Monday, November 24, 2014

Zero Intellect??

Most email users today know about unsolicited emails. Deleting emails that don't intend any sense to me has become a practice for me these days. There is always one of these emails to delete:

  • Some insurance company selling policies that talk about the cash benefits.
  • Some pregnancy related website telling me what to do when my baby cries too much.
  • Some school website talking about entrance exam coaching and admission tests.
  • Some property website talking about the latest to-be-launched apartment project that I can buy for just 99 lakhs only.. Note that there is a just and a only in the line.
  • Some philosophical web site talking about how life is to live easy and for that I have to think like I don't exist, talk like a saint and walk the path of the Good God.
  • Some shopping site talking about many things that I may never want in my lifetime.

and the like..

Today, I came across a new kind of email which I am hoping that one of you would support. Yes, I am practicing less criticism and more 'trying to understand' in my  life. 

Just how do you think I must react if some email states that my intellectual level is 0%??

I clicked the email and saw that my intellectual level is 0% and some Mr. X has lived so many days and how he must react to any situation in any given day.. I tried looking for some astro-related word in the email but there was none.. I am super surprised to note that people actually have the time to send out unsolicited emails that talk nothing but nonsense to the unintended recipient... And it is definitely annoying to see that someone calls someone zero intellectual and that email falls into my box.. 

Am I holding a junk email box?? Will people consider that time is valuable??

For those who are asking me to mark these emails spam, please note that the more you mark something spam, the many more emails you start receiving, though from different ids.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pessimism at a glance

If we have to always be optimistic, then why does the opposite exist?

When I read some ten lines in a temple that spoke about being optimistic, I naturally liked it. For those who know me, this is no big news. I am known to be positive most of the time, but then today, you may not believe, I thought a little different.

Why does everyone talk about Positive so much? Why does the opposite of it never welcome??

We all know that opposites are unavoidable.

If there is a high, there has to be a low.
If there is a fast, there has to be a slow.
If there is a possible, there has to be an impossible.
If there is a 'can', there has to be a can't.
If there is a far, there has to be a near.
If there is a love, there has to be a hate.
If there is a crest, there has to be a trough.
If there is a success, there has to be a failure.
If there is a positive, there has to be a negative.
If there is a good, there has to be a 'Bad'.

We all know that what we don't want to happen to us, doesn't do anything good to our health or mind, so we like to think positive. This is true and that is how it has to be. But today I discovered although a little late that It is just okay to be pessimistic at times.. All 'What if' questions are examples of pessimism, but think again, if you didn't think about it, would you do these in life?

- Carry extra cash when you travel
- Plant a fire extinguisher in your new building
- Have a life jacket in your boat
- Take an insurance policy
- Take a vaccine for some XYZ disease

A little pessimism or negativity is good, because without negativity, many things in life wouldn't have been invented or be used; Many lifestyle changes wouldn't have taken place. If anything that you don't want happens, lets try to look at what we can learn from it and be happy that we have crossed that hurdle and not brood about it ever.

You cannot rewrite the hidden rule of life. When there is a positive, there must be a negative. Some negatives are 'alerts', some are 'cautions' and some are 'dangers'. Which is why you pray: God Bless you and me :-)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Diwali evening - Are you rich?

Last week, after many years, I stepped out to buy crackers - some sparklers and sprinklers for my daughter. It was her first Diwali in India.She has not seen or heard so many noises and so much of light on the roads until then. So after two days of preparation, she finally agreed to light sparklers herself. That's how I stepped on to the road, full of joy for it is different buying things for yourself and very different when you buy for others and more so, when it is for your child.

At the shop, there were five people in different age groups, all buying crackers per their budget. I asked for five packets of sparklers, hoping for ten pieces in each pack. I couldn't imagine my daughter spending more time on sparklers. The shopkeeper gave me a look that almost said " Why are you wasting my time on a Diwali day?". I immediately added " It is for my two year old daughter". Then he smiled and asked me what else I wanted. I also picked up a pack of Flower pots and long sparklers. When he billed my purchase which was exactly seven packets, I could not believe the maths. I asked to recalculate myself and paid him a few hundreds.

When walking back, I saw many families where children wanted to burst crackers and wanted to buy sparklers but everything was just way above any one's budget. Immediately my thoughts traveled back to my childhood when my sister and I had enough to enjoy and there came a time when we didn't want to burst crackers at all. We used to give ours to others who didn't have any. I don't recall thanking God back then, but this day I did.

