Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Interview with a friend who finishes seven years in an organization

For those of who you have known my posts, you would have noticed that I keep posting interviews with some people on and off. It just happens in my mind and the next thing I type off questions or if they are reachable, I walk over to talk to them.

Today, when a friend of mine in office finished seven years, I asked if he can give me some answers to some really easy questions which can help the juniors get to where he is : Seven successful years of exemplary service with an organization.

Here are my questions and his answers:

Recall something from your first working day in this company other than the regular new induction formalities:

From my 1st day here, as I got a tour of the building, I was excited to see how there was no hierarchy and even the founders had the same cubicle as mine.

Say one of two traits of yourself that you think brought you where you are:
From my initial work days, I remember how I was awed by people around me. It looked like I need to challenge myself and improve myself tremendously to be able to gain respect from my peers. That trait I think, has helped me reach where I am today. I still like to keep myself occupied with technical challenges and keep improving. 

What is the best part of your journey so far in this organization?
Best part of the journey has been the value I feel I have been able to create for the organization and for its consumers in India. So, that gives a lot of satisfaction. 

If you were to give out a single piece of advice for someone who wants to be you, what would that be?
Advice would be to not get satisfied with what u have done. Strive to learn more, think more and take ownership. Taking a wrong step is not a problem, but not taking is. 

What is your professional goal?
I am not sure of what my professional goals are. I have always been confused about that. I live in the moment and I can answer what i will be doing in the next 6 months / a year and so on/ so forth. Beyond that, I have stopped having goals in life. 

At the end of reading, here's what I have to say to the juniors who want to learn from this gentleman:

1. Know your office ways.
2. Understand your own values.
3. Identify your opportunities.
4. Take the first step.
5. Learn along the way.

Happy Work life!

Thanks friend, for the lovely answers that got me this post. Many more happy years of successful association with the work you do, and do so well!

In your circular world...

News, Inventions, Discoveries, Art, History, Findings, Economics are all the results of thoughts, ideas, creativity, beauty, actions, dreams, hopes, responses, reactions and much more that originate in the minds of people. 

The world is full of these!  Where do these come from??

We all have a little of all these gifts within ourselves. A part of these we radiate out to the little community/neighbourhood we are in at any point in time - Road, Office, School, Shop and wherever else we go to each day, that goes back to the World, making it as wonderful as it is. 

It is like an energy ecosystem that completes in a cycle, a basketball that bounces up on every treble, or an echo atop a mountain that reverberates back to us what we send out. What goes around, comes around to complete the circle. 

If we were to imagine ourselves at the centre point of a circle, with our dreams, hopes, aspirations, reactions, responses, purpose, emotions (and many more psycho-social-emotional-physical-spiritual aspects) occupying the circumference, then we realize that anything and everything we do in life will be towards satisfying one of these aspects at any point in time.

While we are busy doing this, we also have the potential to step out of our own circle once in a while (maybe every day) and wonder how best to use what we make/have/are, for enabling another person’s circumferential needs within our community/reach/circle.

This way, we ensure that there are many happy circles around us radiating as much happiness, making our closer network a happy ‘echo’ system. Many such happy echoes will ensure bountiful joys and happiness to all those who are within reach - physically and mentally too.

To radiate joy and cheer, we must be joyful from the inside too. While there are a lot of things that bring joys, the primary contributor is the Joy of Giving. Give a little of what you have to the world - thoughts, ideas, creativity, beauty, actions, dreams, hopes, responses, reactions - to make it a better place.

Now, that brings us to this question: What bits of joy we can give out to the world if we are ourselves in immense pain and sorrow? We can give out only what we have within us. So if we radiate sorrow, it comes back to us manifold. 

There are countless ways to ease the sorrow and pain in this world - Prayers, Friends, Counsellors - being the primary source of help. Ridiculous as it might seem, talking about what is bothering you, might be the first step towards removing the rough patch and getting yourself ready for greener pastures. 
The 'whom-to-talk-to' question these days is resolved in a big way by some of the counselling services available in easy reach. 

Speak out, Ease pains, Give joys, Spread happiness, and Radiate peace for a meaningful existence!

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Sadness x Happiness

Antonym of the word happy is sad. Goes to say that the word sad is just a word. No more, no less. We often complicate life with these oldest language construct Antonym.
  • Graphs taught us positive and negative as much as Chemistry that taught us cations and anions.
  • Astronomy has Night and Day as opposites while Science brought in Full x Empty, Fast x Slow. 

Kinder garden text book has these:
  • Tall x Short
  • Good x Bad
  • Big x Small
  • Heavy x Light
  • Beautiful x Ugly
  • Black x White

While we fully well and clearly see that these are just words, we often give a heavy weight to one side of the cross mark. The cross mark x in writing an antonym is in itself a mere indicator that we are seeing polar ends of any given idea. Park the thought right there.

Now lets ask ourselves:
  • Who said that only the left hand side is ‘good’ and the right is ‘bad’??
  • Is your left eye precious to you than the right eye?? Same with all the parts of your body. We want left and right to be in sync and harmony for a balance right??

If that is clear, then why are we giving so much weight to one side of the antonym equation alone??
  • Why do we give so much weight to the ‘not-so-happy’ moments or sad moments?? 
  • Why are we wanting only to be ‘happy’ and are not liking the other polarity ‘sad’?? 
  • Why do we not realise that being in one of the modes for a longer time can affect us disruptively?? 
  • Why do we have to be happy all the time?? 

After all happiness and sadness are what we have named our inner feeling to be! 

If we were to graphically understand, Happiness should be in blips to give you the sense of being alive( Check the blips in your ECG)  If it is a flat line of all happiness all the time, life becomes stagnant and eventually distasteful too (A flat line in ECG means lifeless). 

Sadness happens to understand Happiness. That said, dealing with a sad feeling is important to realise happiness when it happens. It is said, Sadness when shared divides to feel lesser. Eventually you will be ready to receive happiness too. 

Never try to deal your sorrows or sadness alone. Find a friend to talk to or seek help.


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...