Friday, October 31, 2014

Diwali evening - Are you rich?

Last week, after many years, I stepped out to buy crackers - some sparklers and sprinklers for my daughter. It was her first Diwali in India.She has not seen or heard so many noises and so much of light on the roads until then. So after two days of preparation, she finally agreed to light sparklers herself. That's how I stepped on to the road, full of joy for it is different buying things for yourself and very different when you buy for others and more so, when it is for your child.

At the shop, there were five people in different age groups, all buying crackers per their budget. I asked for five packets of sparklers, hoping for ten pieces in each pack. I couldn't imagine my daughter spending more time on sparklers. The shopkeeper gave me a look that almost said " Why are you wasting my time on a Diwali day?". I immediately added " It is for my two year old daughter". Then he smiled and asked me what else I wanted. I also picked up a pack of Flower pots and long sparklers. When he billed my purchase which was exactly seven packets, I could not believe the maths. I asked to recalculate myself and paid him a few hundreds.

When walking back, I saw many families where children wanted to burst crackers and wanted to buy sparklers but everything was just way above any one's budget. Immediately my thoughts traveled back to my childhood when my sister and I had enough to enjoy and there came a time when we didn't want to burst crackers at all. We used to give ours to others who didn't have any. I don't recall thanking God back then, but this day I did.

The short road seemed longer, or did my thoughts travel too far? I was brought back to the road by a little boy with three of his friends, all collecting money for their Diwali purchase. I knew what I was going to give them would not make a huge difference, but I still gave each of them some money. I believe that there would be many others who will have the heart to give some cash to these kids, so they can finally burst crackers that day.

The importance of bursting crackers or spending too lavishly on crackers, whether they are worth or not, is all a different tangent in a child's mind. A child is a child.. whether mine or yours or anyone Else's. Rich or Poor, all that a child needs is the same until the first few years in life...Fun, Food,Love, Attention.. are few pointers I can quickly name. All children have the same mind, same kind of wishes and it is pathetic to see that some children get to enjoy everything in life and some others don't. The fate/luck/karma is sometimes very strict!!!! Sad.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just doing it

'Just Do It' is the tag line of one of the famous companies. Whoever thought out that line, has done it well because that is all there is to life in any aspect.

Just go ahead and Do it.. whatever it is. You have a chance, you may have a choice, but you just do it. And the response of the doing does not always have to be visibly, immediately, in your favor. You did it because you wanted to do it. Simple. If you are doing something because someone else asked you to, that someone else wont be there to take the hit of it, if any, later.

You are solely responsible for what you do.

feeling gifted or feeling appreciated?

There is always a sub-conscious need to feel appreciated in everything. Recently when I was talking to someone I just figured that this need should be the culprit that spoils all the confidence in anyone.

 I just asked myself Why? and I don't have an answer.

If the answer is encouragement, acknowledgement, ego, fame and name.. why are we behind these?
Isn't feeling gifted more important?? 

Unseen Rules

Life is governed by unseen rules that we do not know who makes. Most I guess are carried over from the past, most have changed for convenience in the later years and rest of the lot are new. But rules are there, whether you like it or not.

Wonder if many are followed because of the universal laws:
- My neighbor does it, so I must.
- It happened to them and so I better follow this.

It would be a blessing to know why we are doing what we are doing in life.. this way, the unseen rules can be validated better.

Staying Grounded

Gravitational force is good. Imagine what would the world be like without it!!! So staying grounded is only but natural. If you feel your mental balance is fluctuating, then just remind yourself that it is important to come under the control of the gravitational force of your mind. Just stay grounded until you know you are ready to make the next move. And how do u do that? Simple. Keep quiet for the moment. Clarity will surface in a calm head.

Head and Tail

Heads I win, Tails you lose..

In any case you win if you strike a deal this way. Beware of such agreements and get into the deal only if you know that you are okay with Head or Tail. We must understand that there are two sides to everything and both sides may be correct from its own stand point. No decision is wrong. Its just what works for us and what does not.


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...