The short road seemed longer, or did my thoughts travel too far? I was brought back to the road by a little boy with three of his friends, all collecting money for their Diwali purchase. I knew what I was going to give them would not make a huge difference, but I still gave each of them some money. I believe that there would be many others who will have the heart to give some cash to these kids, so they can finally burst crackers that day.

The importance of bursting crackers or spending too lavishly on crackers, whether they are worth or not, is all a different tangent in a child's mind. A child is a child.. whether mine or yours or anyone Else's. Rich or Poor, all that a child needs is the same until the first few years in life...Fun, Food,Love, Attention.. are few pointers I can quickly name. All children have the same mind, same kind of wishes and it is pathetic to see that some children get to enjoy everything in life and some others don't. The fate/luck/karma is sometimes very strict!!!! Sad.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just doing it

'Just Do It' is the tag line of one of the famous companies. Whoever thought out that line, has done it well because that is all there is to life in any aspect.

Just go ahead and Do it.. whatever it is. You have a chance, you may have a choice, but you just do it. And the response of the doing does not always have to be visibly, immediately, in your favor. You did it because you wanted to do it. Simple. If you are doing something because someone else asked you to, that someone else wont be there to take the hit of it, if any, later.

You are solely responsible for what you do.

feeling gifted or feeling appreciated?

There is always a sub-conscious need to feel appreciated in everything. Recently when I was talking to someone I just figured that this need should be the culprit that spoils all the confidence in anyone.

 I just asked myself Why? and I don't have an answer.

If the answer is encouragement, acknowledgement, ego, fame and name.. why are we behind these?
Isn't feeling gifted more important?? 

Unseen Rules

Life is governed by unseen rules that we do not know who makes. Most I guess are carried over from the past, most have changed for convenience in the later years and rest of the lot are new. But rules are there, whether you like it or not.

Wonder if many are followed because of the universal laws:
- My neighbor does it, so I must.
- It happened to them and so I better follow this.

It would be a blessing to know why we are doing what we are doing in life.. this way, the unseen rules can be validated better.

Staying Grounded

Gravitational force is good. Imagine what would the world be like without it!!! So staying grounded is only but natural. If you feel your mental balance is fluctuating, then just remind yourself that it is important to come under the control of the gravitational force of your mind. Just stay grounded until you know you are ready to make the next move. And how do u do that? Simple. Keep quiet for the moment. Clarity will surface in a calm head.

Head and Tail

Heads I win, Tails you lose..

In any case you win if you strike a deal this way. Beware of such agreements and get into the deal only if you know that you are okay with Head or Tail. We must understand that there are two sides to everything and both sides may be correct from its own stand point. No decision is wrong. Its just what works for us and what does not.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Splash on Happiness

When the whole world is trying to figure out ways to remain happy, I just figured out something too.

  • That happiness does not have a definition.
  • That happiness is a breeze and not permanent factor.
  • That happiness has an antonym too.
  • That happiness is an inherent thing that needs to be discovered.
  • That happiness can never be measured.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Splash on Best

  • Best is a superlative, which means it is a 'relativity' word and not the verdict of any authority. Partly why there are percentiles in scoring these days.
  • There is no such thing as second best.
  • If you say 'Do your best' to a person with zero inclination on the task, consider your job undone.
  • If Best is expected from you, expect and accept nothing less than the best compensation, appreciation, or encouragement, as may be applicable.
  • "Best hearts are ever the bravest" is a hearsay; Are they talking about anatomically best or emotionally best or socially best
  • "The Best is yet to come" is probably the best quote that applies in most situations.
  • Often, it helps to think if Best really means Be Steady.
  • At all times ask for the strength to Be Steady.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Avane Ivane Sivane - Gavanikka

அவனே இவனே என்று நினைக்காமல் சிவனே என்று
உள்ளே போறவனையும் வெளியே வரவனையும் மட்டுமே கவனிக்கவும்

நேற்று நடந்த யோகா வகுப்பில் நான் கற்ற மிக பெரிய பாடம் இது.

நாம் அனைவரும் நாள்தோறும் பல வேலைகள்  செய்கிறோம், செய்யாமல் இருக்கோம்,நாம் செய்யாமல் இருக்கும் பல வேளைகளில் நிதானமாக மூச்சு விட பழகுவதும் ஒன்று.

