Thursday, May 15, 2008

Make a difference......

Andhra mess..... Once quiet, but now a noisy little food joint close to my office caters to the IT folks who crowd in during Noon for lunch.

We are a group of friends who frequent this place once or twice a month for sure. We all have different preferences in meal usually. One friend of mine loves peanut powder, another does not have curd, I don't usually take rice, instead ask for extra Rotis, another friend likes to have sugar soon after the usually spicy meal.

Usually we place orders for "All Veg meals" and when the waiter comes over to serve, we give out our preferences.

I never knew that he knew our tastes by heart... He ensured that sugar was kept on the table, extra rotis were brought in, and peanut powder took a place in our table. We are all still amazed about the memory power that this person who serves close to hundred people a day has and how much of an impact it has on us, his valuable customers.

Later when we were talking about it, we realized that a lot of us meet a lot of people in shops who knew our tastes exactly and would give us what we want. These people do not get any rewards or benefits, but just the satisfaction of having done their jobs, rather mastered their jobs...

I cant help thinking about people in high-end jobs who do not really master this art of remembering to think about the other person's interest... still they get paid much more... appreciated much more... cared for much more...

It is the same set of people who fail to recognize the small niceties extended to them by people who have not been fortunate enough in life to be their peers in terms of money and work style.

I think we all should start appreciating the niceties extended by a shop keeper, baker, fruit seller, grocery storekeeper, launderer and other people without whose services our own work life would majorly get affected.

I have seen people complaining about cost for all these services sky-rocketing... Think about it... We all wont mind a reasonable big number as salary hike every year .... :-)

So lets pay due respect and appreciate all those who make our life easy, although be it in a very small way. This will probably make someone's day.....

They say , "Small things make a huge difference most of the times"..

This article is on Bangalore mirror dated November 10th 2008.


Manjunath Raj said...

Hey Deeps,

I agree with u...100% Well said :-)
Ppl need 2 b more considerate.

Keep blogging :-)

Manjunath Raj.

Kalpana Harikrishnan said...

Great observation!
True. The morning smile from the sweeper, the kind enquiries from the lady who brings fresh flowers in the morning.... I wonder why as you said "the highly paid people" are unable to smile at others. I see some people who always look irritated/tensed. It makes me think if they even know the meaning of "A Smile". Yes, when you have a bad day at office/home you cannot readily produce a smile. But that does not happen daily atleast. May be with more money comes more tension. Just a thought :-)

Sudha said...

Well said! I have felt this on several occasions. Respect and courtesy should never get out of fashion..Sudha..

Sudha said...

Well said! I have felt this on several occasions. Respect and courtesy should never get out of fashion..Sudha..

Sunil said...

I'm not sure if you know that this post made it to the Bangalore Mirror where they put a post of someone's blog everyday. Congratulations! You can check it out on Nov. 10 2008 issue.

BTW, I liked your posts. I agree that some people are warm enough to understand some of our most basic things and give us and we don't take the time and effort to thank them.

Keep those posts coming :-)

Dew Drop said...

Thanks Sunil and all :)

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