Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pachai Sundikkai ( Thabatu or berries ) Kozhambhu

I chanced to see berries or Thubatu or Pachai Sundaikai in the market yesterday. Just bought it because I wanted to make cook something interesting out of it. Did some quick asking around from elders and made this Kozhambhu. Kozhambhu is what the Tamilians mix with rice and eat. It is soupy or gravy in general.

Here is your recipe for making Sundaikai Kozhambhu.

Green Sundaikai - 10 or 15
Tamarind Paste - one cup if made from old tamarind ( dark in color usually) or two cups if made from new tamarind ( beautifully brown colored)
Sambhar powder - 1 table spoon
Salt to taste.
Powdered Jagerry - one spoon.
Turmeric powder - 1 pinch

Seasoning :
Curry leaves, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, gram dal, asafoetida, red chilly, Gingelly oil for best results. If not available use refined oil.

Here is how you make Pachai Sundaikkai Kozhambhu:

  1. Slit the berries into two and soak them in tamarind water ( soak some tamarind in water and use the extract) for five to ten minutes. Discard the water.
  2. In a cooking pan heat one table spoon of oil.
  3. Add Mustard seeds. After they splutter add the rest of the items listed under "Seasoning".
  4. Add the soaked berries and fry until the green color fades indicating that the berries are cooked.
  5. Now add the tamarind paste.If too thick add a little water to make it soupy.
  6. Add turmeric powder, Sambhar Powder, and bring the mixture to boil.
  7. Add salt and jaggery and let the contents cook for five more minutes or until the oil separates out from the pan or until you achieve the desired consistency. 

It all depends on how much time you have and how long you plan to store the Kozhambhu.Five to ten minutes is ideal cooking time. If you have messed up with the consistency or if you have people who wont mind waiting until the oil separates out from the dish, then you can continuously stir the mixture. Tastes great this way.

This Kozhambhu when properly prepared can be used like pickle with curd rice and other South Indian rice based breakfast items. Natives eat rice with Sundaikai Kozhambhu teamed with Roasted Pappad. I served this dish with Molagootal, a popular Kerala Favorite.

Apple Tomato Soup

Ingredients :
Apple - 1
Ripe Tomato - 1 if very sour  ( usually the smaller types with lot of seeds taste very sour) and 2 if ripe but moderately sour.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Coriander if possible and if you are trying soups to reduce your sugar levels.

Here is how you make it :

  1. Cut the apple into two and remove the seeds.
  2. Cut the tomatoes into two.
  3. Pressure-cook the cut apple and tomatoes with 3/4th cup of water.. It should take you five minutes at the most.
  4. Remove the cooked pieces from the pan and grind in your mixer. 
  5. Add the paste back into the cooker. 
  6. Now measure the contents with a cup. Chances are you would have three cups of the soup.
  7. Add one cup of water, salt and pepper to the mixture.
  8. Bring the mixture to boil.
  9. Add chopped coriander leaves.

Important : Serve this soup warm or cold.Chances are that you wont be able to enjoy the taste of the sweet and sourness blended in this soup if you serve this steaming hot.

The cooked apple renders the soupy consistency that is normally given by corn flour. This way you avoid adding carbohydrates to your intake.

You can choose to grind Green Chilly and coriander leaves along with the cooked apple and tomatoes if you like.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wonder Why?

Wonder why

  • Floods and famines have less importance than the election rallies?
  • Bomb blasts and terrorism are discussed more than the rights and duties?
  • Next door man doesn't behave like a friendly neighbor anymore?
  • Sending kids to school has become a scary thought?
  • In whatever we do there is a sense of caution?
  • Amassing wealth for self and family has become more important than amassing love and relationship?
  • Easy money and lotteries and game shows are taken more serious than 'just-a-game'?
  • Tomorrow seems more important than the lovely today?
  • We waste a lot of time doing nothing other than worrying about life at large be it personal, professional, social,economical, or political?
  • Man doesn't realize that he has better sense than animals and is supposed to behave like a human being?
  • Love and friendship have less importance than money and material comfort?
  • Living has become so tough than it was before, given that we live in a more advanced society with better education and supposedly better standard of living?
  • We think we can do it all??