மூச்சு என்பது பாடல்களுக்கு சேர்கப்படும் ஸ்ருதியைபோல மிக முக்கியமானது. ஒரு பாடல் பாட தொடங்கும் முன்னதாக, செய்யபடுவது ஸ்ருதி சேர்த்தல் ஆகும். இந்த ஸ்ருதியை அடிப்படையாக வைத்து தான் பாடல் இயற்றபடுகிறது.

ஒரே பாடலை பல ஸ்ருதிகளில் பாடினால் அது வேறு வேறு பாடல்களாக தோன்றும். அதே போன்று மூச்சை விதம் விதமாக உபயோகிக்கலாம். அதில் எல்லா விதமும் சரியாக இருப்பதில்லை.

நாம் எல்லாரும் சரியாகதான் மூச்சு விடுகிறோம் என்று எண்ணினால் தவறாக விடுவது எப்படி என்று யோசிக்கத்தோன்றும்.அப்படி யோசித்ததில் தெரிய வந்தது தான் பிரணாயமம்.

ஒவ்வொரு நாளும்காலை எழுந்த உடன் நம் மூச்சாகிய ஸ்ருதியை சரியாக வாசித்தோம் என்றால் அன்றைய நாள் முழுவதும் மூச்சு சரியான ரீதியில்  இருக்கும். உடம்பின் இயக்கங்களும் சரியாக இருக்கும்.

அவனே இவனே என்று நினைக்காமல் சிவனே என்று
உள்ளே போறவனையும் வெளியே வரவனையும் மட்டுமே கவனிக்கவும்.

இதில் உள்ளே போகிறவர், வெளியே வருபவர், ரெண்டும் நம் மூச்சே ஆகும்.

ஒரு நல்ல யோகா வகுப்பில் பத்து நாள் பழகினால் சரியாக மூச்சு பயிற்சி செய்ய முடியும்.

பயிற்சி செய்து தான் பாருங்களேன். நான் தொடங்கியுள்ளேன்.நீங்களும் முயற்சி செய்யுங்கள். உங்கள் உடல் உங்களுக்கு நன்றி சொல்லும்.

Good health

Good Food, Good Exercise, Good Meditation, and Good Life style converge in Good Health.

Good Food is in simplest terms - Food that is not over-cooked, not over-greased, not over-spicy, and not old.

Good Meditation means taking simple steps to improving focus of the otherwise usually scattered brain - Regular prayer routine, Regular Five minute hobby time, Regular stereo-typical work that doesn't require your mind's complete attention. When you do one of these or activity similar to these, your mind meditates on the work and not anything else and these activities are not done by force or do not have materialistic gains.

Good Exercise is to just ensure you move every part of your body to activate the otherwise sleeping joints and muscles. You can choose to walk for twenty minutes or be a regular in a local gymnasium or dance class.

Good Lifestyle  - Spend family time at home, Share work load at home, Have strict disciplines on prayer, morals, food, clothing and manners, Make time for fun and friends, Attend weddings and functions of relatives and friends, Keep your word and Keep to time.

All these will easily converge to Good Health on constant practice.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

What's in a name??

"What is your name ?" is probably the first question each of us has been asked when we started school. Quite an easy answer, I thought until I started filling up forms in life.

School forms ask you to expand names with Initials.

Passport Application form asks you to fill up Surname, First Name, Last Name.

College Application forms ask for First, Middle and Last names.

I happened to look at PAN card application form this evening. There is an illustration which shows the main name written in the Surname column.

For example someone with A.K.Rainbow as the name will have issues filling up the name in any form in her life:

In the school, the name will be A.K.Rainbow
In college, it will be Always.K.Rainbow
In Passport, it will be Rainbow.K Always
In PAN Card, it will be Always K.Rainbow

Now, with such a complication in the name, when this person has to go to the bank to open an account, they will have rules to say.

Thirty years later, when there is a property transaction in Ms. Rainbow's name ( I am not mentioning the confusion in the documents when Ms. Rainbow decides to get married and change her Surname) and two proofs for name are asked, what documents will Ms. Rainbow furnish??

There are workarounds for everything. So, some document will be furnished and some gazetted officer will attest and the work will get done, but there are instances when authorities are unable to spell the right name due to the various permutations/proofs prevalent in names. There are many land and property transactions pending closure due to this problem. There are many bank account issues faced by bankers every day due to the same.

