Friday, January 11, 2019

What does a birthday mean to you?

Happy Birthday!

Not the first time, I have felt like asking this question to someone: What does a birthday mean to you?

As kids, we were all very excited about birthdays. As time and tide pass by increasing the wear and tear on our bodies and life’s routines with its shocks and surprises, somewhere we lose the thrill of celebrating Birthdays. Of late, I have been observing this in many people over the physical age of 35.

In my office today, we had a cake cutting gathering for one of our seniors’ birthday - Senior in terms of age and designation too. People like and respect him for his down-to-earth nature, approachability, elegance, and friendly aura. 

After the very thoughtfully done cake was gently cut (leaving me astonished for the nth time as to why bakers put such a lot of effort on their cake art that quickly goes into the grind of the teeth. I mean, the cakes are so beautiful to be cut, that I always tell my baker friend to be baking cakes with general icing than the themed ones that is a work of art that I don't want to eat at all!!!!) I walked up to the hero of the day, the well-respected gentleman and asked the most important question:

What does Birthday mean to you?

I saw a quick thought-flash in his eyes and then he replied: “I got a year older”. That translates to ‘A year wiser’ for me always, so I added that in.

"I realized I need to make time for enjoying life’s gifts". 

When asked what does he plan to do this year to enjoy, he said, he was going for a long trip with his family. This year he also plans to spend a lot of quality time with his people at home and friends at work. 

Now, that’s like a good birthday thought process. 

I left the hall wishing that all of this gentleman’s dreams and hopes come true with all of God’s grace of health and wealth on him. 


No matter how many years old we turn on our birthday, it is:
  • another year to be thankful for
  • another hope to invest belief in
  • another opportunity to win a heart
  • another chance to make a difference in someone’s life
  • another attempt to confidently take on life for what it is and what it can be!! 

It’s a hap hap happy birthday! Many happy returns of the day!


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