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What is Moon?

Its the most important question according to me today... My one plus little girl now knows that the white crescent on the blue-black sky is called the Moon. She still does not get that the round ball of white on the full-moon lit night sky is the same Moon that she knows about..

I went on to explain the Moon to myself leaving alone the science. What would I call it??

A bright dome of white light in the night sky??...
Just a light close to the kind of white light in our living room??

In the City of Lights as I would like to call Muscat as, sometimes this white ball of light seems to fade in the background for my daughter's eyes as she watches out of the car window.. So these two explanations didn't seem okay to me.

I finally decided on this: Moon is the light given by God for us to see in the darkness of the nights. 

Not that she will follow this right away, but to think about it, in the olden days when transport didn't exist, people depended on the Moon to show them the way through the darkness when their lanterns didn't work.

The attempt to explain the Moon to my daughter brought up all these thoughts:

We have given scientific meanings and explanations to many things under the sun, but the base is always this: Everything that the nature has is meant to be useful for the life on earth. We think we know it all and have mastered the science and concepts, but there are things that are beyond our capacity to comprehend. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Will the News channels listen?

Of late, my views on news channels have changed.. They keep changing often though. The current state of mind is this : News is not only about what is happening in the world around us but also about how much the news channel hypes up each news item.

There is all day coverage of whatever news item the channels decide to mark as KEY.

I simply dont understand the meaning and relevance of statements like ...." So and So has left his residence at 11:00 A.M for the trial in such and such a court.. "...

" So and So didn't answer any queries from the news correspondents prior to the hearing "...

" So and So did not offer any opinion"...

And all these for some news item that is just not too important in an otherwise chaotic world.

All day we get to see some news items getting repeated. This I agree, because it probably is important for anyone who switches on the TV at that hour. In such instances statements like the aforementioned don't really mean anything at all. Why waste the channel time and people's time??

Once I heard a doctor mention, people waste most of their healthy time watching news that is irrelevant to them at a certain age. There is always headlines to watch and read. Nothing else is required, he said in the context of a Healthy Heart.

Some points that I can think of for these news channels are:

  • Just  call a Spade a Spade... 
  • Categorize news and make mention about important news items once every session ( Morning, Noon, Evening and Night).
  • Interim timings should not be talking the same subject over and over again.Your flash news and line items will cover that for the casual watchers.
  • There can be documentaries and other talk shows scheduled in the interim timings. If at all anything serious and important happens and you have information that cannot wait until the next news hour, interrupt the programe and talk about the flash news.. 

In any case there is no need to cover anything all day.... funerals,cases and trials, wreckages and accidents.... Such cases are serious and important but do not call for repeated talks all day with the same statements and same status....

Will the news channels understand??

Apple Raita

Here is a very simple side dish for Rotis and variety rice. My  father's idea and it came out very well. It is every one's favorite in my house. I make it when apples remain in the fridge untouched for more than three days.. According to me, if you have not eaten them in three days time then it is time for Apple Raita.

Here is how you make Apple Raita.

  1. Cut an apple into small pieces. ( You might want to remove the skin if you are serving old people and children under the age of two.This is quite a bit of work.)
  2. Add three table spoons of yogurt, half a tea spoon of salt.
  3. Add pepper or chat masala ( a north indian masala powder ) if you like.
  4. Garnish with finely chopped coriander, if possible.
To avoid the apple pieces changing color as soon as you cut them, add salt immediately, or another option would to be to put the apple pieces straight into salted yogurt. Experience will teach you what works best for you. In any case, the change in color wont hamper the taste.

If you have no more than five minutes to spend on a side dish for fried rice or rotis, Apple raita is your best bet.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Onam Special - Inji Thayir

This dish is supposedly served in all the Malayalee homes as part of festival Sadhyas. It is believed to be equivalent to 1008 dishes. Well, I didn't say that.. a Keralite told me this.