Now, when someone is faced with an inheritance issue that is pending clarification on name, do you think this person will agree that "What is your name?" is a simple question anymore??

One solution: Can there be a standardization for all forms across the country?? Some rule has to be passed somewhere if not already done, to standardize names and it has to start from school forms.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Old is Gold

In the context of health, we are hearing many things these days. In olden days people never seemed to need as many lessons on health like we do, because they were all naturally healthy. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

As a general concept, man tends to talk about what he doesn't have and is never happy. Most of us are not really happy about our health and so we see umpteen resources online about health.

Here is one simple way to good health I heard today:

  • Wake up early in the morning, which is between 5:00 A.M and 7:00 A.M
  • Have a filling breakfast between 7:00 A.M and 9:00 A.M
  • Do not eat or drink anything between 9:00 A.M and 11:00 A.M which is the late morning time.
  • Drink water, beverage, soups between 11:00 A.M and 1:00 P.M
  • Have a moderate lunch between 1:00 P.M and 3:00 P.M. Do not sleep in the horizontal position, as in do not lie down comfortably on a bed. If your system is working fine, your eye lids will automatically close at 2:00 P.M. Recall a boring after noon lecture in college. It was not the lecture that was boring, but the system inside is working on what you ate and failed to really work up your brain to understand the lecture. Five to ten minutes nap with your head bent on your work desk can work wonders.If you sleep longer in the same position, it is still okay, just that your boss or teacher will have questions to ask. That is up to you to handle.
  • Drink water, beverages, and water between 3:00 P.M and 7:00 P.M. If you can manage to have your dinner between 6:00 P.M and 7:00 P.M, then, good for you.
  • Latest by 9:00 P.M you must finish your dinner.
  • Retire off for the day between 9:00 P.M and 11:00 P.M

Now, this is all our ancestors followed. They just woke up early in the morning and ensured that they kept to their timing and did the right things.

The timing is because the human body has many interesting organs that are programmed to work in a certain way in a certain time. You mess up with the timing or overload it, then you are in for a rude shock. But for all the insincerity that we are all showing to our bodies, I guess the machine really doesn't give up very easily. We are still alive and healthy enough to be reading this post.

At the end of this prose, am sure we all will shout in unison, that includes me, 'Just how on earth is this timing possible with today's work demands'... and many other demands that each of us have.

Correct,, but this is just the path to good health. Our body doesn't work on its own. It needs fuel in the form of food. The mechanics of it is governed by the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. But since the body is auto programmed, when we try to change many parameters about the way it works based on our customized life demands, at one point it just stops working.. One part after the other will stop functioning and that is why we see people living on medicines and never get to really age gracefully and be wise for their age.

When health is a problem then wisdom can take a back seat. Try reasoning and rationalizing on any problem you face on a bad head ache day... if you want to know what I mean. When there is no wisdom, stress factor sets in and then fails every part very quickly.

We can change our habits if we alter our thinking slightly. Instead of asking how can I  adjust my health routine to my work schedule or other demands, why not ask it this way? " What can I do to ensure that my health routine doesn't get disturbed??"

We are not talking about gym, exercise, walk, Yoga, Meditation, Sports, and all other health watch activities. We are just talking about getting up in the morning, bathing, eating on time and retiring off on time every day. Is it really that hard??

Do you have a night shift job?? Then it is time you checked your health routine and see a doctor, a really informed doctor on what to do. A good Doctor will ask you to change your job or your day's routine. A doctor who wants you to keep coming back for advice, will ask you to take rest.. which you wont/cant during the day. So it is up to you to decide what you want to do with your work and health in life. An occasional night shift at work is really okay. You can always compensate with three night's sleep and one day's sleep.. yeah right... that is how it works.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Do you have a Gate pass to my mind?

The word Mind may be a derivative of Mine. We hear quite a lot about Mind in everyday talks. Any place that promises health, peace, happiness preaches about Mind.If I get into research about Mind, am sure I'll find sea-deep or a mine of information related to the subject.

I have always wondered how to express this 'thing' called Mind in a drawing when asked to, how to give the right analogy to my children when discussing or talking about the mind or how to really explain to someone what the word Mind in the phrase ' Mind your own business' really means.

Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual lectures and even the latest medical researches talk about mind playing an integral part in one's health and life.

