Monday, June 28, 2010

On being a busy woman

Everyone is busy... That's a known truth, which is why I can never get used to the word in my vocabulary. I have taken a break from work now and I am sharing some responsibilities at home this week. I just decided this morning, that I will take care of everything at home today. Everything just meant cooking and clearing up to me. And what with all the time I have with me, I was sure I could finish everything forenoon and spend time doing nothing at all :)

Meetings and deadlines and time lines and discussions and communications and management were all really associated to office in my mind.. Yes, we all know implicitly that a home has all of these going on all the time, but there is no rule or a board room that decides and dictates these things and the most interesting part is emails don't rule your life each morning like they do at work.. So, these terms don't get explicitly acknowledged or understood by people like me who have spent seven working years in front of a computer. Little did I know that my day was going to be super busy ( Oh yes, I am bent upon using the word now, this minute).

Make coffee and clear up.
Make breakfast and clear up.
Make lunch and clear up.
Answer the door at least thrice during the course of the above schedule.
Answer the phone at least once during cooking.
Wonder and cant stop wondering why people cant call on your mobile phone!!!!
Sprint back to the kitchen after taking the call from the land line phone to check if the favorite curry on the stove has charred to soot.
Breathe a sigh of relief ( trust me, its a lot of blood pressure spike to actually see the most awaited and favorite, carefully attempted dish to become tar black on the cooking vessel) as everything is fine. Either my call was short or I am a smart cook!!!! :)
Attend to the maid who comes in to help me with the clearing up.[ Its a blessing to have someone help you with this work, but most of us don't realize until they decide to take off for a day. I agree that people living outside India do all the work themselves as there is no concept of domestic help but those who can afford to hire a maid for helping with the cleaning, surely appoint one, in India.]

When this much was done it was 10:30 A.M. Per my plans, this was too late for a bath and sitting back to do nothing.. So, I hurried out of the kitchen. Then, I just gave one last glance at the kitchen table and saw a used sauce pan, I had missed to clean up. Quickly washed it off and with the victorious feeling that you get when you are keeping to your plans well, I closed the water tap. The spindle inside decided to break off and the water gushed out. The tap was open maximum and I could imagine a flooded kitchen. So much for my victory. It was a victorious defeat!!! No one, just no one can escape Murphy's law.

The next two hours went in trying to fix the kitchen tap with help from a plumber. All the while, the water was gushing out and I could not help thinking of a long forgotten prose lesson in school which said, " Every drop of water is precious"... :) I did my best to store the water, still couldn't help some loss.

In all when I finally sat back it was 3:00 P.M :) and I didn't expect to sleep off...the next thing I know is a loud phone ring at 5:00 P.M. Woke up with a smile.. since when, a phone ring seemed loud to me?? I don't recall, but I can tell you, its been a wonderful day that finally helped me understand that staying home can keep you busy too. Everyday you may not have a faulty pipe to take care of, but then, it still is quite challenging to meet the needs of your home :)

Yes, I didn't say a house :) I mean a HOME. While fixing a pipe is a 'house' thing, seeing the whole scene through without any tension and not forgetting other priorities/demands of the hour is a 'home' thing. :-) Its a wonderful lesson I learnt today.

Friday, June 25, 2010

International Tamil Conference - Hear say

There are a number of opinions floating around in the state about the International Tamil Conference, being held in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. I was not too keen on commenting about it. I always believe that there are people who surely know what they are doing and what they are getting into. Often, we may not be in a position to understand why they are doing what they are. So, although I had my own view points about this conference, rather about the large scale spending that is happening in the state for this conference, I chose not to comment.

This morning, I heard an old lady remark : Wonder if someone can take me straight to the conference venue to meet the Chief Minister. I would ask him what is the significance of this conference and the money splurged in it, to the villages in Tamil Nadu where they have to run for about a kilometer's distance to fetch a pail of water.

Apparently, last week there was a T.V programme that showed the plight of a specific village in Tamil Nadu where people struggled so much for water.

Makes me wonder, where are we headed? If we are talking about culture and tradition and keeping up the Tamil trends and heritage alive, it can still be done in small scale.

