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Happenstances - Appreciations made me smile!!!

I disconnected my internet after trying very hard to rewrite something that I rewrote already.. Oh yes, these things are very common in technical writing. The best decision that has always worked for me is to switch to my blog and write or read something that I wrote before or approve a comment or may be even write a post that day. For a while I have not been doing this and so it never occured till I almost pressed the shut down button. [ Okay dont ask me, why, you can always restart... You cant, especially if you have worked hard on one page and finally emailed that copy to your client and didnt find the next page interesting enough to spend the next three hours on.. and I dont have that kind of 'bandwidth' in my present lifestyle ]. I really do not know how but I suddenly remembered something I wanted to write about and was sure it wont take long to write it out. So reconnected the net and logged in to blogger. There was a comment waiting for me. As always, comments ma

Worm in the rain....

The South West monsoon and its rains are very popular in India , more so in Kerala and Mumbai . The papers ran news threads saying , Heavy rains lashing Mumbai ... and I was in the kitchen making our breakfast . Yummy ( I really mean it ) Aloo Poha ( Cooked rice flakes , potato , and southern spices blended in uniformly ) was coming out really well in my mind as I started adding one ingredient after the other . While at this , my mind was also doing some parallel processing of the ' To Do ' list for the day and complaining to much about the rainy day . I had so much to do and the rain started off really early ( rather it had not stopped througout the night , which possibly I didnt know ). I could not hear any other noise except the noise of the rain falling on the asbestos and plastic or whatever other material people used as an extra shade to