Wednesday, February 20, 2019

URI - The Surgical Strike

I went to watch the movie URI in a theatre after a long time, with the little pre-cursor that the site Bookmyshow offered and the reviews were very good too. 

Congratulations to the awesome movie crew for making the movie as grand a success as it is. Phenomenal try and great emotions displayed very well. 

Check out any weblink for the awesome star casting, music, direction, lyricist, cinematography and everything else that you think is important to know before reading my views.

With due respect to the Nation’s defense and salute to the Indian Flag and all respect to the Army men who safeguard our Motherland’s frontiers and the political, social, religious beliefs of the land, I present my opinion here. 

Now, this post is only about my personal roller coaster thoughts upon watching the movie and is not definitely influenced by anything except my inner self. Any resemblance to yours is probable, and definitely, this post is not intended to hurt or disagree with anyone with a different viewpoint. 

I am not into newspapers or news channel. So, when someone mentioned URI, I thought it was a Tamil movie where the word URI goes to mean the hanging pot holding the butter in Brindavan, where Little Krishna (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Hinduism, India) is said to have grown up.

The word Surgical Strike did not ring any bell. Bells were pleasant and surgeries clearly meant, cuts, wounds, and blood in my mind.

I do agree that violence sometimes can be fought with violence only, especially when we are dealing with people who cannot, for the life of them, be pinned down to any reasonable understanding of non-violence. That is why the whole surgical strike was planned and executed in return for the atrocious killing that happened in URI in the year 2015-2016 time frame. 

Generally, I stay away from violent movies and science fiction books as it does not tally with my inherent beliefs that I chanced to develop as a child.
  • Ahimsa eventually wins.
  • Love is still alive on Earth.
  • What you do is important than what others do to you.

That said, taking revenge in the same way that the atrocity was meted out does not tally with my beliefs.

I am still thinking what if the surgical strike had not happened? Is there any other way it could have been handled? 

All are human beings behaving inhuman and insane. I also agree that if I had an Army man in my family, I would probably have inherited some of the fighting spirits and fighting for justice in the ‘War’ way. I agree that the wife of the soldier and the little daughter whose tears were the only incentive for the Army man in the family to go ahead and participate in the Surgical strike. It is a nicely woven story thread there. The two artists did the emotions so well that it was hard to believe it is a movie. 

Applause to the director for the little scenes here and there to show the close-knit family, the natural flow of love, and the devastating death news that leaves a scar, much to the shock of the audience too. 

Few captures that linger on in my mind:
  • The soldier lets go of the adolescent boy at the terrorist hideout. He did not kill the child.
  • The soldier's eyes did shed a tear or two. Under the strict-looking uniforms, they are all human anyway.
  • It was with a heavy heart that the ministry decides to go on the surgical strike. It was not inherent in our blood to kill as much as to defend. Liked the portrayal of emotions there.
  • Women have been treated with respect and care in this movie.
  • Love is subtly yet distinctly displayed in the eyes of the actors. Beautiful and silent.
  • Whatever it is, whoever you are, you cannot feel alienated in your mom’s presence.
  • Army man’s daughters get courage from some of the real-life happenings that make them what they are. Scars can be deep, yet must be used to fullest potential.
  • Bottom line - The undercurrent of life is emotions - silent or loud, said or unsaid, expressed or contained, forced or curtailed. When you stop emoting, is I guess, when you are most likely not alive on Earth!
  • However, intelligent and successful you are, you come with a time tag on you. The soldier executed his operation successfully, yet got killed by an undetected bomb placed in a very unassuming way. 
  • Never fall for success, or fail to get up because of failure. As long as you get to keep one step forward towards anything you believe in doing, just go ahead. You won’t go farther than your time tag allows you to.
Well done, and trust me, I could feel how hard it was to be one of the soldiers. Wonder how many soldiers’ family go through such things even as we read this post!.

It is saddening. Pride, Nation, and all that is fine, but the wife, the daughter, the mom and the friends and relatives to whom the man must have meant the world, still fight the grief. 

Still, taking five steps backward, there must be someone to do every job in this world right?? And why some jobs involve so much of risk where the soldier has to work with fanatics and sadists in the name of terrorists?  What an unexplained law of karma!

