Friday, February 09, 2018

Splash on Hospitals

A place that makes you realize that :

  1. Health is the true Wealth.
  2. True Love is beyond what we all think it is.
  3. So many people are at times needed to support the survival of a person.
  4. Money cannot buy Life.
  5. Rich or Poor, the Maker's choice of organs and their mechanisms do not vary.
  6. Patience and Wait is everything in Life.
  7. One day, Ego will come crashing down if you need help with your personal care.
  8. In the wheels of Time, if we live to grow old, we will become weak and sober down before we knock out, off the party of Life!
  9. Forgiveness is the best way to good health.
  10. Anger is just plain Madness if seen through the lens of health.
  11. No one is spared from the punishments, the worst one being suffering on the deathbed.
  12. The only company for an ailing old person is his faith in the Omnipresent.
  13. All the world's a Stage! and William Shakespeare said it Right!

Much more realizations, every waking minute in a hospital... 

Long story cut short, it is one place to visit if you really want to understand the 'Nothingness' in this Universe.

We are here for a joyride, is what we think and we make little things big and big things little. When we die, the opposites happen and we will realize, what we have not realized in the many chances that God gave us throughout our lifetime ( Yes, God is very Forgiving...We get repeated chances to change, till our death note is delivered) and only then depart from the shell called BODY.

God Bless every soul with this understanding and together let's make the short stay on this planet beautiful for ourselves and others.

Sri Rama Jayam!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Who should be the real ruler?? - Auto driver stands tall!

As the auto driver was narrating the agony of the pregnant woman in labor and her husband, whom he took to the government hospital in Bangalore, all the pain from the past came back to my mind…

A Grinding, Churning, Creaking pain in the pelvic joint… Closed Eyes...Gritting teeth….Eyes shedding tear drops but the tear drops do not dare to trickle down the cheeks…Hands moving to the belly unconsciously trying to check the little baby inside...Worried looks on all the faces around…A sudden relief…. Words spring up.. Vocal cord breaks open the silence and says “God, this is impossible to bear”! The kith and kin fervently pray for the strength of the woman.

You just read the most minimal, realistic, verbal visualization of the throbbing effect of labor pain that most women get to go through.

And it repeats… and goes on and on until the final creak, and first cry leading to dried tears on the new mom’s face.

(It is impossible for me not to recollect my own blessed chances of going through labor twice, both times very different experiences, with different people to oversee, and very different levels of pain!!)

Its good, because, only if I had known the pain, would I understand what the lady in labor traveling in auto in Bangalore traffic to the hospital may have gone through.

Apparently, the auto driver stood support for the man while the lady was in the labor room. The husband had chosen this hospital because the delivery was to be done free of cost. They were construction workers and could not afford an expensive plush hospital.

The scene as reported by the auto driver to me on my way to work.....

The doctor comes back with a serious look on his face saying, the lady was safe but the newborn was at risk and needed an incubator which comes at a cost of Rs 8k. The new father obviously went into a sudden shock as all he had was Rs. 3500 at the moment. The auto driver had a 2k which he managed from his previous day’s work. So 5.5k and still the incubator was denied. And this is at a

The auto driver spoke to many people and managed to gain some support for the cause and the hospital agreed to house the baby until these men took a decision. Due to some medical complexity, the baby was having trouble breathing properly. With all the stress this whole event caused, the new dad completely lost hopes.

This auto driver drove to two other hospitals and spoke to all concerned, found a hospital which agreed for the incubator and the baby care provided, these people were ready to take care of the extra charges that may be incurred for the special supplies, ( that need to be procured from outside )that the hospital may not always have. 

The auto driver shifted the mother and baby to this hospital ( Victoria Hospital which was roughly an hour’s ride by auto on a clear traffic day from Whitefield ), ensured that he spoke to all the authorities in the hospital board and got the baby and mom safe and sound back home. He shelled out his 4 days income, 8k and borrowed whatever else was needed from some benefactors and supported the new dad through the ordeal.

Every day he would visit the baby in the hospital before his day began at 6 A.M. He did this for seven days. For someone, he didn’t even know. 

Now, if a common man has so much compassion and could go a little further than he can financially manage for a stranger’s baby, what do we have to say about the government hospitals that have the duty to take care of the childbirths that happen in their portals?? Where are the law and order?? When it is free, is it not supposed to be totally free?? Given that a new born’s life is at stake, who would think of money, that too in a government hospital??

What exactly are the hospital authorities heading the government hospitals in India thinking?? or doing if I may ask??