My opinions aside, I still strongly believe there should be some profit to the country and state that results from this conference, else how would the authorities answer questions that are floating around, like the one I just heard from the well-informed old lady?

Its a strange little political world with quaint big questions floating around!!!!! Keeps your brows knotted in doubt all the time...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The constant surprise that beats everything else

There is so much happening around me. Our house and home is getting ready for a very festive occasion in the family. My mind has been super-busy.

Last night, I almost nodded off to sleep when my phone beeped. A very devoted citizen of the cell phone world, that I am, I picked up to see that one of my good friends was getting admitted in the hospital for her first delivery. Amazing, how this one news keeps me thrilled and excited and concerned every time, in the last so many years. I called her up, wished her well and slept off hoping that I would see the message about her new born this morning. As of this post, which is about eleven hours after the message, she is still in the hospital waiting for her baby. And so am I.

Amidst all the thoughts running on my head, this one thought about the to-be born baby and my friend keeps me too occupied. Said a silent prayer when my phone beeped again.

This message was from another friend who just got into the hospital for her first delivery too. Called her up, wished her well too. Since morning, these two people are on my mind more than anything or anyone else.

Strange how the mind gets excited about a new born baby, every time, no matter what you are doing. Heard of so many child births in my family and friends' circle and every time I have noticed the excitement is just the same. Not one bit less.

There has not been a single instance of child birth that I have heard so far, where the news did not come as a surprise. Plan as much as you want, wait as much as you have to, predict as much as possible, but the good news is usually a complete surprise!!!!Even the doctors cannot explain why they are unable to predict the exact hour, minute and second of a baby's birth.

Labor - Child birth - New born baby; A proof that there is a super power over and beyond our imagination. The only instance where the ego levels for women become sub-zero, I think.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Splash on Responsibility

  • You never know how responsible you can be until you are put in a situation.
  • Responsibility is an off-shoot of commitment and sincerity.
  • If there is no responsibility, there is no sense of satisfaction.
  • It is good to take responsibility for all your actions and words, else it will transform into a blame game which is often very unpleasant on the relationships.
  • Nobody else is responsible for what is happening, except yourself.
  • If your child has to be responsible, take the responsibility yourself first.
  • It is possible to be responsible and still be relaxed.
  • It is good to be responsible for the happiness of your loved ones, because that is all there is in life at any given point in time.
  • If you want to cut down on our monstrous ego levels, just try to be responsible for one person's happiness, at least once in a day.
  • Things just happen, and you only assume responsibility most of the times.
  • Responsibility is a big word; Its good to play it well for a happy living.
  • You cannot avoid responsibilities; if you want to, sometimes you can minimize them a little.
  • You never know your ability till you keep up your responsibility.
  • Responsibility shows yourself to you.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Turning point...............

Dear Readers,

Hope this post finds you in the best of your health and cheers :-)

I may not be able to write in the regular frequency for a few months from now. I am slightly occupied with life's present personal action-packed season. All is well,but just that I wont be able to blog as often as I used to for the next three months. Will keep posting on and off though.

I wish you all very well and hope you keep that beautiful smile of yours on, no matter what.

Best wishes,

Keep smiling,

Friday, June 04, 2010

On Spring

Most of the tropical India is tiding through scorching heat of the summer and I am writing about spring here. :-)

During a conversation with a friend yesterday, I heard this line:

Spring comes once a year.

How true!!! Well, its not that I am hearing about seasons for the first time, but then there was a zen moment when I understood that we cannot expect everything to go on the way it is.

Suddenly, some proverbs and sayings made total sense:

Nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles
This will also pass through
There is always a time for everything

Looks like, nature has all the laws of life painted clearly. It seems that it has answers to all questions that our restless minds raise all the time. Its just that we need to learn to connect with nature to understand the norms of life...

The sea, the breeze, the mountain, the seasons, the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, the wind, the brook, the stream, the sand, the tree, the bird, the cloud, the rain, the flower, the grass - All of them, I am sure, have many more lessons to teach. we just need to search to follow.

Quick Staple : Spring comes once in a year.

Accept the hot summer, the chill winter, and the moderate autumn to welcome the brightness of the enjoyable spring. When it is spring, just enjoy the time.


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