Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Navarathri - A very different Idea of Dolls exhibit

Can you believe that people have the patience and the artistic sense in them to actually dedicate a whole room and the portico for Dusherra Dolls exhibit??

I had a chance to attend one such Golu invite in Coimbatore this year. This post is going to be a phot post of the exhibit.

As you enter the house, an old timer independent house if you can imagine with a portico ( Has a neat little dolls set up telling you, you are in for a grand Golu exhibit inside!!!)  leading to a closed lobby also called as Rezhi in Tamil. You see M.S Subhulakshmi first. There is a note that says they are celebrating her, which also explains the love for music in the family.

The Rezhi leads to the living room which was full of dolls..  All the dolls cannot be covered in one single frame!!!

Dolls of all sizes - tiny to huge; Dolls of all times -  Age old scupltures in clay to today's plaster of paris and fibre dolls.  They have theme based, varnam based, usual golu, story based exhibits, all arranged in the same room.

And there was a group of ladies singing bhajan as I entered the place. I quickly took permission from the music teacher in whose house this golu is being exhibited and clicked all the pictures I could manage to and sat watching the dolls for the next thirty minutes or so.

I could not help wonder the patience, the love for art, and the hard work that the whole show takes to make it look as lovely as it is!!!

The usual Golu in most houses looks like this:

Apart from all these, the walls had a number of paintings and floors had rangoli done with pearls and stones and sequins.. Excellent job. I do have the pictures but those may make the blog post bulky. So, I only posted a few of the forty pictures I clicked!!!

Applause to the family who worked together to get this done!!!


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