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Board Exams!!!!! Breathe Easy!!!!!!

Board Exams have begun for the Class X and Class XII students. How does it matter to me? Nothing until I saw an advertisement today on one of the lamp posts. It read: CRASH COURSE FOR CLASS X AND CLASS XII STUDENTS DURING THE SUMMER VACATION!!!  CLASSES START ON APRIL 1ST AND END ON 31ST MAY.  100% SYLLABUS COMPLETION AND GUARANTEED RESULTS!!!  HURRY!!  FEW SEATS LEFT!!!! I actually stopped on my tracks, read the board again and went on my way.  What are they trying to say? The class 10 exams are a joke and no longer need to be seriously taken as they used to be?? And what makes people believe that class 12 syllabus of today can be covered in two months??  What is the intention of a crash course anyway? Why are we rushing the kids in an already racing society? Anyway, that is what they will also be doing in life.. running after a bus, train, jumping signals to work, chasing deadlines at office, racing against or with the clock never being able to understand the