Thursday, February 25, 2010

If it's not your mobile number...

then, Don't share it with anyone else without the owner's permission. As simple as that.

I was in a team lunch yesterday.I was expecting a very important call, so had taken my mobile phone along. I get this call from a number that I didn't have in my cell phone's contact list. Picked it up to find that it was from a familiar name with a very professional, very senior, very managerial voice. In my mind, I mapped the options and nailed the name to a person in my professional circle. The next mind mapping was about who could have given my number to her and figured out options for that also.

I was super-thrilled to hear from her and just because she said, that she is not comfortable with the background noises surrounding me, I decided to call back. Of course, when you know you are talking to a senior, you should have the courtesy to call back. So, that decided, I continued with my lunch.

When I got back to work after lunch, I got busy, so sent her an SMS saying that I can call her in the evening. When I called again, she could not pick up. You see, its easy to understand that someone in her position will be busy all the time. Then I wrote another message asking her to call when she can or write what the call was about. In my mind ran a trailer about the possible reasons for the call. My profession and its interesting people and experiences have always thrilled me, and this instance was no exception.

It was about 9:00 P.M when she called back and I was in a parallel call. Cut that call short and dialled her again - this time feeling very bad about the hide 'n' seek game of missing each other's calls. In my mind, I had already fixed the name, designation, position of the person and was sure that this call was important for me.

First ring, she picks up and I start off about not being able to pick up her call and now that we are finally on, can she tell me what the call was about.. I mean I was very polite and am so glad that I was, till the end of the call....

She started with the fact that she was busy and that she was unable to pick up my calls... and that she was sorry... and then I say, 'Its okay' and that we can talk now. Only after this, I come to know it is about maintaining my skin tone, color, and health and all that.... She is a marketing executive of a supposedly renowned, American, cosmetic company that works on plant-based raw materials for its products. My temper-control seemed to fall off my head but luckily my tongue is toned to phone conversational habits better than before, and so that saved some fiery exchanges.

I tried to find out who gave my contact to her which she skillfully masked from me saying she took my number long ago from someone and does not happen to remember that moment. Very convenient answer!!! She wanted my appointment to check my skin tone and prescribe the range of products that will help my skin 'glow'. Obviously, I was not interested in such an unknown caller's unsolicited marketing talk.

On a normal note, I would have probably taken some interest, but because this was definitely not my way of taking others' time and attention, I asked for an email with all details and agreed to get back at a later date. I knew that the caller was doing a smart job, so no point in blaming her. I knew the friend would have suggested my name and number in the best interest of me, so no point in blaming her either. I was expecting a call from someone with the same name, and my hopes kept flying high, so no point in blaming me either.

If you share someones' mobile number, make sure you take prior permission from your friend.

If that was not feasible for some reason, please inform your friend about this exchange.

The marketing executives who call should be able to give the correct reference when talking to a new prospect for their sales.

Let's remember to follow this just so we avoid some hassle to our near and dear ones.

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Videhi Visali said...

This blog carries a subtle humour combined with a sensible message not to float up the numbers.

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