Friday, February 05, 2010


You know you are in Kerala, India when :

You see rubber trees and coconut trees.
You see as many toddy shops as there are roads.
You see houses built on slopes.
You travel in buses that throw you off balance as a standee.
You see beautiful women.
You see men in dhothies most of the time.
You see "Chandana kuri" on people's foreheads all time of the day.
You hear "Chendai Melam" that is an interesting and loud rhythmic music note.
You see clean and tidy roads in most places.
You see lush green forest touch called "Parambu"around the houses.
You see a strong inclination to art wherever you go.
You see carefully careless make-up.
You take a breath of fresh air.
You taste the best of Tea and worst of Coffee.
You taste food cooked in coconut oil.
You see a number of water bodies.
You see a lot of fish.
You see a lot of wooden stuff.
You experience the beauty of nature first hand.
You can hear the sound of silence - sometimes blissful and sometimes eerie.

That's a snap of God's own country.

- A quick recall from my recent visit to Kerala.

1 comment:

SK said...

You missed the special kerela rice and food always with coconut oil.

Water always with something in it. I dont remember what they add.. I remember it from my guruvaayoor trip.. :)

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