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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why raise your blood pressure??

This evening, I happened to read a random blog on a subject that is totally alien to me. Time flew and I got engrossed in the lines not for the subject but the way it is written. I realized that I had forgotten my world and myself for a while, okay for a long time while I sat reading the blog.

Stood up to finish my evening duties and then found a rare sense of calm around me. Everyone else had gone out and I was supposed to be doing my regular ten minute walk at home. While I usually spent my walking time listening to some music, today I spent the time introspecting on how I am feeling the sense of calm that I had never felt in a long time. Life kept me busy over the last few years and it seemed that I had lost track of keeping stress under check.

Deciding to bounce back on the track of mental strength I realized few things:

  1. People waste energy trying to prove they are correct on any given thing to others. Instead its best to just make a point and leave the decision of accepting the point to others.
  2. People waste energy trying to fight with vendors, auto drivers, shop keepers and anyone who does any form of business for cost and effectiveness reasons. Instead it is best to make your point and let go. It is hard but good to practice because all these cause a stress that is actually not required for the mind and body.
  3. People waste energy trying to be too perfect only to realize that there is at least one person in this world who doesn't think you are perfect or good. That one person is usually the bothersome point than many others who accept your nature.Instead it is best to be yourself and strive for excellence without troubling yourself too much.
  4. People waste energy on sticking to principle.. Although I agree it is good and a must, it is also important to know that forcing yourself too much to stick to principle can sometimes cause stress that is beyond understanding.
  5. People waste energy on self pity and the need for other person to understand them. Honestly who has got the time to spend time to understand others when understanding self itself is so difficult? So why expect and create a stress quotient that is just too high..??

Simple tricks to avoid everyday stress:

  • Forgive yourself, because no one else will.
  • Take it easy. Nothing is as important as you think in the eyes of others. All you do is for yourself and you have the right to take it easy. Others won't.
  • Don't fight on things that don't matter beyond that minute or the period. Instead just make your point and move on and learn to process controversies in the mind. Don't let it get into your heart.
  • At work, remember that you are getting paid for what is happening. So do not complain. Do what you can and must but remember if you have a heart attack no one will blame your work!!!
  • At home, remember you have to do things that are important to you without expecting returns. Do what you must and leave it at that. It is pointless worrying about things that are bothersome instead it helps to find solutions and make a mention when asked. 
  • Hold your family close and forgive each one's mistakes everyday. The best way is to pray for every one's well being each day. We all have faults and it is important to know that right or wrong is just a perspective.
  • Never ask "Why don't the others...?". There is no point.. The best way to keep calm is the new principle of " "What can I do to....?"
  • Keep a friends circle. You may not like everything about everyone but they are the best stress busters and they help you without your awareness.
  • Make a phone call to some contact at least once a week just to ask how they are doing... and not for any purpose. The call can be short but will make a lot of difference to stress check. Also, it is nice to develop the habit of being less materialistic in this increasingly materialistic world. 
  • Keep a routine and also make time for doing something that pleases you other than work and family. You will be a much better person to those around you and for the person in you.

All these are tough to start practicing but I believe are some ways to postpone the racing and thereby raising Blood Pressure each day.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Sunset, promises, and questions...

A bright tomorrow, A new beginning, An opportunity, A cloud that can bring rains, and most importantly a chance to hope for the best once again...

And many more things if you can speed up your thought train..

Watching sunset has always been interesting for me.. but then I never enjoyed the sunset so much like I did today. It has been the best sunset experience so far because today I was with my daughter watching the sun go down for the day...

Now, how do you explain this to a 2 year old?? Sun going down? Sunset? Sun going behind the clouds ( today is slightly cloudy here)? Or does it set behind the mountains??

I was carefully looking at the changes in my daughter's face.. First she smiled.. Then the expression changed to a very questioning look? She looked at me every other second and said, it is going off.. the sun is going off.. I kept saying.. Not so fast.. Slowly it is going home... and then she kept repeating sun is going home slowly...

The colors changed from gold to yellow to orange to red and then there came a cloud and the next thing we know is a thin reddish pink color outlining the cloud that seemed to have closed the door with the sun behind it.

My little girl's face looked like she was lost.. May be there are many more questions on her head which she is not able to explain... Where is it going? Why does it change color? Why does it not continue to beam like it does in the morning? When will it come back?

I finally managed to convince her that the sun has done a whole day's work and must be very tired.. It is going home to eat well and sleep so it can come and say Good morning to her tomorrow morning when she wakes up... We both waved the sun 'Bye, Good Night' and then I had to divert her attention to something else to break her thought train of the sunset...

