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What are you doing this weekend? Now, do you have a single answer to this question? Most of us will have more than one appointment fixed for the weekend... Tailor... Should ask him whatever happened to my dress that he's been promising to return.... Lunch with a friend... Yeah, we've not been able to catch up for quite long now.. Should meet this weekend.. Call up someone... Everyday I pick up the phone to dial, something or the other keeps coming in between... I should positively return this call over the weekend... Visit Auntie... Sure, will be there over the weekend... For lunch?? Not sure, but will surely give a try. And to clean up the room, to wash clothes, to meet friends, to invite friends, to read a novel, to go to the temple, to attend music class, to attend a birthday party, to attend a wedding, to shop for the week, to buy a gift, to service the car... and the list is endless :) Most of us, if not all of us, have more than what we can handle, planned for

Innovation and Marketing : Quick look

There are only two steps to success in Business.. 1. Innovation 2. Marketing I read this when I visited one of the banks in my home town. People have this tendency to compare... I guess it is an inborn nature... So, if you are into business, you surely have to do something different from the rest of the world to be able to make that comparable difference... Now, that you have put in a lot of effort to make a difference from the rest of the herd, you need to tell someone that you have done it and done it exceptionally well... If not inborn, you should be able to learn the art of boasting about your work modestly to people... Only if these two happen, will your trade and commerce work best for you. Next time, you see someone doing very well, you can place the reasons easily : Innovation and Marketing. If we give it a more careful thought... this rule applies in all walks of life..... including your hobbies and work.....Some one should know what you are doing and you should know wha