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Its all about interpretation in communication.... Communication can be a word, deed, expression or just a mail, note or letter.... It's all about how we interpret the message conveyed... I happened to attend a very interesting session related to technical writing which was presided over by Prof.Dr. Jagadish who is teaching in the Information systems department. The inaugural speech had this segment on interpretation. Quite an interesting one. A lady had a discomfort in her chest and was referred to a cardiologist who suggested that she take an EEG ( Its called an Echo test). On the doctor's table, the doctor held a scanner on her chest and was scanning the impressions on the monitor in front of him. He said, "No Thrill".... The lady, was obviously waiting for a diagnostics and didn't want to hear such a comment. She jumped off the bed, changed quickly and walked out fuming...." I didn't know that this doctor is such an indecent man". It t

Native language trick!!!

There is a specific stretch of road on the Bangalore - Pondicherry route which is yet to be called a 'road' in all senses.....You would never believe it is part of one of the Bangalore highways. So many speed bumps, so uneven, so dark are few points I can recall because, I cross this stretch usually just after mid-night and after this point, I lose my sleep usually... With nothing better to do, most of the passengers would just close tired eyes and try to sleep, which is what I was doing during my last Friday night's journey too....this state is when you know what is happening around you but you are not completely awake and you hate to be disturbed.. at least , with me it is like this.... Suddenly my bus comes to a jolty stop and I woke up with a start, so did most others... Looking out of the window we could see a truck parked in a very unlikely angle from the road and was headed in a direction opposite to ours.. More heads peered out of the windows to clearly see tha

Thought of the moment...........

This is about writing all that comes to my mind just this minute.. The Gulmohar flowers which I saw in the morning on the road-side trees.... The Maroon Salwar Kameez I am wearing.... The work at my desktop... My sister.... The movie I watched with a friend.... The person who sends comments on my blog often.... A friend of mine who usually writes back to my mail... My friend who is expecting a baby... My Mother who is travelling... My Dad at work.... My tickets to home town next week... Just wondering about this mind of ours.... How much can it think in a matter of minutes.... Does this mean it has multi-tasking ability or does it mean it is out of focus? On a second thought, I think multi tasking is correct.... I am sure most of our minds are lost in so many thoughts every minute... When one of the thoughts require immediate attention, that's when we call it 'Focus' and we concentrate on it.... All else, remains in the background and become 'Active' when each

Ta ra ram pam

:) That's the name of the hindi movie I watched day before yesterday.. :) Directed by Siddharth Anand, Ta Ra Ram Pam is a lovely movie with a lot of points to learn.. Well, if you are in the movie theatre after a hard day at work or after a mind boggling argument, or a 'not-so-easy' day, then you may curse the movie for its water works... I must admit that it is a little sentimental... Sentiments... no matter how much we say, we dont want it, we all still are sentimental about a few prized things/feelings in life... and i guess it's just okay to watch such movies once in a while.. :) but it is also a lot about a cute family.... :) a family which u will fall in love with for sure.. Ta Ra Ram Pam .... the story goes like this.... a carefree guy, who has dreams about becoming a racer, but has no means to become one, meets a friend who happens to be the manager of a Car Racers' team. Miss Fortune smiles and the guy also meets the right person and the right time and