Monday, February 26, 2018


Its a long route to freedom.. a winding steep and high
When u walk in along with the wind on your face
And cover the earth with the songs you sing
The miles fly by...

I suddenly recalled this verse from somewhere. Should be school verses. Coming to think of it, the lyrics are so freshening up and rejuvenating for the mind. Aren’t they?
Yes, Freedom feels quite freshening. Undoubtedly. 

I read somewhere, 'Enjoy Freedom Responsibly’. Beautifully said.

It's easy to lose track of responsibility and commitment, when the freedom is ingrained so much in our minds, that it borders on the thin line of control wall with indifference and carelessness on the other side.
  • Freedom is going out. Responsible freedom is to be aware of the surroundings too.
  • Freedom is dressing up comfortably or dressing up to feel good. Responsible freedom is to dress up for the occasion/event/place.
  • Freedom is doing whatever feels good. Responsible freedom is to evaluate if it may hurt someone’s person/sentiment/choices.
  • Freedom is eating/drinking what you want. Responsible freedom is making sure that the others in the table/family/group do not mind too.
  • Freedom is talking. Responsible freedom is to ensure that your talking doesn’t affect the others negatively.
  • Freedom is writing. Responsible freedom is to write sensibly in your own infinite boundary without using rude language which disturbs that one reader who may try to strike a chord with your work.
  • Freedom is opinion. Responsible freedom is to give opinions knowing that the other person wants one.
  • Freedom is choosing your own faith or religion. Responsible freedom is to exercise your beliefs within the limits of the religious sentiments.
  • Freedom is love. Responsible freedom is to not misuse the 'love' in the freedom.
  • Freedom is a gift. Responsible freedom is to realize 'Freedom' as a gift and use it wisely.
Live free! Enjoy Responsible Freedom! Live in Love.

Its a long route to freedom.. a winding steep and high
When u walk in along with the wind on your face
And cover the earth with the songs you sing
The miles fly by...

Friday, February 09, 2018

Splash on Hospitals

A place that makes you realize that :

  1. Health is the true Wealth.
  2. True Love is beyond what we all think it is.
  3. So many people are at times needed to support the survival of a person.
  4. Money cannot buy Life.
  5. Rich or Poor, the Maker's choice of organs and their mechanisms do not vary.
  6. Patience and Wait is everything in Life.
  7. One day, Ego will come crashing down if you need help with your personal care.
  8. In the wheels of Time, if we live to grow old, we will become weak and sober down before we knock out, off the party of Life!
  9. Forgiveness is the best way to good health.
  10. Anger is just plain Madness if seen through the lens of health.
  11. No one is spared from the punishments, the worst one being suffering on the deathbed.
  12. The only company for an ailing old person is his faith in the Omnipresent.
  13. All the world's a Stage! and William Shakespeare said it Right!

Much more realizations, every waking minute in a hospital... 

Long story cut short, it is one place to visit if you really want to understand the 'Nothingness' in this Universe.

We are here for a joyride, is what we think and we make little things big and big things little. When we die, the opposites happen and we will realize, what we have not realized in the many chances that God gave us throughout our lifetime ( Yes, God is very Forgiving...We get repeated chances to change, till our death note is delivered) and only then depart from the shell called BODY.

God Bless every soul with this understanding and together let's make the short stay on this planet beautiful for ourselves and others.

Sri Rama Jayam!


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...