one fine day even when the place is obviously flooded with water and there is no Caution board, I might slip on the granite floor...

It is said "Commonsense is not common always.." If we have such kind of boards stating the obvious, then our common sense will cease to exist one fine day and we will never be able to Think in the first place, forget the ideal " Think beyond the obvious "... :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

IT park in Moon

Yesterday a thought quickly crossed my mind... What if all software companies migrate to Moon someday....

Dress codes may change and I think will be more formal for sure, due to the temperature conditions in Moon.

People may not work long hours as they have to travel back to their homes in the Earth the same day.

All fast food corners on Earth will open only on weekends. All software engineers go to work to the Moon during the week and they don't have time to have junk food. They get to eat only twice a day. Due to the differences in the environment, they may not feel hungry in Moon. So its likely that they stay out of junk food during the week.

The Passport office will have a new wing called Pass Sphere that issues permits and identities to the software employees.

The conveyance between Earth and Moon will be expensive. There will be no need for any cafeteria or food in Moon, so the companies can cope with the travel expenses.

The software engineered in the Moon will have to comply with ETEPZ ( Extra Terrestrial Export Processing Zone ) rules where all the software has to be sold at a definite rate to all the businesses run on Earth for the benefit of every one.

Appraisal schemes will be revised to have only two codes - IN and OUT. If you manage to be IN, then you are eligible for a standard increase in pay package. If you are OUT, you can never get a Pass Sphere again for five years. That means you can get back to software industry after you clear the Pass Sphere procedures again after five years. In effect you will be jobless for five years. However, if you are smart enough you can get into other industries to earn a living. The ETEPZ rules admit you into software industry again even if you have served in non-software domains for five years.

These are some of the quick crazy thoughts that crossed my mind.. What is your thought.. Keep adding... :)


  • Today is a Friday. All email vendors have decided to observe a day's outage period. So is the decision with the major mobile service providers. Tomorrow and day after are holidays. How does this impact you?
  • If power fails for one whole day in the world, what according to you are two major impacts?

Money thoughts.....

1. You operate ATM today and find one billion dollars balance. What are the first three thoughts that come to your mind?

2. You have one day to spend one million dollars.. What would be the break-up of your expenses?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thin lines...

It is said that there is a very thin line between certain two closely placed aspects on the life line...sometimes it is very hard to really demarcate the two. Some of them I gathered are :

  • Think and Worry
  • Stress and Tension
  • Competition and Rivalry
  • Criticism and Jealousy

When you read these terms separately you are sure of their definition. When you put in a careful thought, you really are not sure of the aspect you are referring to at any point in time...

Not clear ?

  • Try to figure out if you are stressed or tensed?
  • Try to identify if you are thinking or worrying?
  • Try to see if you are competing with something/someone or do you have a rivalry situation?
  • Are you trying to be a critic or are you being jealous?

Honestly, it is difficult to tell... Give it some thought.. If we manage to keep these two aspects separate, am sure all our professional and personal lives will improve for good.

Use the web reference or any dictionary reference to find the word meaning, but connect with yourself to find out if you can clearly distinguish these thoughts....

This is one of my recently gained insights.


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...