Friday, February 05, 2010

Comment moderation changes on Dew

Hello Readers,

Thank you for your readership. Hope All is well with you and your folks. :-)

Of late, I have been noticing a lot of spam comments ( some automated and some intended) that disturb the very idea of being 'Dew' which is pure and clear. I am unable to let this disturbing factor seep in any further into my blog.

I don't quite like the idea that people have to sign-in to post comments on my blog or have to do a word verification to post a comment. Till three minutes ago, I had kept my blog open for anonymous comments as well. To continue being and living the Dew way, I had to impose verification rules on my blog, starting this post.

I trust you will understand this and wont mind doing a word verification or google sign-in when you are asked to. Please stand with me on this and help me keep Dewdrop going steady as always.

I value your comments and would like to continue knowing your views on my write-ups. Thought I must keep you posted on the way comments work on my blog from today. :)

Thanks a tonne,


1 comment:

SK said...


1. Comment moderation is perfect.

2. Removing anonymous comment is perfect.

3. Intha word verificatino mattum venaame.. :) enna maadhiri somberigal ellarukkum romba kashtam :)

Just my view.. :)

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