There is another concept of tuning health through positive energy transfers called Reiki ( - Not sure if this is how the real explanation goes, but I like to keep it simple as I consider myself a total layman when it comes to the human body right from my Zoology days in school) which again is about mind working on the affected zone.

Then it was purely by chance that I came across this word and talk about cosmic energy from a colleague who said 'It is all in the Mind' and when the Mind believes the Universe assures. I always thought that it is beyond me to get this thing about Mind, more so when I cant understand what the 'It' in the phrase means at any given point in time.

The aesthetic side of the world believes in Vaasthu, Fengshui which are about the right setting in the house and positive energy that are believed to work wonders in the mind of the people and hence solutions to their problems. If you are not following this, then you are probably not the only one who faces the problem of not understanding how colors, objects, structures, and positions in a house affect the well being. It is a whole science and needs lessons to follow.

When there is so much more talks like this going on in the world about Mind, which has no form and which enjoys total freedom and which is supposed to be the controller of everything and which is very imbalanced, this evening I came across this big truth that "To be in control of your mind is to understand what it is".

For those of us who are not going to do doctoral degrees on the mind science, here is a simple version of what I understood:

Mind is a combination of the Mind, the Sub-conscious Mind, the Unconscious Mind, the Super-conscious mind, and the Cosmic Mind. Draw a concentric circle. Mark a Gate on every one of the five circles and number them.Mind is at Gate 5 and Cosmic Mind is at Gate 1. 

When you say something and I don't want to listen, I just hear it and it gets registered in the Mind level and doesn't go any further. I can just decide not to really let it penetrate any further. So what you said doesn't really affect or effect in my life.

When I want to buy a car, it stays in the Mind level. When I think of it many times it gets registered into my sub conscious mind.. and then I start dreaming about it often. If I don't have any other priority that is bigger than this car I want to buy, then it gets into the next level called' Unconscious mind - meaning, in my sleep and wakefulness I only think of this car... and then the Super-conscious mind makes me work hard to realize the dream (But I don't complain of pains, stress or anything.. the hard work comes naturally here..)and then the cosmic mind makes sure it makes the right moves and triggers the correct switches in this world to realize my dream.

So the next time you hear about Mind It, Never Mind, Its all in the Mind and anything to do with Mind, I guess you will know that chances of something getting realized is really about how many gates of the mind the thought penetrates.

Now, it is all the more worth our while to really learn all the sciences to master the gate keeper job. You choose which thoughts get into your inner most gate and which ones stay outside. Do not give a Gate pass without examining how the entrant will affect your peace of mind. This is one great way to happiness and health. It is quite a challenge how we learn this art, but that is all about well being in this world - good health, success, money, friends, and anything else that matters to you and affects you in a positive way...

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Why? What? Who? Shocks

I wonder Why? I wonder What? I wonder Who? I don't know When....

I have just had my baby boy and could do one small change to help myself tide through my third trimester ante-natal term and the post-natal term. I STOPPED READING OR WATCHING NEWS. Then, when I finally thought it's high time I got back to the real world, I started lending a listening ear to the news items that came floating by from friends, channels and paper after six long months. I have still not made up my mind to read them though.

Guess what are the first things I heard ?!! - 1. Inappropriate behavior towards a six year old in a popular Bangalore based school. 2. A murder of two people who were last seen welcoming friends inside the house for dinner.

Among many more were robberies, plane crashes, inflation rates, hospital mishaps and like oasis on a desert terrain, I did hear about the lesser problematic topics - politics, education, social service and religion.

My questions to no one in particular are:

Why is the world the way it is?

What joy do people find in doing things that harm the innocent?

Who inspires the wrong in the society? ( It is a different discussion that there is no right or wrong in this world, just thinking makes it so.. but you get what I mean by wrong in this context I guess..)

And when will people realize that the time they spend planning a wrong doing is much more than that spent for doing the right thing?

As much as I hate to admit, I guess everyone is slightly affected in the mind to be doing what they are doing..( even you and me ) but caution needs to be exercised if we have to walk around in this crowded world among people with serious psychological disorders..

