Wisdom Bites 2020

Be confident that you have to live your life. You will be amazed at the strength you have.You will grow through what you go through in life. You always have a choice to accept life.At all times, things have a way of mending themselves. You need not know the reason for everything. Do what you must every instant consciously.Hold on to Divine for this.Seek advise from all those in your karmic pathway. Seek guidance from the Supreme for this.

With lots of love from Kotak!

Just received this touchy message in the subject line of one of the banks where I do not hold any bank account or have any dealings with.

How beautiful is the message!! Especially when people have stopped sending some sweet messages like this in the closer circle!!!! It is easy to fall for this romance and hence land up in deep chocolate sauce puddles - divulging financial details, getting caught up with phishing woes and the like.

Just in time, blocking these unsolicited romantic messages addressed so personal(ized) to you, will help you in the long run. 

Felt so good though that nice words make our hearts melt still!!! and feels like eons ago when I walked into Archies card shops and bought nicely worded cards for my friends! Some of them would recall my craze for gifts and cards to people...

Should go to Archies one of these days and buy a card... :) Let's see who gets it!

A Wallet's day out

Hey, Hope you are doing well.
I live in the college bag of this young lady who adores me. I am a wallet and responsible for many things in her life - credit card, debit card, money are a few of her assets that she has entrusted with me. I think it must be special to her, as she never once shifted my contents into any other wallet or purse. She keeps me safe inside her bag all the time. We share a special relationship - this girl and I.
Let’s call her Ms.Intern as she just joined a new company as part of her college internship program. I get to listen into all conversations of hers and that’s how I know that she is a college student who is interning in Company A as a Trainee Executive in the Commerce Department.All good-looking and smart, I would say. One of my flaps has a mirror which Ms.Intern uses to touch up her carefully careless make-up once in a while. That’s how I get to see her face too.
I am brown colored and have a shiny little square trinket that Ms.Intern loves as much as…

Is 2020 going to be hard?

How hard is it to survive in the year 2020? What challenges do you face? Original text from Quora answer Why should it be hard? I start every year thinking that it is doable because ‘hard’ is when: a. complex challenge b. fear of failure c. unsure of know-how d. paranoia about the inability to succeed e. takes a lot of work f. no support. Now that the reasons for hardships are clear there is a clear expectation that it is going to take what it should take to go through it. It is like when the nurse says, there is going to be a small prick when she inserts a huge needle into your vein for taking out your blood sample... The statement is undermining the pain and hence the pain is less and manageable. So it is all about the statement that you want to etch into your head. I have started my year saying “ It may be hard at times, but it is doable. “ It is hard this decade generally because of  1. We have already decided from many news items that it is going to be hard.  2. There is more gre…

Beautiful Beginning once more!

Today : 2nd Jan 2020
Just wished someone a very happy new year and a very beautiful beginning to a new decade.
Day before yesterday night: Bangalore.
People were dancing like there was no tomorrow and the energy was unimaginable.‘Hey, Happy New Year!’, said someone all covered in scarf and I wished back!! Does not matter who wished, but every one responded.
“So what?” Asked my son, sleepy-eyed, tired from the cold night’s new year lighting, dinner, stage show, yelling, running around, and finally when he almost took an oath never to stand near the loud speaker, I looked at the watch. It was 11:30 P.M.
I brought the children upstairs and got them to understand that the noise is okay because people are celebrating the end of this year and the beginning of a brand new year.
"So what?" He asked again. My son asks these sensible questions that make you stop on your tracks sometimes.
With what I can claim to be my skill in getting the children to sleep when they are sleepy( !!!!???…

Raw Mango Speaks......

It was quite a journey from the farms till the store, where some people arranged me and my friends to live on a vegetable crate. I had ripened up a bit, when I finally got picked up by a lady.
I was thenpacked, billed and brought to her home. Her children loved mango pickle is why she apparently bought me, I understood from her conversations. It was rather cold, and I was glad that she did not take me out of the paper cover that the shopkeeper covered me with. Good for me.
In the evening, she opened the fridge and took me out. A small portion of me was cut and salted thoroughly to be enjoyed by the children.She took a bite and from what she expressed; I understood that she is not probably going to pickle me. She kept the rest of the mango inside the fridge, this time without the cover. I froze. I hoped that the family would think of making a warm meal with me or pickle me. The coldness of the refrigerator made my skin freeze to hardness and the juice in me began to dry up slowly.


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment? Deepa Sriram (Technical Writer), Senior Technical Writer (2017-present)
The best way is to define the fear in as many words as is possible in the given situation. The next would be to ask ‘So what?’… How does it matter to you if your fear comes true? In situations like work, it will be at the maximum an extended learning time and coping with the new role and such minor issues. Always one rule has worked for me: If it is coming to me and I take it, it is because I have to learn from it. If I don't take it, then maybe it is correct for me at this point in time and that is why I let the opportunity go. Fear and self-doubt are only common in every walk of life… Just believe that it is OK to do anything that won't kill anyone or rob their account or steal their peace of mind. Any action that does not contribute to these three things is worth a try…