Here is how you make it:

- Chop ginger into fine pieces, enough to grind well in your mixer.Add a spoonful of grated coconut, one spoon of cumin seeds, one green chilly along with the ginger.
- Grind all the contents into fine paste. Add little water if required to get the fine texture.
- Mix the ginger paste with thick curd.
- Add salt.

The Ingi Thayir is ready to serve.

This is usually suitable for any Kerala Sadhya item which is very bland. There are quite a number of nice less spicy dishes that they make. Ingi Thayir was a good combo with the Eriserri I made for Onam. 

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


The best example of Chaos is one's mind at any given point in time. If you try to list the thoughts in your mind in any window of five minutes in a day, you will see that it is full of varied,unrelated thoughts and conclusions.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Over conscious? or Just plain paranoid?

Don't have coffee in the morning. It is risky to your some organ.
Don't add refined sugar to any beverage u drink.. It is not good for your pancreas.
Don't eat too much nuts. High protein can also increase your weight.
Don't eat rice as stapled diet. It is high on carbohydrates.Can increase your risk of the Sugary disease.
Don't eat three meals only. Instead snack three times to make it six times. It is good for health.
Don't be so dependent on the Air Conditioner. It is not good for your weight.
Don't be so dependent on cars. It curbs your chance to exercise for a healthy lifestyle.
Don't use Microwave.
Don't use cell phone,
Don't watch TV.
Don't sit on computer for long hours.

Like this wherever you turn and whatever you do, there seems to be a caution of why you shouldn't be doing what you are doing? Wonder why suddenly people are scared so much and why were not our earlier generation so troubled? They seemed to have enjoyed life better than us. Is it because we are informed now and the elders had a better time being ignorant of what is happening around and in them?

Why are we stressing so much about life style when we know what we are doing is not right? Again is it possible to go back to the early times where everything was manual and life was so dependent on hard work all the time and money was a distant thought in most households.. They all had health though per the history books.

Wonder why??? And totally confused when walking up in the morning whether or not to do something... Will it affect health is the first question on mind.. Unable to even focus on the cooking and its taste because most of the time I seem to get worried about the cholesterol or carbohydrates in it or some cases the pesticides and the excess fat in the products we buy...  When I finally decide what to cook and how to go about it in a healthy way to my knowledge, I hear a doctor telling in the T.V, that it is important to have yourself checked for A, B, C, and D if u are above 40...

Although forty is quite a few years away for me, I really wonder if people are getting so many diseases these days because they are forewarned and are almost scared that they will get it one day and then keep testing themselves until the law of Universe decides to just grant their wish...

Life is becoming a paranoia turning into a nightmare later.Lets be more optimistic and just a little cautious is what I have finally concluded today in my mind.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Ramzan Special Vegetarian Pulav

Well, that is the name I can think of right now, because the dish I made is a trial based on Ramadan festival's special Ghee Rice. I have trimmed the quantity of ghee and the spices and added veggies to it, so I can claim this is a new recipe, which we can safely name as a version of vegetable pulav.


Basmati Rice - 1 cup.
Water - 2 cups.

Ghee - 1 spoonful.
Oil - 1 spoonful.
Coriander leaves finely chopped - half a cup to one cup.
Cumin seeds - 1 spoonful
Ginger garlic paste - 1 spoonful.
Onion - 1 finely chopped.
Cinnamon Stick - 1 inch

Mixed vegetables - Beans, Potato, Carrot - 1 cup.


The order that worked for me:

  1. Wash Basmati rice and soak in lukewarm water for thirty minutes.
  2. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and pressure cook them.Make sure they don't get mashed up.Drain the excess water and let the veggies cool.
  3. Grind, Ginger, Garlic, Cinnamon and one or two spoonfuls of grated onion. This is the spice mix for your Pulav.
  4. Cook the Basmati Rice per the instruction on the cover. I cooked the rice in closed pan for ten minutes and let the rice cool off while I attended to the rest of the preparation.