What causes these disorders? Where is the root? Can it be cured? Do we really know what is going wrong?? are questions that may be pending in every psycho therapist's mind. Quite Shocking!!! that Peace and Sense is losing meaning in this world among many other aspects like Happiness and Contentment.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Splash on Stress

  • Stress is an unwelcome guest.
  • Stress is a thief who steals health.
  • Try as much as you may want to, but stress seeps in somehow.
  • Stress is a habit which requires no effort or practice. And we all know Habit is second Nature :)
  • Stress is a sentence without a full stop. You can shorten the sentence temporarily if you want to, with outings, music, yoga, or any other mechanism of your choice.
  • Stress is like an ailment without a cure. It can be treated, minimized, and dealt with if you put in effort from within.
  • Your only option is to stay away from stress causing reagents - people, things, places, conversations, ideas, thoughts.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Is Orange Facial Costly anymore?

I love to eat Oranges. I peeled a whole Orange fruit wondering how beautiful an Orange is, in its making and how nicely all of its eleven slices were packed in the Orange colored shield. And I think of it almost every time eat an Orange.

My daughter as a two year old, loves to experiment. I let her pick up one slice from my plate and continued eating my share. She started peeling the fibrous sheath and tried to squeeze the juice into her mouth.. It was her way of really enjoying the fruit. And besides noticing how much she enjoyed eating the orange slice, I could not help yelling about the juice spilling on the floor. It was not about having to clean the floor after she is done, but because I thought Rs.40 per Orange was expensive and it was not okay to waste even a drop of Orange juice according to me.

Then I thought may be that is why an Orange Peel Facial pack in the market or a beauty parlor was expensive. Just as I was thinking about this, my father said, "If it is for an Orange Fruit Facial, people are willing to pay sky-high bills, whereas a two year old wasting few drops of juice as she is learning to enjoy an Orange slice, seems expensive, is it??"

Makes sense... Why worry about small things which are going to make a big difference in a child's life?

We should just remember that we can buy ten Oranges, the cost of which equals one sitting in a Beauty parlor for an Orange Fruit facial. Food for Thought for all new parents :-)

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Kannukku Vandha Gadhi

சில நாட்களுக்கு முன்பு ஒரு தமிழ் பாடலில் "கஞ்சா வெச்ச கண்ணு " என்ற வாக்கு காதில் விழுந்தது. சரியாக காதில் வாங்கினேனா என்று கேட்டால் இல்லை. வெச்ச கண்ணா, இல்லை அடிச்ச கண்ணா என்று கேட்டால் தெரியாது. ஏன் என்றால் மனசில் பதிந்தது கண்ணுக்கு கஞ்சாவை வைத்து ஒரு பாடல் வரி எழுதப்பட்டுள்ளது. உண்மையில் எனக்கு தூக்கி வாரி போட்டது.

ஏன்யா கயல் விழி , மான் விழி, மீன் விழி, மை விழி, மலர் விழி இதெல்லாம் தோன்ற வில்லையா?

கவிதை என்பது தொலை தூரம் போய் விட்டது இன்றைய தமிழ் திரை பாடல்களில். கவிதை திறன் இல்லாமல் போய் விட்டது என்று நான் சொல்ல வில்லை.மக்கள் கடந்த காலத்தை விட இன்னும் அதிகம் திறமை உள்ளவர்களாகத்தான் இருக்கிறார்கள். இருந்தும், இன்றைய பாடல்களில் சொல் நயம், கவி நயம் இல்லை என்பது மிகவும் வருத்தத்திற்கு உரிய விஷயம்.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Strange, but fact!!!!

Last week I had to visit this most talked of microbiological laboratory and was amazed at the way they conducted business... Everything was so orderly.

While I waited for my turn I realized, that everyone there including myself were in silent prayer/meditation hoping that the tests that each one had come to take would prove negative ( that is to say, problem free health..)

Each patient is ready to pay high sums, take a blood sample, wait for a report and hope to God that the report will be favorable...Strange... Pay , wait and go through rough tides in the lab just to get a negative result on the problem...and yet not change the deteriorating way of life and food habits. A huge sigh of relief on most people's face is  a sight to see and a blessing..

Lets eat healthy, live healthy, think healthy and be healthy and if possible have less of these high sounding micro lab procedures at least till age fifty in my view... 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why raise your blood pressure??

This evening, I happened to read a random blog on a subject that is totally alien to me. Time flew and I got engrossed in the lines not for the subject but the way it is written. I realized that I had forgotten my world and myself for a while, okay for a long time while I sat reading the blog.

Stood up to finish my evening duties and then found a rare sense of calm around me. Everyone else had gone out and I was supposed to be doing my regular ten minute walk at home. While I usually spent my walking time listening to some music, today I spent the time introspecting on how I am feeling the sense of calm that I had never felt in a long time. Life kept me busy over the last few years and it seemed that I had lost track of keeping stress under check.

