Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Newton's law of reaction!!!

On a chirpy summer morning, in the streets of a serene South-Indian village, an old man sat outside his house on the sit-out also called as 'Thinnai' or 'Veranda' locally. Not once his gaze  averted from the road that seemed to have no traffic at all except the cycle bearing milk cans and vegetable baskets.

After almost thirty minutes that seemed like eternity to the city-bred onlooker, a young lad crossed the old man's house with a 'Namaste'. The old man asked the boy, "No newspaper today?" and the boy said "No Thaatha". Thaatha is the tamil equivalent of grandpa. He rushed out of sight soon after and the old man quietly walked back inside the house.

In his world and age, the newspaper apparently is the only source of entertainment, world knowledge or a window to the outside world - whatever else you may want to term it as!! And there was no paper is definitely a cause of concern. The old man never had a question. He simply accepted the fact, concealed the disappointment if any, and moved on with the day!!

A good lesson from this simple and seemingly common observation is that too much of questioning causes stress. If we cannot do much about something, its best to leave it at that!!!

That it didn't happen is a fact and that we have to take it at the moment is also a fact.

Often, the fight and yell and stress and distress is on the things that happened and those we could not control and mostly the reaction to things that makes matters worse!!!

Every Action has an equal and opposite Reaction is a great find!!!!

Its best to save the reaction for a minute or two later as the gap will ensure that there is some rationale in the way we react and just may be we will start responding to the situation than react and make life terrible for us and the others!!!

The old man responded with an acceptance in contrast to the onlooker's expectation of at least a question on why the paper was not delivered that day?

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Shrimath Yoga - Nelmangala - Bangalore

Ours is a very conservative family where the concept of get-together meant family functions, weddings and other gatherings where relatives met. One of our cousins just expressed that its been a very long time since we all met and another cousin of ours offered to host the gathering in his place. So, that's for the prologue,very much a synopsis of the Whatsapp discussion that happened few months ago.

One August Sunday Morning, a group of 25 of us, from different locations in Bangalore, managed to get to Nelmangala which was well away from the city.

What was waiting for us was a real wonder!! A mini yoga school - Shrimath Yoga run efficiently by Mrs. and Mr.Krishna Prakash.

Here are a few pictures of the place where we spent the whole day.


Nature teaches us many things that words in books cannot. So many trees and a beautiful landscape in a non-commercial set up, maintained and managed by two young people who chose to devote their time and effort to Yoga, is not something that's easy to explain or imagine. The place remains unpolluted as of now. God Bless!! There are villagers who help with gardening and cooking.

I figured out that we all must make time to find where our real interest lies ( Calling) and work towards it to be happy. Materialistic needs are never-ending and deviate mind from happiness. Spirituality can be practiced in many ways, but we hardly devote any time to it regularly. We are all aware of the power of spirituality but have not bothered to work on it as regularly as we would on work or fun.

After spending a whole day close to nature, which has never happened in a long time, on my way back I wondered what it will be like to enroll for a Yoga course in this place! The guests spend a good few days so close to nature learning yoga,having home-cooked balanced meal, and get to really refresh  their minds and reshuffle their life's priorities a bit.

I just clicked a few pictures to post here, simply because I felt completely awed at the sight of the greenery and the joyful serenity of the place!!! You may want to get in touch with Shrimath Yoga too, if you are looking to learn Yoga. Please google "Shrimath Yoga" for more information.


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...