  1. Heat oil and ghee in a pan and add the Cumin seeds. 
  2. Add the spice mix and saute for a minute until you smell the spices cooked. The familiar aroma will tell you that. A careful hint here - The color of the spice mix should not look charred.
  3. Add the onion and saute until it turns pink.
  4. Add a pinch of salt.
  5. Add the coriander leaves and saute for less than a minute.One stir will do.
  6. Add the cooked vegetables and mix it well.
  7. Switch off the flame.
  8. Add a little salt to the Basmati rice and mix thoroughly without mashing the rice. Use a sharp edged ladle for the purpose or your clean hands.
  9. When you are ready to serve the Pulav, switch on the stove in low flame.
  10. Add the rice into the pan and mix slowly without mashing the contents. Remember to use the right ladle for the purpose.

Your pulav is ready to serve with pickle and raita..

Cooking time: Twenty minutes.

Monday, July 29, 2013

So much!!!!!

There is so much to eat but very less appetite..
There is so much to study but very less time..
There is so much to explore but very less inclination..
There is so much to speak but very less audience..
There is so much to think but very less motivation..
There is so much to learn but very less interest..

Similarly, today there is so much to write but very less flow, time, inclination, motivation... Wonder why?


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not exactly up to the mark!!!!

The first time I heard this was in my Chemistry Lab where I was learning to use a pipette for the Titration. I still remember wondering "why in the wide world should pipette be such a complicated equipment and will I ever get this teacher to say, " It up to the mark" when I measure the liquid?"

Many times from then on, the phrase " Not exactly up to the mark" kept popping up. Over the years I understand that Nothing really is up to the mark, its just that we define what the mark is...

Whether it is the way you do things or the way you feel about things, it is up to us to fix the mark. The more out of reach we keep the mark ( read as goals) the more we will have to listen ( or feel ) that phrase: Not exactly up to the mark!!!

So lower your goals first, achieve them.. Reset the goals to the next higher point, achieve them.. and at the end of every achievement never forget to say : Yes it is up to the mark!!! Your inner sense of confidence will feel lifted and automatically you will be able to do well every single time..

And the word Exact -  Just ignore it!!! Its the best way to feel good.. except for issues related to cash that you shell out of your pocket to a vendor where Tendering EXACT change is important!!! In all other cases, the word stands just to cause stress which is not worth your while. Well, I really hope you are not a cardiac surgeon reading this.. :-) This does not apply to surgeons and people dealing with ladies tailoring too...

This is just a musing this afternoon, when I had a minute for myself. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Heights of Procrastination

I'll live tomorrow..

Which is what most of the world seems to be saying each day and this according to me is the Height of Procrastination.

  • On the roads there are politicians conducting speeches about what must be done and what has not been done.
  • In homes there are people arguing about what is not correct and what should be done.
  • In schools the children are made to worry about what they might want to become in future, calling it nurturing their dreams and making them achieve it.
  • In temples devotees pray for what they want, what they do not want and often are worried souls.
  • In Ashrams and other spiritual healing centers the Gurus talk endlessly about : There is NOTHING in this worldly life and the confused common man endlessly tries to understand this seemingly small but actually a big truth.
  • In Work places the employees always crib about their jobs and pay checks and achievements and how the job market is low for a shift.
  • In business houses, there is always the argument about the loss and the want to achieve more and more profit in case they have had a profit.

Like this where ever we go and whatever we do there is a sense of not living at all.. Life seems to be spent worrying about what should be and shouldn't be, could be and couldn't be and what more and what less but never on What is..

What IS is the only truth on hands today.. Half or all of our problems are because we think of, worry about, fight for, living a great life TOMORROW.. A universal procrastination issue!!! that we all must fight out of our lives.

This is NOT to say, Don't save, Don't plan, Don't practice, Don't think.. It is just to say, While you LIVE today, worry less about things that are beyond your scope of understanding or control. Just do your bit and stay healthy and happy!!! In short Don't Procrastinate LIFE...This thought came up on my way back from the Dhanwanthri temple today.

God of Healing and Medicine - Sri Dhanwanthri

I just got back from a temple visit.It is an awesome get-away from the concrete world of today. Located in Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore, this temple is called Sri Dhanwanthri Temple, managed by the Ayruveda Research foundation and Hospital team. The hospital or the Chikitsalaya is housed in the same campus as the temple.


