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Onam Special - Inji Thayir

This dish is supposedly served in all the Malayalee homes as part of festival Sadhyas. It is believed to be equivalent to 1008 dishes. Well, I didn't say that.. a Keralite told me this. Here is how you make it: - Chop ginger into fine pieces, enough to grind well in your mixer.Add a spoonful of grated coconut, one spoon of cumin seeds, one green chilly along with the ginger. - Grind all the contents into fine paste. Add little water if required to get the fine texture. - Mix the ginger paste with thick curd. - Add salt. The Ingi Thayir is ready to serve. This is usually suitable for any Kerala Sadhya item which is very bland. There are quite a number of nice less spicy dishes that they make. Ingi Thayir was a good combo with the Eriserri I made for Onam. 


The best example of Chaos is one's mind at any given point in time. If you try to list the thoughts in your mind in any window of five minutes in a day, you will see that it is full of varied,unrelated thoughts and conclusions.