Amazing experience and very very interesting to note that children take your words very seriously and believe you so much and that it is important to convince them on things that are beyond words... For my daughter who has just started questioning many things this sunset is very very puzzling as on date... I see that and hopefully will be able to clear her doubts when she starts asking....

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pachai Sundikkai ( Thabatu or berries ) Kozhambhu

I chanced to see berries or Thubatu or Pachai Sundaikai in the market yesterday. Just bought it because I wanted to make cook something interesting out of it. Did some quick asking around from elders and made this Kozhambhu. Kozhambhu is what the Tamilians mix with rice and eat. It is soupy or gravy in general.

Here is your recipe for making Sundaikai Kozhambhu.

Green Sundaikai - 10 or 15
Tamarind Paste - one cup if made from old tamarind ( dark in color usually) or two cups if made from new tamarind ( beautifully brown colored)
Sambhar powder - 1 table spoon
Salt to taste.
Powdered Jagerry - one spoon.
Turmeric powder - 1 pinch

Seasoning :
Curry leaves, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, gram dal, asafoetida, red chilly, Gingelly oil for best results. If not available use refined oil.

Here is how you make Pachai Sundaikkai Kozhambhu:

  1. Slit the berries into two and soak them in tamarind water ( soak some tamarind in water and use the extract) for five to ten minutes. Discard the water.
  2. In a cooking pan heat one table spoon of oil.
  3. Add Mustard seeds. After they splutter add the rest of the items listed under "Seasoning".
  4. Add the soaked berries and fry until the green color fades indicating that the berries are cooked.
  5. Now add the tamarind paste.If too thick add a little water to make it soupy.
  6. Add turmeric powder, Sambhar Powder, and bring the mixture to boil.
  7. Add salt and jaggery and let the contents cook for five more minutes or until the oil separates out from the pan or until you achieve the desired consistency. 

It all depends on how much time you have and how long you plan to store the Kozhambhu.Five to ten minutes is ideal cooking time. If you have messed up with the consistency or if you have people who wont mind waiting until the oil separates out from the dish, then you can continuously stir the mixture. Tastes great this way.

This Kozhambhu when properly prepared can be used like pickle with curd rice and other South Indian rice based breakfast items. Natives eat rice with Sundaikai Kozhambhu teamed with Roasted Pappad. I served this dish with Molagootal, a popular Kerala Favorite.

Apple Tomato Soup

Ingredients :
Apple - 1
Ripe Tomato - 1 if very sour  ( usually the smaller types with lot of seeds taste very sour) and 2 if ripe but moderately sour.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Coriander if possible and if you are trying soups to reduce your sugar levels.

Here is how you make it :

  1. Cut the apple into two and remove the seeds.
  2. Cut the tomatoes into two.
  3. Pressure-cook the cut apple and tomatoes with 3/4th cup of water.. It should take you five minutes at the most.
  4. Remove the cooked pieces from the pan and grind in your mixer. 
  5. Add the paste back into the cooker. 
  6. Now measure the contents with a cup. Chances are you would have three cups of the soup.
  7. Add one cup of water, salt and pepper to the mixture.
  8. Bring the mixture to boil.
  9. Add chopped coriander leaves.

Important : Serve this soup warm or cold.Chances are that you wont be able to enjoy the taste of the sweet and sourness blended in this soup if you serve this steaming hot.

The cooked apple renders the soupy consistency that is normally given by corn flour. This way you avoid adding carbohydrates to your intake.

You can choose to grind Green Chilly and coriander leaves along with the cooked apple and tomatoes if you like.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wonder Why?

Wonder why

  • Floods and famines have less importance than the election rallies?
  • Bomb blasts and terrorism are discussed more than the rights and duties?
  • Next door man doesn't behave like a friendly neighbor anymore?
  • Sending kids to school has become a scary thought?
  • In whatever we do there is a sense of caution?
  • Amassing wealth for self and family has become more important than amassing love and relationship?
  • Easy money and lotteries and game shows are taken more serious than 'just-a-game'?
  • Tomorrow seems more important than the lovely today?
  • We waste a lot of time doing nothing other than worrying about life at large be it personal, professional, social,economical, or political?
  • Man doesn't realize that he has better sense than animals and is supposed to behave like a human being?
  • Love and friendship have less importance than money and material comfort?
  • Living has become so tough than it was before, given that we live in a more advanced society with better education and supposedly better standard of living?
  • We think we can do it all??