Friday, February 08, 2019

Just for a change…

It is important to change things, pattern, order, mood, routine, clothes, food… Monotone can hit us in a very, very subtle way. Multiple subtle hits can cause a ridge of damage to our lives and the surrounding lives.

If you have 
  • been in the same place for a long time
  • worn the same/similar colored clothes
  • have met the same people for years now
  • have kept things exactly at the same place every single day over the last few years
  • been to the same places regularly
  • been following the same TV programme
  • been doing the same exercise in the same order for the same number of minutes every day
  • been eating the same items in your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner times
  • been sleeping and waking up on time, no matter how busy the rest of the household/community is on an occasion
  • been reading the same author
  • been walking/riding/driving on the same road to and from somewhere
  • then you are on the way to what I call Monotone distress’
Always, everyone cannot get a change in all these actions/things/people/places for multiple reasons, the most important one being, ‘discomfort’ that any change can cause to us. So given it is hard to get uncomfortable for most of us, especially when we do not see the need to, we must know that this choice of living in a routine lifestyle impacts the surrounding people monstrously and it slumps our mood in the subconscious level to an all-time low!

How does it affect us?
  • Constant irritation about things, people, and news around you.
  • Feeling that everything that is being spoken has something to do with you.
  • Seeing the negative all the time in any sentence.
  • Unable to joke or laugh at all.
  • Feeling cornered and helpless.
  • Obsessed with doing something in the same way.
  • Feeling that there is nothing left to be happy about.
  • Disinterested in anything that does not concern your well being.
  • Feeling that everyone is targeting you.
  • Feeling that people should drop everything and attend to your silently screaming and openly cranky mind.
Monotone Distress is what this sums up to! And this is definitely a high priority correction that you need to make in your life. Earlier, the better for you and those in your everyday world!

Why? How does it affect others?
  • Your irritation gets to them and develops a distaste for your company.
  • Your negativity affects them.
  • Your low mood pulls down the entire household.
  • They see your unexpressed need for attention as withdrawal or not taking part; hence you are in silos even when you are among people.
  • They will see your inability to take a joke as you being a spoilsport.
Monotone distress is also a reason for all of these although there may be many other reasons causing these problems.

Life gets boring because sometimes it is easy to tire ourselves out with our responsibility, feelings, emotions, commitments, people, work, health, money, food, logistics, we all reach a point when we are not interested in anything beyond just peaceful sleep. If you double-check your day’s and life’s choices, you will see one or more monotone distress factors. 

Believe me, a little change helps in a big way. 

For instance, you could
  • Eat fruits for breakfast one morning if you always used to eat cornflakes. 
  • Pick a different route to work one day. 
  • Wake up at 7 am instead of 10 am one day and see how it works or doesn’t work for you.
  • Listen to a different genre of music instead of the usual. 
  • Buy a new outfit in a color that rarely lives in your wardrobe. 
  • Go to a park and strike a conversation with someone sitting next to you. 
  • Invite neighbor home for a coffee one Saturday evening. 
  • Take part in social events just to see new faces and add color to your routine days. 
  • Add a different spice to the same Dal that you are cooking. 
  • Visit an old friend or call a friend whose voice is a welcome change from all the calls you receive from people in your day-to-day life.
Try to make a subtle change here and there and I promise you will thank yourself for the change you did :)

Why should you make some changes?

The Universe is full of different and changing parameters. Every constant that teams up with a variable in an equation, makes a significant value. That’s true of the Math and Physics which make up all the conclusive theories of Universal Science.

You and I have different looks, thoughts, and lives.  

Evolution is about change. 

Civilization is about Change. 

With all the changes, variables and differences, we live in an evolving universe… if we accept this truth and give in to some subtle, doable, changes in our day-to-day lives, I guess we will see more beauty in our world and suddenly life will seem interesting. 

So, let’s not forget to keep changing things we can, to be the different person we wish to see in ourselves. 

If we cannot change many things about us and around us, we could do the same things differently.

If you said a silent 'yes' to all of these and still find it hard to make the change or save yourself from the scars of Monotone distress, you can surely find help online with some of the experienced psychologists who help tone people's minds to betterment.


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...