If not for this auto driver, I am not sure if the lady would have been able to see the baby in her arms!! Some people are God-sends, this auto driver is definitely one of them for the young couple!. Now, we need rulers who have some selflessness like this autorickshaw driver.

Although I am a believer that God would have sent someone else; that does not mean the government cannot do anything for the poor and underprivileged, especially after declaring that all deliveries in a Govt Hospital are free of cost!. If the delivery is free, does it not imply that till the mother-baby duo are seen safe out of the portals of the hospital everything is free?? If not, its time the authorities started raising funds!!

.........Will the authorities think??

Monday, January 29, 2018

On being the Head of an Organization

Just how does it look like to be at the top??

He believes :
  • Everyone loves him.
  • Everyone listens to him.
  • One word from him and people know its final
  • He decides and it gets done.
  • Its only because of him that everything is going on the way it is.
  • He is the only person who is responsible for things that are happening in his organization.
What it may really feel like to be at the top??
  • No one is a real friend.
  • No one listens because he wants to, but because he has to.
  • Nothing can be done by a mere word unless these people invest their effort, but saying is minimal, so say it.
  • When I decide, I have so many people to convince to see it happen.
  • I am not the doer, just the facilitator for all that may happen if they get convinced.
  • I get paid to play the game, face the blame whether in a win or a loss.
  • Everyone looks at me from behind the screen of a painted tainted glass. Beautiful to see, touch, and appreciate but hard to own.
  • Every smile I get is in anticipation of getting ‘noticed’ and not genuine.
What is it like, to be at the top?

It is lonely at the top. 

If you have made friends with whom you can be yourself, the types that are usually from your school days/college days/early career days/ true admirers and not your 'plush office room - briefcase - suit - tiepin - everyday air tickets - secretary to manage your calendar - working lunches - sponsored bar dining -plastic standard smile' days, then you are probably not all that lonely in your mind. 

If you are reading this and agree with this, get in touch with folks to whom you matter and folks who matter to you, outside of any real material want. Remember, what finally stands is the people who love you anyway! and people to whom your success matters nothing more than your own happiness. Everywhere else, you are only holding a position and it can get lonely as you climb up the work ladder.

Musings - Dewdrop - January 24th 2018.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year 2018!

Too many things over the last one year! It feels nice to look back a bit to realize how much grateful I should be for all the good things in my life over the last one year.

And even more grateful for all the support from all the lovely people at various stages, moments, situations in my life.

2017 takes a page in my diary for so many reasons...
  • I figured out that I must work!!
  • I learned all over again, what it is like to face rejects in the job market!
  • I learned to believe in my prayers better when some of them got answered!
  • I knew that the saying  " Ask and you shall receive " is often true. I had to ask for every single thing I wanted!

It is also the year when I ...
  • took the first step out of my house after my children were born...
  • first was away from kids and cried more than them when I had to send them off to the daycare at school...
  • come back every day anxious to see my children's facial expressions and read their minds... They can't yet talk about their day in as much detail as I would love to hear out...
  • knew that I am a still a good writer at work...

It has been a year of...
  • finding pillar strengths in friends like never before...
  • realizing wisdom albeit very little on the emotional path...
  • meeting a lot of new people with different interesting personalities and liking them too...
  • meeting old friends in the newer phase of their lives...
  • connecting with some yesteryears folks over the phone...
With Wedding fun, Newborn joy, Standup-comedies, School meetings, Family functions, Charity times, Anticipations, Expectations, Disappointments ( Well, they usually come together!), Shocks and Surprises, Birthdays, Encouragements given and taken, Supports given and taken, Prayers given and taken, 

And with the last bit of the year, that is today, ending with meeting an old college friend's family in a rather 'out-of-the-ordinary' setup with pretty much the same feel as the olden times (as it was 18 years ago!)

And with the godsend support, I got from many people through the year in my community and family and friends and school and office... at the most needed times...

As I come to the end of this year's rather noteworthy joyride,
All I have to say is a wholehearted THANK YOU to the Universe and its bounty which includes people.

Dewdrop wishes you a very happy 2018 with the following prayer :




Monday, December 25, 2017

Love - Beautiful realization

A recent English movie had stirred up my head about the concept of love...

Not that I am the first person questioning this big word LOVE, but it still is okay to rant about it...

What is love really??

Love as I think,  is everywhere, every relationship we share is based on Love.

Dad-Mom, Brother-Sister, Men and women friends, Spouse, Relatives, Neighbours, Teachers, Colleagues, Acquaintances, God - All of them get into one of the circles of love around us. It is more like a concentric circle where the self, sits in the center and is surrounded by circles of people and their love energy.

To everyone in the circles, based on the protocol of the relationship we give and take love in various forms/extent.

