Saturday, June 24, 2006

Not much to say

There is not much to say..
How easily we say this statement...

How is work?
How is life?
How are u?
How is your son?
How is your daughter?
How is your new car?
How was the food?
How was the party?
How is the project coming up?

Ever asked any of these questions to any one u know? i am sure you would have....

The answer would be one of these mostly:
'Yes, going on'....
'Hmmm.. okay....'
If u notice, most of these will not take more than 1 minute... and the same question is posed back to u.. and u also answer one liners...
There are no open ended questions, no discussions apart from work. It is not because there is 'NOT MUCH TO SAY' but because there is 'NO TIME'...

people rarely say that there is a problem, because it will lead to a question and answer session where you have to talk and waste time... this leads to unfocussed , troubled minds, which means more of loss in focus and more of troubles...Most of the times..

People are BUSY always....

I dont understand this logic at all.. You have 24 hours in a day,you have time for office, its people, its parties, its gossips, its interviews, its reviews, its meetings, everything related to it, but no time to enjoy the benefits of the money it gets u. Forget benefits, basic food and sleep is sacrificed for work.
Why does this happen? Sometimes i feel, people will eat better if the company pays them for eating and sleeping also....

well forget it.. what is the point in writing this in a blog and putting this up on papers and books... people have NO TIME anyway...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Another Day of Life....

That is the last line of the book 'Veronika Decides to Die' by Paulo Coelho.

Finished reading this book last evening.

Book Glance:

A gifted individual commits suicide just because she is gifted with everything she wanted in life. There is nothing interesting happening in her life, or so she thinks. Since she is just bored with life, she decides to 'call it a day' to Life.

She proposed and God disposed. She is saved and as per the country's norms, is admitted in an asylum for 'recovery'.She learns from the doctors that she has very short time to live on earth. Apparently,the unforgiving suicide attempt caused a serious problem in her heart. While she was there, she comes to know more about life and comes to accept the fact a little too late, that 'Life is a Gift'.

Insights on my mind from the book:

Life is a Gift.

Life is not as problematic afterall, as it seems to be.

Live life to the fullest.

Find yourself and Be yourself.

Love yourself.

As you wake up every morning, be thankful for another day of Life.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Miss. Right

After carefully reading through my article on 'Mr.Right', one of my friends actually suggested if i would some day write an article called 'Miss.Right'. Not a bad idea... Let me try...

Who is this Miss. Right?

Is she the kind who

is honest?
knows to differentiate Love and Friendship?
can trust people once in a while?
can come out of a shopping complex without shopping for a rupee?
can cook a nice meal for herself?
can understand that career comes first for the 'Guy' of her life?
does not complain when a preplanned outing does not happen because of the spouse's work load?
can sacrifice her career for the family?
knows when to stop crying?
can talk when she has to?
manages to stay in touch with most of her friends well past college years?
can vent out her emotions?
knows that it is okay to forget appointments?
can stop bothering about her looks?
can stop advicing?
can take life easy atleast once in a while?
does not spend on stuff toys and dolls?
can accept the spouse as he is?
never complains on smoking and drinking?
can take work light?
can smile when everything goes wrong?
can take rest when it is absolutely necessary?
can stop worrying about tomorrow?
can grow up to understand men?

Does such a woman with all these qualities exist at all in this world?

This is not a complete list.. there might be lots more.. My work demands that i have to stop here and get back to whatever i was writing. This is cent percent my personal opinion and i am sure you have your opinions.. :)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Life is an Exam

Life presents you with Problems along with solutions...

Just as you have more than one way to solve a question in an examination, every situation in life also has more than one solution. Exams require preparation while Life does not give you that allowance.As it happens, you are forced to expect the unexpected situations in life and live through them to clear the exam of life.

We also term it as experience. So when u say, I have a good experience in 'this' field, it only means that u have been through enough problems and are confident enough to handle any such problem, if and when it arises.

Coming to think of it, we all feel good, if our job resumes state 'Five' years of work experience. Surprisingly, we don't feel good at all if we are faced with a problematic situation outside our 'work'. Our immediate tendency is to feel lost and disturbed about it instead of taking it as a positive challenge.

For all you know, in the RESUME of LIFE, it probably will add a lot of value at a later date.. If you can't think of a solution immediately, just remember, there HAS to be a solution... You are faced with it because u can solve it, else you would not be presented with such a situation.

In a nutshell.......

Life is made up of problems.

Life gives you very less choices when u are faced with problems but a number of attitude choices.

You choose how you want to react to a situation.

You don't want problems, it only means you don't want to live..

Another Flash crosses my mind now.... Each one is unique. Each one writes a unique 'EXAM of LIFE'. No two question papers are the same.Even if the papers are the same, the comprehension level of each person is different. This presents LIFE with varied unique experiences for each of us. Let us try to understand LIFE better with each passing day....


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...