Thursday, October 28, 2010

Surprise - Surprize

I have not been really thinking much or observing much on generic stuff over the last four months, which is why, I guess I am unable to post a lot on my blog like before..

Now, as I gear up again as usual on blogger, I decided to give a closer look at the very familiar blogger window..

And there... I saw the Stats links. Surprise!!! May be it has been there all along and I have not seen... Like they say, Its always there, we just don't see it... and the it here refers to blessings in life - trivial or great.

Obviously my next step is to click the link...

The next surprise is what the stats show - I have visitors from Netherlands and Turkey and Russia as well. Blogger network is interwoven, I know, so some other search page or blog site might have brought them to my blog, but I am happy all the same.

It is exciting and rewarding to see that people read ( or may be just visit) what you write.. Another reason to continue blogging - a unique way of sharing what you think and own your words boldly on the Internet.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mind your mind

... and your home gets sweeter each moment.

A lot about making a neat little home depends on the mind set that needs to really get settled in one's head.

Marriage brought the word home-making into the limelight in my mind that already is like an over-crowded city market with varied thoughts on a hundred different things in the world...Oh, yes, I am this person who has some opinion on everything under the sun... just like most others who are like me. And home-making got tossed into my mind one fine September morning... That's when I had the first real feel of the responsibility of home-making, although I was doing my bit at home with my parents.

Home-making involves too many things and I cannot list all: That was realization number ONE for me.

  • House keeping ( which in itself can be a whole new blog, in my opinion...)
  • Cooking
  • Health watch - Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, and Financial

is a short, seemingly all-encompassing list..( may be I stopped the list too short... )

If I try to paint a bigger picture, it is about leading a balanced life. If you are trying to place where you have heard something similar, it must have been in your school text book that taught you the word 'balanced diet' or the last TV advertisement that you watched of a health drink or your gym instructor/dietitian talking about how to stay fit with a healthy and 'balanced diet'...

Life also needs to be balanced - Too much of anything (except love which has got vision - I am not talking about blind love that doesn't want to see practicality), is good for nothing.

Now, if the lady of the house gets these facts inside her mind and ensure that these thoughts are settled in there, then home-making becomes a practice, then a habit, and then its easy to see that the house becomes a home.

Its all in the Mind, someone said aptly. While I am in the first stages of minding my mind, I thought I'd share some thought for a start.

Home-making : A new section from today!!

Dear Readers,

I am beginning to write a new section today, on this blog on home-making which is presently my area of interest.

You'll see varied thoughts - some basic, some analytical, some skilled, some others seemingly useful, and some of them totally pointless - and totally my view of things, as usual. I didnt know that there was so much involved in this highly responsible, very delicate, and time consuming practice of life. Now, that I have begun to practice the skill, thought it best to write, share, learn about it, along the way.

If you have a constructive criticism on any of these posts, do write a comment. Would make my day and help me learn home-making better.

I am not giving any specific attention to writing style here, but then, all attention to the richness of lessons that home-making can provide.

Keep reading and help me improve this skill of home-making that has been the best inherent skill of women, worldwide.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

What is the temperature?

Its scorching hot outside. I just switched the air conditioner on and sat down in front of this computer. I am hearing the trucks screeching to a halt outside. Constantly there is some construction work happening in this neighbourhood. Tempted to give another look, I look out the window of this room to see a lot of workers with their safety hats on, hard at work on the road constructions and building construction.

And here, I am sitting in an AC room and generally relaxing after the regular routine work at home. Someone comes online and asks: How is the temperature in Muscat? And I am at a loss to answer this question.

To me, the temperature inside the house will be at the level which I set. Presently, it is 20 degrees. I cannot say, ' The climate is very hot'. Can I? What difference does the temperature outside make to me when I am gifted to sit in an air-conditioned room and write this post?

Wonder if anyone would stop to ask these poor construction workers what the temperature is like in Muscat. Is there an alternative for these truck drivers who drive endless hours to and fro the sites with tonnes of sand, concrete and cement ? Is there an alternative for these construction workers who toil day in and day out to see the buildings tall and strong? - I guess not...

Is it the compulsion in life that makes these workers capable of bearing the scorching and merciless Arabian heat outside? May be.. Sadly they seem to HAVE to put up with the burning heat outside. I am only hoping that these people get paid well enough for all the hard work they put in.

I decided never to complain on weather conditions ever in my life wherever I go, because I don't think I am or anyone who is sitting indoors in an AC room, during the day, in any place is ever qualified to talk about temperature outside. Hot or cold, we get to set the temperature indoors. Thank God and the AC invention!!.

And the next time I want to know how hot or cold is a place, I guess I'll stop by a construction work site and ask one of the workers there instead of asking a friend online, who is probably sitting in a closed comfortable room like mine.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

On Change

It just happens, whether you like it or not, want it or not, accept it or not.

Its quite natural for change to take you off-guard.

Change can be welcoming if it is given some time to sink in.

Change is often overwhelming, but it usually is manageable with time.

Change and Time are the best pals. Change happens with time.

Change rules over you in the beginning, but in course of time, you can rule over the change by an acceptance attitude.

Change is the best thing that can happen to you at any point of time.

Change always happens for the better, although the betterment does not surface immediately.

Every change small or big, has the same level of impact most often.

Change takes time to enter into your emotional self.

You are better off accepting change than fighting it.

On any change, there is always an alternative; Accept it and smile anyway.

Change is the only thing that keeps anything and everything in the world going, the way it is.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Help - Its just there....

How often have you come across situations when you are looking for some advice or suggestion and it surprisingly comes immediately from some unexpected source? Or you are looking for some support and it seems to just land right there next to you, in some form or the other?

At the Mumbai airport, I was wiping off the uncontrollable tears.I didn't like to admit ( still don't like to) that I was totally out of composure when I had just about two hours to take-off from India. I was repeatedly trying to tell myself that its just going to be okay in a while, but absolutely no relief from the tears.

After the umpteen formalities (Oh,yes, there were not too many procedures, but amidst a heavy heart and tear-filled eyes, every single check-in formality at the airport just seemed to add stress...)I was taking the escalator to the waiting area when I casually looked up.

There, on the wall was a huge advertisement board talking about an LG product. I don't recall the product that was being advertised, but the tag line caught my eye and mind at the right time.. It said, " See things differently".

Quite right.. I wiped the tears off ( yeah they did keep pouring out now and then, but the non-stop overflow stopped) and my mind was repeating this line.. See things differently..

Even now, I use this tag line whenever I need some reminder on seeing things differently. Slowly, it will become a practice, followed by habit to 'see things differently'.. And this I am sure is the best way to accept a new opinion, a new way of life, a new thing, and just about any change for that matter, anywhere and anytime.

Lets see things differently. God Bless the ad maker who has really helped me in a big way. I am sure a lot of others noticed too.. but to me this was almost a zen moment. And, yes another assurance that help is just around.. in some form or the other.. We just need to take it... Its just there and has always been.


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...