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Why? What? Who? Shocks

I wonder Why? I wonder What? I wonder Who? I don't know When.... I have just had my baby boy and could do one small change to help myself tide through my third trimester ante-natal term and the post-natal term. I STOPPED READING OR WATCHING NEWS. Then, when I finally thought it's high time I got back to the real world, I started lending a listening ear to the news items that came floating by from friends, channels and paper after six long months. I have still not made up my mind to read them though. Guess what are the first things I heard ?!! - 1. Inappropriate behavior towards a six year old in a popular Bangalore based school. 2. A murder of two people who were last seen welcoming friends inside the house for dinner. Among many more were robberies, plane crashes, inflation rates, hospital mishaps and like oasis on a desert terrain, I did hear about the lesser problematic topics - politics, education, social service and religion. My questions to no one in particular