Thursday, January 26, 2017

How are you placed today?

A very common question I got asked over the last one month's time by many of my friends.

The answer has to be simple: I have a, b, c things to do or 1, 2, 3 places to go to or i, ii, iii work to complete... and the like.. This is on the basic level and probably this question doesn't need too much thought or attention beyond this.. But, I did find this question quite disturbing.

One evening, on my way back from a temple, I realized the answer to this question:

Where ever we are at any given point in time, we are placed at the right position to serve the right purpose at the right time!!. Just that we do not realize it.

There is no reason to fret about things ( I admit that I have not yet reached that level of maturity as I write this post but I definitely realize ) when they are not in your hands. Exam results for instance. You can only put your best until the paper leaves your hands. Now, if the evaluation will happen properly is something you have no control over. Similarly, for everything in life, small or big, we just have to be assured that we can do our best considering the limitations that any situation may pose to us. Rest is best put to "Rest". It's the right thing to happen, whatever it be!!

If you have tried everything to resolve something, just let it be.  I like to keep my mind as a room where everything has a designated space and order. So, for this "I have done all I can" type of challenges, its best place is the Let-it-be-Desk!!! Sometimes that is the best place where the issue belongs - "The Let it be" desk in your mind!!!

Something will change in favor of the challenge to resolve and it will get fixed automatically and you will feel miracle has happened or luck has favored. Call it what you want, the base point is when you were busy attending to other things in life, something that blocked the progress of the solution to the challenge just lifted gently and suddenly the challenge got easier for you to solve. That's when you realize that it doesn't have to be always your "doing" that caused things to work. It could be someone or something else too that could be your saving grace.

Ever tried catching a flower bloom? Even if you were placed beside a blooming flower at the right time ( NOW), it is not very easy to get the total glimpse of it, unless you have a camera set to video graph the beautiful miracle!!Our challenges are like that. The more we closely place ourselves to the issue, the tougher it seems and the farther the solutions too. Let's be assured that we are placed right always. It's up to us to place our challenges at the right desk to be able to feel free each day!!

Let us stop worrying and just believe that we are placed well and correctly each moment!!. Who asked if we like it or not. The Universe only does the best!!! And did you make the mistake of thinking that you know what is best for you?? If yes, it would help to re-think. We think we are right!!! Universe mostly rules us!!!

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