The website gives all the details about the temple. It is a typical Kerala temple and all the poojas and procedures are strictly followed.

What caught my attention was the greenery all over the place. There are benches in the garden, where you can sit back and relax, meditate, do nothing and just recover. There seem to be houses or guest houses where people are seen to be taking rest after medication. To look at lush green garden from your window sill or balcony is a gift that people are rarely blessed with these days. It seems this simple exercise of looking at greenery each morning has got a healing touch to the human body and mind.

As you enter the temple you get to see the statues of chosen few great people, very carefully chosen according to me : Swami Vivekananda, Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, Swami Narayanan, Narayana Bhattatri, Thiruvalluvar, Meera, Swami Raghavendra, and two others whose names I don't happen to recall now. Too bad, but my memory is not exactly photographic these days.

There is a short Who's Who on each of these great minds followed by a quote from each of them. Truly practical and sensible ones at that for those who want to practice. When you get out of the temple, you may take few minutes to sit on the benches, a usual practice among devotees in most temples. While you are seated you have these sculptures, the greenery, your prayerful or peaceful thoughts to keep you company.

On your way out you see the hospital, a pharmacy and a small eatery with minimal choices but good ones.

I think I saw only one sector of the campus. For those who can take more time, chances are you might have more to take back from this place.

The next time you are in Coimbatore make it a point to visit this place. From the bus stop ask for buses to Ramanathapuram, Olympus bus stop. About a few steps from there you see a guarded route with a direction sign - Sri Dhanwanthri Temple. Five minutes walk down the private road leads to the temple and the hospital. For the taxi or car people, just drive over to Ramanathapuram, about twenty minutes drive from the central bus station, Gandhipuram.

A very quiet and scenic place, a must see!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Learning to Eat!!!

About an hour ago, we were having tea. My daughter (1 year old ) usually joins us if she is awake. She takes a bite from the biscuit in my hand.

Today, I wanted her to eat by herself. It is only when I tried thinking of ways to tell her, it struck me that it is important to actually learn to eat!!! I have always thought that eating is a natural process and does not have to be taught.. Children learn on their own... 

I kept a biscuit in her hand and she took it as usual to analyze it. Then, I guided the biscuit to her mouth and she immediately took a bite, like she usually does. Then she gave me this look which meant to say " Did I just do something out of the world? Why are you giving me that smile? ".. Then I repeated the same guidance just once more.. She was thrilled this time I guess. She was all smiles may be because she just understood something... Then, I took a bite of the biscuit in my hand and she started eating her own biscuit. And with every bite both of us were super impressed with the learning..

Now, my daughter is a proud achiever of this big degree of learning to eat a biscuit all by herself.

All this while I have been thinking that she is too small to know how much to bite or chew.. She did bite a piece bigger than she can chew but then casually dropped the big piece with her tongue and took the next bite, a smaller one this time.. All this learning was inherent, just needed some push.

I cant stop wondering how much more there is in this world for her to learn and grasp.I am stumbling thinking of the role I have to play in helping her grasp the larger picture of life!!!!Will I be able to bring out the inherent learning in her?? Slightly under-confident  May be too early now, but startling it is anyways!!! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Picture positive

I came across this picture of a Sprout from a plant in my friend's photo page.

The first look brought in many thoughts : For one, the light green color on the dark greenish base is itself beautiful. The next thing that caught my eye was the ' Reaching out ' curve of the Sprout. Very Positive Picture in my view.

To me, it seems like Nature's way of saying : Reach out as much as you can for what you desire; though not easy or perfect match to your want list, you surely will be able to achieve what you need..

That's nature's grant to one and all.. You will get what you need if you aspire for something within your  reach and really reach out !!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Recipe - Maangai Perukku

Maangai Perukku is a Kerala delicacy, easy and simple to make.

Here is how you make Maangai Perukku:

You need : Raw Mango - 1, Grated coconut - One table spoonful or a little more, but never less for Kerala dishes, and One or two green chilly, Curry leaves ( optional but good to add ) Salt to taste.

