Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do or Don't

"You either do it, or your don't. 'Try' doesn't make sense.".

This is the quote I have on my white board today... No reason to have put this up, but just thought about 'Do or Die' and remembered the corporate lecture I attended one year ago.

"Do or Die" is all, most of us have heard.

There could be different versions to the reason behind the saying. One thing I can say for sure, however , is that 'to die' cannot be a solution to anything at all in life..

I recall from one of the corporate lectures that I chanced to attend last year, "You either do it, or your don't. 'Try' doesn't make sense.".

My version:" Do or Don't. Never say Try".

Coming to think of it....

This is kind of true.
When you DO, often, you are acknowledged.
When you DON'T, always, you are noticed.
When you TRY, seldom, your efforts are recognized.

Another way to look at it is when you 'Try' something, you are already half way through it. So the status 'Try', changes to 'Do' here, and 'Try' is no longer valid.

In this result-oriented world, both official and personal, I think we all should graduate to doing or saying what is possible and what is not. It helps everyone around.

The next time you want to 'try' something, ensure you don't say it. If your try doesn't end up in a success, there are very few people who say, 'At least you tried' and that attitude is what we need to inculcate some day, in us..

As of now, most of us fail to recognize and realize the 'Try' aspect in any task of others.To live life to the fullest, all of us need a pat in the back once in a while.. Let's start recognizing 'try' aspects wherever we find.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

On Birthday


I just turned sixteen :) Well that is what I want to think always... :) Actually getting older and wanting to get better each day!!!! :)

According to some people, Birthday is just another day, with just about the same or similar happenings and experiences.... but coming to think of it....

Isn't birthday a day to

- say thanks for a dawn of another new year,
- respect parents and friends for what they are and have been till date,
- say thanks for what you are,
- appreciate yourself,
- feel good about yourself,
- put some real thought into the wishes you receive,
- be glad to have people around,
- say thanks for all the good wishes,
- reflect on your inner self,
- redefine rules,
- just 'Be yourself'?

You know what? When I read it again, I see that we can be this way, every day... :) It's just that it will take time to get this kind of thought into our daily lives, so till then, I think we should count these thoughts in , at least on our birthdays... :)


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...