Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Today vs.Childhood - The best of Childhood in 80's

"10:28 P.M is no earthly time to call up anyone" says my mind for it has been groomed that way since my childhood.

"11:00 P.M is no good time for a bath" says Indian ancient medicine.

"10:30 P.M  is not the right time to eat" says general medicine.

"11:00 P.M is not a good time to read " says the energy level studies.

But coming to think of it, I find peace and quiet to do all these only at these unearthly hours... I am wondering if all the strict disciplines that I grew up with will ever come back?

Some nice principles from my childhood :

1. Never visit anyone or call up anybody after 8:00 P.M unless it is extremely important.
2. Eat on time and sleep early.
3. Do not sleep until the sun rays brighten the room every morning.
4. Sunday is no different from the other days in terms of "early to bed" and "early to rise".
5. Bathe only during the Sun's working hours.
6. Read moderately and well within the routine of the day.

Other good habits that I grew up with include:

1. Always have dinner together with the rest of the family members.
2. Always step out of your room to greet friends and visitors even if you are too busy.
3. Learn to smile and welcome people and never judge them at the first look.
4. After dinner family time is core to good relationships.
5. Minimize TV and news as much as possible.
6. Play regularly and learn to accept a lost game.
7. Study is a habit and not a chore.
8. Offer help wherever possible in the house.

There are many more but this is all I could write as I bolted the doors and checked on all the locks in the house tonight. My day begins with opening every door at say 6:00 A.M and around 11:00 P.M I run a final check before I retire off to my room with my phone to get into the networking world. I just thought I'll stop by this machine and write what I felt like today.


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