1. Grate the raw mango.
2. In a mixer, grind grated coconut, salt, and chillies.
3. Add the paste to the grated mango. 
4. In a pan, heat coconut oil, add the mustard seeds, curry leaves. Once the seeds splutter, put off the flame.
5. Mix the contents with the rest of the preparation.

This is usually a side-dish for any of the bland curries made in Kerala. Maangai Perukku tastes good with Dosa, Rice, Molagootal, Curd Rice, Bread, and Roti. These are my choices usually. 

The Quantity of Maangai perukku is based on the size of the mango. If you use a medium sized mango, this way of preparing the maangai perukku will serve four people. If you are planning to invite me for lunch with Maangai perukku on the menu, then use double the quantity of the ingredients mentioned because I can eat this without the main dish.

The taste of the Maangai Perukku is based on the sourness of the mango you use. If too sour, then add more salt to even the taste.. If less sour, then reduce the quantity of coconut and salt. Usually practice makes a man perfect!!!

You might be the next!!!

The technical writer in me was compelled to read this on my way to the laboratory in a hospital recently!!!. 

YOU might be the NEXT!!!

The capitalized letters were marked in Red Bold. This sentence was followed by a diagram that seemed out of a medical text book -Which means no one other than the author of the source text or a doctor is going to be able to follow it.

The text below this sentence spoke about cervical cancer, a dreaded disease in the recent times. And I simply could not digest the fact that the reader is forced to believe that she is the next person in line to be affected. 

I always believe in being positive, more so in a hospital where people are fighting many disorders.. For a person walking into a medical laboratory, this board educating the importance of cervical cancer in a very negative note is super annoying..

The advertisement was supposed to be a warning to all women of all ages to have their systems checked for the Big C disease.. 

Some questions to whoever designed the piece...

What was your intention? To educate about the disease or to scare the common brain? Why couldn't you have written the same thing differently? Something like : You MIGHT be the next!!! Its easy to ignore the capital MIGHT as the word Might does not mean CERTAIN. Or the line could have been something like : Do you know? Did you know? Did you check? You need to know... Some such line that still gets people's attention but on a very nice note...

Will the medical professionals object to such pessimism?? 

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Interesting thought on Management

Delegate, Appreciate and Rule!!

Often, its best to leave some jobs to others for one of the following reasons:

1. They do the job well.
2. They are trained in the job.
3. They need to focus on just that one job.
4. They are employed to do the job.

So, Good Managers, know to delegate the right job to the right person.

With delegation, comes the expectation about appreciation for a job well done. It is very important for your subordinate or colleague who has accepted an assignment from you to know how much you appreciate the work or favor.. Often it is a favor adorning the helmet of Work, in most cases.

Good Managers appreciate all the best points about the job and then talk about the improvement suggestions  on the same.

When you know to delegate the right job to the right person, and use the right word to appreciate and give feedback, you naturally get to have employees who listen to you and accept your way of working; which means you get to Rule.

A Good Manager gets to Rule theWork World!!!

Interesting quote on Hope

Just came across this line somewhere : When there is life, there is Hope..

How interesting and how true!!!

If you are lucky to be alive the next minute, then there is a chance for something nice, something better, something that you expected, to happen .. If not this time, there is always another time to wait for, hope for simply because you are alive and as long as you live there are going to be chances to hope and so why despair??

Nice read, I wanted to share.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A lesson from Eating

"Bite only what you can chew" is a quote I have heard somewhere.. Many times people elder to me have told me. Never really took much interest until this morning.I was feeding my daughter. It takes quite a bit of time and lots of my patience topped with loads of fun to feed her at meal times.

In the midst of the usual fun times we were having I noticed that she takes very little of the very little I feed her at a time.. What I think is little is too much for her to chew.. So she takes in just about what she can chew from the spoon at a time.. And she eats only as much as she can.

I am sure all of us as babies would have eaten only as much as we can chew at a time.. Nice lesson and a very early one too.. Right? Its a lesson that we forgot as we grew up when we were faced with many situations where we overworked ourselves.. How often we really do or handle only as much as we can? Or is it because we think we are faced with no other option than to put up with loads?

