Friday, August 13, 2010

Just stumbled....

Yes, stumbled... not on a rock or stone or road, but when I kept flicking on the T.V remote after a very long time. I rarely tune into television, but as long as I was in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Tamil songs kept wafting in the air every day whenever I go out and wherever I go. So, almost always I was auto informed of what's happening in the Tamil film industry. Also, there was a Tamil television channel that used to relay some nice music. I really love the language.

When I moved to Bangalore, chances of Tamil songs were lesser than it was earlier. Computer and blogging and working and friends and phone became my circle, with very less time for television or movies. The reviews that you might have read would prove that I am not too much into movies, but in my circle, I own the highest record of watching movies in theatres which is about five or six movies in a year. As for songs or regular T.V shows, I didn't have much chance, so completely lost touch.

Over the last three months, I have been very occupied, so much so, I could not make time for movies or music. Today, with nothing better to do, I switched on the television and searched for one of the Tamil music channels which once used to keep me company, during my cooking ventures, in my Chennai times. I stopped at a particular music channel that was playing one of my favorite songs. Sang along and before I knew, the song was over.

There are some moments and some small joys that you want immediate repeats of. I wanted the same song again, but had to consider waiting for the next good song that might come up in the channel. The hosts went on talking and for the first time I hated listening to talks. The sudden spring of love for Tamil songs was making me impatient.

After all the total ramble of these hosts, I almost stumbled from my seat. The next visual showed dim light and a very frail looking female figure's silhouette shaking her head, which had totally mismanaged, rust brown colored hair all over her eyes and covered a part of her face as she shook her head. The mike in front of her and the dim light and the camera showing a long shot of the same scene made it clear that it was a stage programme. She was wearing something that resembled shorts and a top that was a little too tight for her thin frame.

Not sure why or how I did not really comment about such a scene in a Tamil movie. I understand that the world is moving towards modernisation and people are free to wear what suits them most or what they think suits them best. It is really not my business, is what I still believe. Still, cant help exclaiming how the film makers are just not worried about the impact such scenes may create among the younger generation.

It was a lovely song. I still don't understand why the girl could not have been decently dressed with a fairly decent hair-do, to sing on stage. The words and the music could have created a better impact for a first time listener, had the dress been a little more composed and nice. We cannot blame today's kids. They really don't see any fully-dressed person on screens.

Will the film makers really think about costumes??? I know there are volumes written and spoken about the improper dress sense in the celluloid world, but then what made me almost stumble today from my seat was what you read just now and the declining tamil dress sense.[meaning sensibly dressed and need not be the traditional or conservative dress code.. a lot of people don't get it when I say dress sense.]

I am inclined to believe that the Tamil pride that is mostly associated to the women folks' strength of composure in every way is slowly beginning to fade. True there are more instances to prove this point, but a quiet afternoon like today, makes me wonder if its ever possible to restore the Tamil pride back in place??

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to the blogging world

Hello people,

As most of you might have noticed, I have not been writing for a little over one whole month, which has never happened in a long time.

I was occupied with some personal whirlwind of pleasant events in my life, that is seeing a magical and dramatic change in my thought flow and composure. So, had kept aside my computer for a while.

Many a time during this period of absence, I did come across a lot of instances ( Oh yes, lot is definitely under-stated, I am tempted to say) that are definitely worth writing about. Not sure, if I may be able to pull off a full-length write-up on the observations dated earlier last month, but then can surely say, you are in for a lot of ramble reading on whatever comes up on my mind, present or past, in the next to next posts.

Keep reading and posting your comments.



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