Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sing a song everyday!!!

After a very long time, as long as seven years time frame, I chanced to attend a technical communicator's conference in Bangalore last week. Now, practice is important, even to sit in a lecture hall. I chose lectures that required only my mind to listen and chose to leave out all the hands-on sessions in the conference. I was left with one session in the afternoon that didn't want me to type anything on a computer. That's the only reason why I sat through this session on "Reaching Deeper into Markets". I believe that if something doesn't help me, it may help someone else and I went ahead into the room.

The doors to heaven do not have locks, but must be as ornately done as this one and heavier than "heavy" can mean to push!!! is what I felt when I opened the door to the hall where the chosen session was supposed to be conducted. But hard work pays they say!! The talk was engaging and nice in probing into the economics of almost everything I can think of.

I figured that our thinking currently has a pre-set pattern. When people say, 'Think out of the box" I never really understood how you can force your mind to think different unless the thought really gets into your mind. But, this meeting gave a flash on thinking out of the box. Although the subject was content and writing, I thought it did give me a wider picture about most aspects of reaching, reaching deep, reaching out, and reaching big in every sphere.

The speaker was talking about how he went hop, skip, and jump into a little village where he started off his marketing career and it was nice how he conducted the lecture through and arrived at the point : If you have to reach deep into Indian markets, there is no short cut. You have to be really present there to learn what your customer needs.

That's the marketing thought that one can take away!.

On the deeper sense of things, I let my mind wander a bit!!. Oh we all do that all the time, especially in lectures or after lectures..

While my mind was on a brief outing, my footwear caused a slight itch beneath my toe. Now, I have been taught not to disrespect the speaker by doing things that disturbs my neighbor attendee or the lecturer. The itching was so compellingly uncontrollable that I had to choose between bending to soothe my itchy toe and using my other toe to help the fellow toe, which may result in a dance step in a sitting position.  Then I reached down and helped my toe with my hand. That's reaching deep!!! I thought. If its a pain, tackle it as it should be!!! Applies to everything in life! Marketing is just one thing.

If you have to be there, just make sure you do!! If you have to make an impact in anything and if you opt for a short-cut you are not going anywhere. As they say, there is no short cut to success. There are smart cuts though, which we can figure out if we can sense the audience, the customer, the friend, - the beneficiary to say the least. To sense something we must be empathetic.

"Its a long road to freedom, a winding steep and high... 
when you walk in along with the wind on your face and cover the earth with the songs you sing, 
the miles fly by " 

is a school song I learnt many years ago

You must have a free mind to think through, reach deep, empathize easily, and plot your market differently. Its like a graph. You have the points plotted right, then your graph will speak wonders. Figures are important to state facts and facts are important to bring returns on investments.

The lecture was still going on with many things to relate to in a common scenario but I already got what I wanted!! To make it big, you must start small, start slow, cross hurdles, look at challenges in the eye, and go by the humming of the song that keeps playing inside each of us!!!. What song we choose to play defines our success!!!


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...