Sunday, May 01, 2016

Twelve Angry Men

All thanks to my friend who suggested  very old English movie called 12 Angry Men. The movie is dated 1957.

It is a short movie about twelve people talking about a case inside a small room around a discussion table. Liked it for many reasons, the primary one being I have not watched too many English movies over the years plus Never seen a very dialog-packed movie in a very long time.

You can find it online, so I am not talking further about the movie really. Here is what it taught me:

  1. Think different. 
  2. Just believe goodness always.
  3. Question the assertively negative sentences u hear. 
  4. Every human being is definitely what he is based on a hidden something deep within him. Never hate.
  5. Be nice in any argument.
  6. Observe emotions. They are hidden all the time.They rule a human being at any point in time.
  7. Two people can never have the same opinion unless they take time to reason out and be open to the subject. Always forget whom you are talking to and focus just on the point at the discussion table if your meaning is to solve the problem than win your side of the argument.
  8. You may be wrong.Its good to be assertive but not stern.
That's what I gathered immediately after the movie. A second watch may be required to really gather more lessons. Surely a good watch.


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