Friday, July 10, 2015

Ramayana - three year old's doubt.

I was trying to tell the Ramayana's nut shell version to my daughter. The attention span is ten min and then its the next story. So as i was doing a marathon run with my story she stopped me at one point.

Amma " you say Sita Devi gave her hair clip to hanuman as identity card ... so what will she do to clip her hair? "

For those of you who are trying to understand where hair clip and identity card comes in vaalmiki ramayana, its the sundara gaantam. Sita Devi gives her choodamani to hanuman to be given to Rama. Choodamani as explained to my daughter was hair clip.

I didn't think what Sita devi would do to tie up her hair if she gave away her clip. Did you?

Friday, July 03, 2015

why so many writeups on women?

I may not be correct when i ask this question.. why so many write-ups on women.? BUT i guess its on a visible increase for those who read a lot online.

Recently, as recent as one month long now, I have started spending a little time on generic reads online mostly on links directed from face book news feeds.

At least over the last six days there are articles on women who have gone through rough times in the hands of men in many different circumstances. Agreed men are strange and can be tough to deal with simply because they are THE MEN, but these overtly descriptive and candid write ups on what all happened in a girl's life and how she came out shining makes me wonder... where is the mistake really..all mis-behaviors as women write seem directed in the lady's favor. Are all men bad?

Definitely not. One of the articles i read spoke about a girl who thought she needed to know IT all before her wedding night. She has tried many boys and now writes about her emotions being played with and calls it inappropriate. In a land where there was (and to some extent still a definition of celibacy) wonder how people can cross limits voluntarily? and then blame all the men. I don't talk about accidents that happen to the young and old girls here.. i only talk about incidents. Movies, Music, Serials, T.V.Shows, Advertisements.... all have women playing roles and talking dialogues that are ruining womanhood in many ways. So if that's OK then dear smart young ladies please stop writing about boyfriends betraying you in anyway.

This will save some Internet bits. Remember your articles get popularity because everyone wants to know what went wrong.... how u came over it can fetch u some warm smiles but the fact remains... why write about it when its about someone who was once important to you?

If you have to talk about some really personal stuff talk about it to people but not online. Remember this is an open platform where people form their own opinions. Now most articles written state - whatever happens don't worry. you are not alone. Comforting as they may be sometimes they also send provoking messages to the formative and adolescent minds. Beware of intrusion in the joyous world of innocence. The message should be " All are nice as long as you know your limits" and NOT...."Men are bad.. do whatever you want just because you feel like it".

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Today vs.Childhood - The best of Childhood in 80's

"10:28 P.M is no earthly time to call up anyone" says my mind for it has been groomed that way since my childhood.

"11:00 P.M is no good time for a bath" says Indian ancient medicine.

"10:30 P.M  is not the right time to eat" says general medicine.

"11:00 P.M is not a good time to read " says the energy level studies.

But coming to think of it, I find peace and quiet to do all these only at these unearthly hours... I am wondering if all the strict disciplines that I grew up with will ever come back?

Some nice principles from my childhood :

1. Never visit anyone or call up anybody after 8:00 P.M unless it is extremely important.
2. Eat on time and sleep early.
3. Do not sleep until the sun rays brighten the room every morning.
4. Sunday is no different from the other days in terms of "early to bed" and "early to rise".
5. Bathe only during the Sun's working hours.
6. Read moderately and well within the routine of the day.

Other good habits that I grew up with include:

1. Always have dinner together with the rest of the family members.
2. Always step out of your room to greet friends and visitors even if you are too busy.
3. Learn to smile and welcome people and never judge them at the first look.
4. After dinner family time is core to good relationships.
5. Minimize TV and news as much as possible.
6. Play regularly and learn to accept a lost game.
7. Study is a habit and not a chore.
8. Offer help wherever possible in the house.

There are many more but this is all I could write as I bolted the doors and checked on all the locks in the house tonight. My day begins with opening every door at say 6:00 A.M and around 11:00 P.M I run a final check before I retire off to my room with my phone to get into the networking world. I just thought I'll stop by this machine and write what I felt like today.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good Night Kiss

What's in a Good Night Kiss??

I kissed my birthday girl good night after she slept off today with prayers and lots of 'Down the memory lane' thoughts. She  smiled beautifully, although faintly. I am sure she slept off and I still cant stop wondering how she knew the kiss.

Somewhere I have read, Kiss your children good night even if they are asleep. They surely know. Back then, I didn't realize that it could be true, but today I did!!!

Learnt this : Never miss an opportunity to say love, hug close, and shower kisses on your children. They are the only reasons why you stay grounded most of the time amidst life's rides.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No pains No gains

Searing pain in the lower back moving to the center of the belly, Heavy belly so much so its difficult to walk, Steep ramp making you wonder why ramps are built, Heavy traffic of one cycle making you think why this cyclist has to come in your way...

All these happened when I was in labor one year ago. Labor pains started just about early that morning.... And when I stepped inside the hospital, the next thing I knew was the labor board and then the next timing I knew was mid day when my baby boy arrives in a small bundle....

All that fight in the labor room and all the smiles of the victorious doctors made me smile slightly. The aftermath was tough to cope with and when all was wrong with me, the doctors said, " yes this is what is expected!!! Sleep well..We'll come after three hours to check on you." So saying, I was left alone to SLEEP when after all the struggle, physical and mental, I just couldn't close my eye lids. It was a total blank.. and then all hazy...and then alternating between tears and relief.

On this day, one year later, I cannot help recalling the whole scene plus the feeling that I cannot sometimes cope with the tantrums of the kids and my own self, people around me say the same thing : Yes, this is what is expected!!! Take it easy and take lots of rest and take care of your health.

After a brief time of losing my cool this morning, obviously with my children, I sit back and think that every pain has its joys...... So its good to go through life thinking about or dreaming about the joys that may unfold!!!!