Deciding to bounce back on the track of mental strength I realized few things:

  1. People waste energy trying to prove they are correct on any given thing to others. Instead its best to just make a point and leave the decision of accepting the point to others.
  2. People waste energy trying to fight with vendors, auto drivers, shop keepers and anyone who does any form of business for cost and effectiveness reasons. Instead it is best to make your point and let go. It is hard but good to practice because all these cause a stress that is actually not required for the mind and body.
  3. People waste energy trying to be too perfect only to realize that there is at least one person in this world who doesn't think you are perfect or good. That one person is usually the bothersome point than many others who accept your nature.Instead it is best to be yourself and strive for excellence without troubling yourself too much.
  4. People waste energy on sticking to principle.. Although I agree it is good and a must, it is also important to know that forcing yourself too much to stick to principle can sometimes cause stress that is beyond understanding.
  5. People waste energy on self pity and the need for other person to understand them. Honestly who has got the time to spend time to understand others when understanding self itself is so difficult? So why expect and create a stress quotient that is just too high..??

Simple tricks to avoid everyday stress:

  • Forgive yourself, because no one else will.
  • Take it easy. Nothing is as important as you think in the eyes of others. All you do is for yourself and you have the right to take it easy. Others won't.
  • Don't fight on things that don't matter beyond that minute or the period. Instead just make your point and move on and learn to process controversies in the mind. Don't let it get into your heart.
  • At work, remember that you are getting paid for what is happening. So do not complain. Do what you can and must but remember if you have a heart attack no one will blame your work!!!
  • At home, remember you have to do things that are important to you without expecting returns. Do what you must and leave it at that. It is pointless worrying about things that are bothersome instead it helps to find solutions and make a mention when asked. 
  • Hold your family close and forgive each one's mistakes everyday. The best way is to pray for every one's well being each day. We all have faults and it is important to know that right or wrong is just a perspective.
  • Never ask "Why don't the others...?". There is no point.. The best way to keep calm is the new principle of " "What can I do to....?"
  • Keep a friends circle. You may not like everything about everyone but they are the best stress busters and they help you without your awareness.
  • Make a phone call to some contact at least once a week just to ask how they are doing... and not for any purpose. The call can be short but will make a lot of difference to stress check. Also, it is nice to develop the habit of being less materialistic in this increasingly materialistic world. 
  • Keep a routine and also make time for doing something that pleases you other than work and family. You will be a much better person to those around you and for the person in you.

All these are tough to start practicing but I believe are some ways to postpone the racing and thereby raising Blood Pressure each day.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Sunset, promises, and questions...

A bright tomorrow, A new beginning, An opportunity, A cloud that can bring rains, and most importantly a chance to hope for the best once again...

And many more things if you can speed up your thought train..

Watching sunset has always been interesting for me.. but then I never enjoyed the sunset so much like I did today. It has been the best sunset experience so far because today I was with my daughter watching the sun go down for the day...

Now, how do you explain this to a 2 year old?? Sun going down? Sunset? Sun going behind the clouds ( today is slightly cloudy here)? Or does it set behind the mountains??

I was carefully looking at the changes in my daughter's face.. First she smiled.. Then the expression changed to a very questioning look? She looked at me every other second and said, it is going off.. the sun is going off.. I kept saying.. Not so fast.. Slowly it is going home... and then she kept repeating sun is going home slowly...

The colors changed from gold to yellow to orange to red and then there came a cloud and the next thing we know is a thin reddish pink color outlining the cloud that seemed to have closed the door with the sun behind it.

My little girl's face looked like she was lost.. May be there are many more questions on her head which she is not able to explain... Where is it going? Why does it change color? Why does it not continue to beam like it does in the morning? When will it come back?

I finally managed to convince her that the sun has done a whole day's work and must be very tired.. It is going home to eat well and sleep so it can come and say Good morning to her tomorrow morning when she wakes up... We both waved the sun 'Bye, Good Night' and then I had to divert her attention to something else to break her thought train of the sunset...

Amazing experience and very very interesting to note that children take your words very seriously and believe you so much and that it is important to convince them on things that are beyond words... For my daughter who has just started questioning many things this sunset is very very puzzling as on date... I see that and hopefully will be able to clear her doubts when she starts asking....


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...