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Comments do matter...........

This is about how comments can change your life.... :) It was my first job as a writer... Never written anything except those essays in school and a few technical, sleepy, long winding, sometimes, utterly lifeless essays in college, in the EXAM banner... ( I hate exams, though I was able to perform well in most of them, throughout my academic life.. Thanks to my folks at home.. Studies were rarely a topic of conflict for all of us at home ... I guess that's what made me study without hassles... ) Here I was, working on my first assignment, first paragraph - introduction.......struggling for the golden words to just jump out of my head... ( or is it my keyboard, I have no idea.....). It was just impossible for me to write the first few lines of the document. It was on project management... :) I did not know projects at work as yet, Project management was a far-fetched illusion back then.. :) My assignment was to write a user guide for a project management software for a client co