Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A lesson from Eating

"Bite only what you can chew" is a quote I have heard somewhere.. Many times people elder to me have told me. Never really took much interest until this morning.I was feeding my daughter. It takes quite a bit of time and lots of my patience topped with loads of fun to feed her at meal times.

In the midst of the usual fun times we were having I noticed that she takes very little of the very little I feed her at a time.. What I think is little is too much for her to chew.. So she takes in just about what she can chew from the spoon at a time.. And she eats only as much as she can.

I am sure all of us as babies would have eaten only as much as we can chew at a time.. Nice lesson and a very early one too.. Right? Its a lesson that we forgot as we grew up when we were faced with many situations where we overworked ourselves.. How often we really do or handle only as much as we can? Or is it because we think we are faced with no other option than to put up with loads?

Lets think!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Unbelievably unorganized

I was quite organized when I was at school. Later, when I went to college, many of the aspects seemed to come in an organized package naturally like what you do when;  the college timings also governed a little bit of the discipline into me. When into work life, the office life style and then the responsibility ( though not huge) at home made me stick to a routine and also give myself reasonable offs from the routine which I enjoyed quite a bit.

Marriage brought in a new routine and as a home maker I was quite an organized person, but then I like to get off the routine once in a while. Rules were less unlike school and college authorities. The only time sense that governed me was my own stomach and my husband's work hours, which meant I needed to cook and set the table on time. Otherwise, I was quite unorganized than earlier times, but never took it serious.

Now, when I am a mother of a nine-month baby, I forget what it is to be organized. Life centers around her and things do get done on time, but in my mind I am so unorganized... That is when I realized that being organized comes from the mind and not in the activities that we anyways do everyday...

In school and college mind was tuned into discipline... Now when I am on my own, I mean managing my time myself, I realized I am not exactly doing it well in my mind.. Although practice and sense of responsibility gets things done from me on time, the mind in me seems so unsettled like a diary without dates whose leaflets are loose without tags and each of them has too much information that when not organized is almost close to 'useless'.!!!

Suddenly I figured the merits of being organized and living an organized life when working in the kitchen today as usual.

The eyes automatically turn to the place where I usually keep the scissors. When I didn't find it there, i made a tick mark in my mind. - Keep things in the right place to be able to find them later.

I needed a ladle which I usually use for stirring.. When I didn't find it I made another tick mark in my mind. - As much as possible, wash what you might need again the same day or in the nearest future instead of throwing into the kitchen sink for cleansing later.

I wanted to make a phone call this afternoon from my mobile and it was not charged. I made another tick mark in my mind. - Set aside time for some seemingly low priority tasks as you never know when they will become high priority.

I was looking for a phone number. When I didn't find it, I made another tick mark. - Make a diary of important numbers at the earliest.

I was looking for a specific dress which I had not worn in a long time. When I didn't find it, I made another tick mark in my mind. - Set aside time to organize the cupboard soon.

This may not be the exhaustive list, but then these are what made me realize that I need to get back to my reasonably organized self in my mind.. I always believed that when you can make time in mind, you should be able to make time for things... that is until I became a mom.. But now, it is even compelling to make time to be organized because I realize my daughter will start making tick marks in her mind about what I do, how I do, when I do. This time, it is not the school or college or office or home clock that is going to get me back to my organize discipline, but my darling daughter!!!!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Controversial Thoughts

The future is uncertain, so why worry about it?.. - I read somewhere.. Thought it is perfect sense.

Then I recalled:

Prevention is better than cure.

Which means, worry about what may happen in the future and try to avert the issue.

Nutshell: All thoughts are correct based on the writer's situation and the reader's experience or frame of mind to accept or criticize.


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...