Monday, February 22, 2010

Cheeni Kam

Yes, you are right.. It is the name of an early 2007 movie and this is a late review.. I loved Illayaraja's music for the theme song "Cheeni Kam.. Cheeni Kam".. but never chanced to watch it till January 2010. I applaud the makers for the dialogues, the choice of artists, the screen play, and the music.

A quick recap for those who've seen the movie and a quick account of the story for those who have not seen the movie:

In a foreign land, this 64 year old unmarried Indian man meets this smart 34 year old Indian woman. Their numerous meetings and conversations slowly bring about a romantic inclination and they decide to get married. To portray the characterization of the old man, a very smart and cute little neighbour and a very cool old mom have been introduced. I loved the little girl and the old lady a lot. They are both a sure plus to the movie. The director has weaved all the roles and characterized them well enough to fit into the movie script, quite well.

The story line is something I am unable to agree with, though I will be one of the very few odd people out who cannot accept that romance between 64 and 34 ends in marriage. I am surprised at how the makers could convince a lot of people that this is possible and practical. Well, with love, you never know.. is what I get to hear often.. and I do not want to debate it... so let's leave it at that.

What really was a problem for me in the movie was the little girl's character. I agree that this movie was released on a 'Restricted' certificate and so chances of children watching the movie are rare. Still, I think, the story could have been conducted well without all the grown-up talk for a child's role. I still do not understand why this was required. And I don't understand how not many people had issues with the dialogues. Agreed, I enjoyed the little girl's role, but I think she and her role would have done just fine without some 'grown-up' talks too.

Will the movie makers think about it?


SG said...

I can't believe you beat me to it, not in seeing the movie (I saw it long ago) but in writing a review. I just completed the post today and thought will publish it tomorrow !! Oh well...great minds probably procrastinate alike too :)

Deepak G said...

remember our old tamil movies when the kids used to be like super smart n talk n sing like grown ups...guess balki got inspired by tat..but having said tat these generation kids i tell u are pinjula paluta cases only most of them....:)

Videhi Visali said...

Great review...wish to see more from you..

The songs are just more than melodious..prbly 'heaven' is the word that strikes me when I hear "Jaane do na".

The story line is a tad too boring for me!

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