Lets think!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Unbelievably unorganized

I was quite organized when I was at school. Later, when I went to college, many of the aspects seemed to come in an organized package naturally like what you do when;  the college timings also governed a little bit of the discipline into me. When into work life, the office life style and then the responsibility ( though not huge) at home made me stick to a routine and also give myself reasonable offs from the routine which I enjoyed quite a bit.

Marriage brought in a new routine and as a home maker I was quite an organized person, but then I like to get off the routine once in a while. Rules were less unlike school and college authorities. The only time sense that governed me was my own stomach and my husband's work hours, which meant I needed to cook and set the table on time. Otherwise, I was quite unorganized than earlier times, but never took it serious.

Now, when I am a mother of a nine-month baby, I forget what it is to be organized. Life centers around her and things do get done on time, but in my mind I am so unorganized... That is when I realized that being organized comes from the mind and not in the activities that we anyways do everyday...

In school and college mind was tuned into discipline... Now when I am on my own, I mean managing my time myself, I realized I am not exactly doing it well in my mind.. Although practice and sense of responsibility gets things done from me on time, the mind in me seems so unsettled like a diary without dates whose leaflets are loose without tags and each of them has too much information that when not organized is almost close to 'useless'.!!!

Suddenly I figured the merits of being organized and living an organized life when working in the kitchen today as usual.

The eyes automatically turn to the place where I usually keep the scissors. When I didn't find it there, i made a tick mark in my mind. - Keep things in the right place to be able to find them later.

I needed a ladle which I usually use for stirring.. When I didn't find it I made another tick mark in my mind. - As much as possible, wash what you might need again the same day or in the nearest future instead of throwing into the kitchen sink for cleansing later.

I wanted to make a phone call this afternoon from my mobile and it was not charged. I made another tick mark in my mind. - Set aside time for some seemingly low priority tasks as you never know when they will become high priority.

I was looking for a phone number. When I didn't find it, I made another tick mark. - Make a diary of important numbers at the earliest.

I was looking for a specific dress which I had not worn in a long time. When I didn't find it, I made another tick mark in my mind. - Set aside time to organize the cupboard soon.

This may not be the exhaustive list, but then these are what made me realize that I need to get back to my reasonably organized self in my mind.. I always believed that when you can make time in mind, you should be able to make time for things... that is until I became a mom.. But now, it is even compelling to make time to be organized because I realize my daughter will start making tick marks in her mind about what I do, how I do, when I do. This time, it is not the school or college or office or home clock that is going to get me back to my organize discipline, but my darling daughter!!!!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Controversial Thoughts

The future is uncertain, so why worry about it?.. - I read somewhere.. Thought it is perfect sense.

Then I recalled:

Prevention is better than cure.

Which means, worry about what may happen in the future and try to avert the issue.

Nutshell: All thoughts are correct based on the writer's situation and the reader's experience or frame of mind to accept or criticize.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Changed people or changed situation!!!

Just read a statement which made perfect sense..And here is what I understood.

Whenever you think that things have changed in a people relationship, it is really not the people who have changed, but it is the situation that has changed at any given point in time.. and the way people react to the situation makes all the difference. It is this reaction that makes one feel that the people have changed.

It is not often you get to read sensible bits that are worth sharing on a blog or book. I thought there is no documentation for some realizations in life and decided to blog it for all of us!

Growing up?? Or Growing Old??

"Desire is the root cause of all evil " - Gautama Buddha.

I recall how this line seemed pointless and totally senseless back in Class Five when my teacher tried to explain the paragraph about Gautama Buddha in a History Class.

I also recall how I was trying to reason out the statement at home the same day and in the days after. Everyone smiled. Today, I don't remember much of how the argument came to a close but for some unknown reason I remembered the section in the history book and the statement this morning.

Been thinking about it over the day and I think it seems to make sense now, much better and much clearer.

Wonder why do we still 'want' and 'do not want'?
Wonder why we cannot take life as it is and as it comes?
Wonder why history was not taught later in college days when we could have understood it better?
Wonder if this is because I am growing up or Growing older??

