Saturday, February 06, 2010

Nice catch!!!!

I had a very interesting conversation with a ten year old today.. According to him, he is nine and a half years old and will turn ten next month. We were talking about his school and classes and games.

The conversation slowly drifted towards bed time and he told me he had stayed awake very late at times, doing some drawing. I told him, its best to sleep early and wake up early enough to concentrate on drawings and exam preparations.

He was not sure if I was talking sense, so asked me questions about how I handled my exams and tests when I was in school. The conversation was interesting, because no one has drilled me with so many questions on my bed time during exams, in a long time. Examinations are almost forgotten in my corporate world.

The kid said that he spent 1.5 hours for one of his exams; "that too I did not work too hard", he added, and "I got 25 marks on 25" [ Which is cent percent]. Without thinking, I asked, "why did you not study with complete focus in that 1.5 hours?"[ My brain must have gone on a holiday, else I would not have asked this question].. Out came the response, the next minute, " Even if I had worked harder, I would still have got only that 25 on 25 marks. So why bother?"...

Perfect Sense... And I don't have a convincing answer to this bright student's brilliant question.. If 1.5 hours of casual study is good enough for a 25/25 score, then why would anyone want to put in more effort??

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