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Small Wonders

Everyday is beautiful.. I agree. There are some days when you feel you cannot express your happiness... Yesterday was one such day.... I have always been fond of children, like most other girls. I took an instant liking to my friend's daughter the moment he showed me her photograph taken on the day she was born. I could not stop wondering, (I still have not...) about the little Xerox copy of my friend. She is a 'Small Wonder' to me. This was the same feeling I had when I myself mistook my Mom's childhood photo for mine. After that point, this kid's photo amazed me... So she and I became friends, really connected and close. Between the talks with my friend's family members, I spoke to this darling little friend of mine... She seemed to understand some of my takes at things and I seemed to not understand a lot of her points... So you see, she won. She chose her toy, She knew when to go out for the evening walks with her parents and grandma, She knew to turn to

Child's mind - WYSIWYG Editor

A child' s mind is more like a WYSIWYG ( What you See is What You Get) editor. What the child sees is what gets into the mind. Such a WYSIWYG editor in a child's mind carefully edited and saved all that happened in AVM Studio, Chennai about 20 years ago . AVM Studio was bustling with activity. Superstar Rajinikanth,the famous movie star of the tamil filmdom was busy starring in the shooting of a 'to-be-a-definite-superhit'-movie. It was not very uncommon for the children of the producers, directors, artists to land up at the shooting spots to just have fun with the movie crew. The Producer's son who had developed a major liking to his father's profession, was also there at the spot. The heros, the stunts, the cameras, the sounds, the lights, the dances, the dialogues, the crowd and the tension, translated into one word - 'Fun', to this six-year-old. As he stood watching Super star in action that day, he got noticed by the hero. So after the scene w

Rajini, Madhav,and Me - Part 6

The crux came the last: Do you have a perfect balance between work and home? In a perfect balance, your work does not disturb your home life and your home does not come in between your work life. Do you think his possible? Rajini says: It is not possible as most of the waking hours is spent in the office and definitely some of the thoughts are carried back home whether or not he wants it. But the best part is he makes it a point not to vent out at home, so it does not really disturb the tranquil in his home. I hoped that there was a friend he confided in. Everyone needs a vent out. Madhav says: Experience reminds that it has to be possible. Except when the situation is very bad.... He realizes that there is no point in carrying work tension home and home tension to work. He shares concerns and opinions with his folks at home and that seems to relieve him of his constant tension, but the temper related to office tension is always under control at home. He agrees that the phone calls a

Rajini, Madhav, and Me - Part 5

Friends.... Everyone has a friend. Proverb says 'Every enemy has a friend'. What do these people feel about their friends.? Madhav has a lot of good friends at work. Considering that he spends most of his time at work, he is happy about the friends circle he has. He says he will miss them for sure, if he steps out of the company some day. Rajini says he had a very good circle of friends back in college. Ofcourse, his work place has earned him a good set of friends too. With less time to have fun and confide, he seems to miss them often these days. Over the years, he has lost touch with most of them. He plans to take steps to renew the friendship and get in touch with his circle of friends. He has signed up on, the latest friendzone. Your Goals : It was a little difficult for me to take it when Rajini said that he did not have any major goal. Now this is one answer, I cannot take from any youngster. Everyone has a goal, mostly hidden. Till it happens it stays as a d

Rajini, Madhav and Me - Part 4

Patience: I have always admired Rajini's patience. It is said that programmers require patience. I asked if these Gurus also thought so. Rajini says that he tends to get angry and Madhav knows better.There have been times when anger has got the better of him, but since his principle of commitment comes in between often, he appears to be patient enough to handle it. Madhav says that every walk of life actually requires a certain amount of patience. At work, this is not a major requirement when things are organized. You may not have to get hyper about anything at all if work is process-oriented and if you have certain level of sincerity at work. He admits that there are times when things do not work out ( as it is in most situations, if Murphy's law chooses to trigger off ) and patience becomes a mandate. To Madhav, the problems with the parking facility and lift breakdowns and other such out-of-context problems cause as much, if not more tension, than the mails, calls, issues

Rajini, Madhav, and Me - Part 3

The conversation was proceeding very cool. I had this clock ticking inside my head saying:"Deeps, you are taking a little too much of their time". Still, I just went on, after confirming if the Gurus were having something to attend to immediately. I am sure they would have had something to take care of immediately, but then the conversation went on . When asked about the time each of them spent for themselves each day, Madhav said "about three hours roughly". He was surprised when I said I had about an hour and a half only for myself, considering I was less busy than he was. Rajini said, he did not have much time for himself. He had about 10 minutes all by and for himself. He says he would improve on that when Madhav explained : It is important to take time for yourself, to do what you want to , the way you want to do it. Basically 'Live for yourself atleast once in a while' would be the principle for a healthy, happy life. Madhav spends time for himself