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Definitely not a section taken out from a primary school science book or a Chemistry text book. I realized last month and today how much I had taken WATER and its availability for granted.

One fine morning when I opened the tap there was no water.. According to me, this was a simple problem.. In my mind I ran the various reasons ( of course, I am an engineer whose thinking is tuned to think of the probable reasons for a problem and I hate probability as a subject in Maths) for the probable water strike in my house - Could be the tank was empty - Could be the municipal water supply was cut - could be a billing issue - could be a power problem...

When I finally got some sense of the real problem - THAT WE HAVE NOT A SINGLE DROP OF WATER in a household which includes the two of us, two old people and a new born - I reacted.. Phone has always been my best companion in India.. So I dialled a few numbers and finally got the Emergency Number for Water related issues. After all the automated voices I was told that the main inlet pipe from the desalination plant that supplies water to most part of the city had a major breakage and that they didn't have a resolution date.. and they had a probable date too.. which was three days after then.

The reality sank in slowly and then we had many practical problems to deal with in the house.. With minimal water we managed those five days time..

Resolved never to waste water and from then on been using water frugally as much as possible. From last evening until this minute there is no water again.. and this is the same pipe I am told...

Experience makes a man perfect.. The problem doesn't seem major this time as we are still waiting for the water supply to be set right...but can't help thinking of the simple town life that I chanced to have in my life where I never had to struggle for water ever.. Never realized the value of water at all back home.. :) Never realized the value of water in Indian farms, Town's bore wells, Village's wells... Rivers, Lakes and Ponds.....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where are we headed?

It is an old story - the gangster group misbehaves with a 23 year old college student in Delhi, India.

Ever since, every time I glance a news channel ( not my taste anyways, but it happens to be the best choice of channels for someone in my family, so when you walk here and there inside the house, automatically you get to see some news item) there is something related to an inappropriate treatment given to one lady or the other.

While the case of the Delhi girl is still waiting for justice, there have been many more such cases, one more ruthless than the other ( it is almost like a revenge towards women I would say)...

This morning, there was a news item where the bus conductor of the school bus misbehaved with a four year old Kinder Garten little angel. What could have been running on such psyched people's minds?

People are blaming the government, the police, the law for not taking action on crimes against women. Another group says that Women need to dress this way, behave this way, not go out late nights and many more page-length advice ( which I am sure are being given out in most Indian homes to their children ) on what 'Women' must NOT do. Another group ( heights of feminism ?? ) walks around talking about self- defense techniques and martial arts.

But.. But.. Not even one way to really deal with the minds of the men who behave the way they do to the young and old ladies and little children...Why are some men so psychologically affected, so much so they do not know what they are doing?? Why blame everything on alcohol? Why this KOLA VERI in the most literal sense??

I don't see an answer...

Thursday, January 03, 2013


Encouragement has often meant so much to me and I guess has always been coming from my near and dear ones. One such email today made me revisit my priorities and that is how I am sitting in front of my computer trying to blog about something.. There are too many topics and too less time to write about, still I thought its best to start somewhere.

Of late, my focus has been my little girl and my own self as a mom.. I didn't give much time to the outside world and what it teaches me... Usually that is what my blog talks about... Now it is a lot about the inner self and inner mind and lessons learned and unlearnt..more so from the new world am living in...

New year has been a slightly different start for me this year... Silence... :-) Everyone around was asleep... and I was wondering why its so very quiet in this country on New Years night!!! Still, made my new year wish and prayers and gave my little angel her first new year wish ever !!! :) The best moment I would say!!!

Best New Year Wish

Its not often you get to read thoughts and wishes like the ones posted here by a friend of mine. The best of the lot I would say..

Happy 2013!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

New year day today.. Beginning of new hopes, new aims and new aspirations... Wishing one and all a wonderful year ahead. Happy Happy 2013.

This year, I have no resolutions. Just wishes... There is no point in resolution, I realized. I am going to strive for excellence in some areas of life and never resolve on anything in particular this year.

Will be back in the blogging world soon.

Wishing you well once again.



With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...