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My article on ' Work Place - A Paradise ?' begins like this: Work Place…. It could be a paradise, if only we want to make it one. For a few people it identifies as a place that gives as much happiness and peace of mind as would any other hobby. For most others, it is a place to which they come and go just because a bank balance is credited at the end of the month. Which of these sounds better? I am sure ‘The Paradise’ sounds better than just another ‘Place’. The article and the conclusion that we will be able to draw from it would require opinions on a few points from interesting people i come across. My blogs will have such interviews on and off for all of us to analyse. Let us believe that the friends I interview, speak the truth. The questions pivot on Work Place and Mind states of the people. Later, when i have spoken to a definite number of people , i plan to close the article with excerpts from the interviews. Towards this end, i have spoken to one of my "eve

Coromandel Express - Conversation with the old man from Bihar

I was seated at the window seat of Coromandel Express bound for Chennai. It was 6.45 A.M and i had just boarded the train from Vizag at 4.45 A.M. It is very difficult for me to get a sound sleep during train journeys. The same must have been the case for the old man who was sleeping on the lower berth in the same compartment. He was looking around to find everyone sleeping except me. I was enjoying the scenic beauty around me. Practically in my own world of thoughts outside the box of life.... the kind of thoughts and joy you find when u are watching a 'manpasand' scenery... Now if u notice, i have used a Hindi word.. it is because of the Conversation that the old man started off with me... Some of the topics that we covered were My Job, Importance of Hindi, Tirupathi and Lord Balaji, Career, Salary, My wedding, My expectations about my life partner, Agriculture, Difficulty about studies and learning something, Eye hospitals, Chennai, mangoes, Andhra Pradesh, How easy or diffi

I learnt........

I met a potter. He was skilled at crafting every little bit of clay into beautiful pots of various shapes and sizes. I learnt never to ignore anything in my life.... I met a weaver. He was weaving a beautiful silk Saree for this famous shop called 'Sundari Silks' in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He crafted his designs for the saree on a graph paper and fixed the threads on the loom accordingly. In minutes, there was a beautiful swan design on the saree's border. I learnt that his knowledge of Graphs and concentration was more than mine..... I came across a palm reader. I learnt that her 'tactics' in people handling was more than mine.... Should ask Srijith, my friend about what was it like to have your future read.. I must admit that he was bold. I met an artist. I was amazed at how confident he was about his strokes on the fabric, that could very well qualify as a curtain cloth. I learnt that his 'patience' was more than mine..... I learnt that inspite of

An interesting link - Speech by CEO - HP

Get motivated.......... A friend of mine forwarded this link to me yesterday. I have my opinions on the content of the speech. Still, the speacker deserves appreciation for her courage and perseverance.. Have a motivated Day....


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