That goes to say that Love between a pet and you is not same as the love between you and your son. However, the joy that the love causes only varies by degrees. Joy there is. :) Love there is!!!

What I am not saying is, of course, the pain, the hurt, the disappointments and the fears.. they all are same for Love in various circles...Whichever circle you refer to, the relationship is definitely making/breaking a mark in your life.

What matters finally being able to smile that you were capable of loving someone in some capacity - a friend, a neighbor, an acquaintance, a spouse, a son, a daughter, a colleague, a stranger. That you are given a chance to express love and care is in itself a blessing... :-)

Beautiful realization and I thought I must talk about it. !!!
By the way, we are not talking about expecting anything in return!!! We cant be the other person in the equation, who thinks like we do!. The often said words " I Love You" mean just that... So we are MINDing our own business when it comes to LOVE.  

The movie: The Fault in our stars. The movie has nothing to do with what I just wrote, but in my deepest conscience, I felt that Love is all-pervading and it took me so many years and this movie, to get it right!!!

Why above the knee??

Recently I joined work after a long break of seven years. Which means, I am a fresher to the current setup in the IT offices. Yes or no?? Yes, I think so.

With my conservative looks and modern thoughts ( that's what I believe, God knows if everyone thinks the same way too) I can easily pass off as a middle-aged woman ( lady?!) who can accept nonsense better than I could ten years ago. People who have met me ten years ago should meet me now, to check this statement of mine!

A cold and slow morning in Bangalore... I was wrapped in Sweater and scarf and battling a severe cold with a steaming hot cup of green tea ( !!!, I know.. I don't believe this too) and struggling to write one line which was definitely luring. After the tenth edit of the line, I kind of gave up and stood up for a break which is usually turning my eyes off the screen to change the line of sight for a few minutes.. so I get a different angle practically and it may sometimes work well for the sentence in the making!!

And there she was... A tattooed leg, high-heeled Sandals, Wheatish skin painted fair, A plain White sleeveless Frock which was flowing from the shoulders to her knees, and I must thank God for the white liner inside, and hair that never could behave like most other hair-dos in trend today...

This was an unexpected angle, especially when many pairs of eyes were visibly disturbed with this attire of this lady on the floor.

I went back to work and decided to mind my own business!!.

Next day... the same leg caught my eye.. which means I had to look up to see the color of the dress today... It was a navy blue, quite ravishing a design it was that cut to the figure right and can just knock out anyone on the floor. If I were a man, I would have definitely got caught for an inappropriate behavior on the floor that day!

I let it pass with no comment... Her legs, her interests, her choice!!! Why should I even be disturbed other than the fact that she is bold!!?? I didn't react at all.

Day three: I was on a phone call and this tattooed leg stopped me mid-sentence!!!
  • I mean, what is the problem with some women really?? 
  • Why can't they understand that they should try to get dresses that don't disturb the work atmosphere?? 
  • Why are we so lenient with the dress code in some offices??
  • Why can't we cover ourselves properly and come to work?? 
  • What's the problem with dresses that flow up to or just below the knees?? Why above??Kneecaps are not attractive anyway!
If we are copying the west, we must know that they don't dress inappropriately to work!!! They have a dress code for work, meetings, formal lunches and dinners and the social gatherings... 

It is a loud why!!!! There are many others, but none as strikingly unruly as this one!!

As most unanswered questions in this world, the dress sense to work, especially this lovely lady's, was occupying a lot of disk space on my head... So posted it here...

Monday, December 11, 2017

Edhu? or What?

ஆசை எளியது.
அடக்கம் வலியது.
வறுமை கொடியது.
உண்மை கசப்பது.
குடும்பம் கூடுவது.
கோபம் சிறியது.
ஒற்றுமை பெரியது.
நட்பு நிகரற்றது.
பாசம் பிணைப்பது.
நேசம் நல்லது.
காதல் இனிப்பது.
அன்பு தூயது.
சொந்தம் சிறந்தது.
கொடை உயர்ந்தது.
ஆத்மன் நிலைப்பது.
நம்பிக்கை உகந்தது.
நேற்று முடிந்தது.
இன்று உள்ளது.
நாளை நம்புவது.

அவ்வை பாட்டி சொன்ன முதல் மூன்று வரிகளை ஒட்டி யோசித்தவை.

நன்றி : தமிழ் மொழி / அவ்வையார் / என் தமிழ் ஆசிரியர்கள்/ என் பாட்டி ராஜம்மாள் அவர்கள்.

Splash on Hospitals

A place that makes you realize that : Health is the true Wealth. True Love is beyond what we all think it is. So many people are at ...