Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Women's Day - Re-look, Rethink, and Redefine

Happy Women's Day!!! screamed my friend on top of her voice. Not sure, if I woke up to her cheerful and confident voice or the inner voice of joy that is inherent in college-going girls celebrating just about any special day!  And this day, 17 years ago ( Yes, that's quite a long time ago ), we had decided to wear pink and celebrate the day with sweets and savories in class!!. We were super proud to be a woman, wrote wishes for each other, received wishes from all the men friends ( Yes, like if they wished they got the sweets!!!) and generally had a really good time with heads high. Our enthusiasm was so contagious that the Ladies hostel warden had relaxed the Hostel In-time that evening. That meant, we can come in at 8:00 P.M!!!! Two hours extension was a huge bonus and an icing on the already super cool day!!!

The Little girl suffers in the hands of the psychic man who abused her and burnt her to charcoal dust!
Women disrobed in public!
Teen boys ill-treating their girl classmates!
Many more news items each day! All so unpleasant!!

At homes, offices, schools, roads, theaters and just about anywhere you can think of, women do face emotional, physical and psychological abuse. Simply demeaning her confidence, Taking her for granted, Treating her without respecting the being in her are all accountable for the unpleasantness!!!

From morning, I have been receiving flowers on whatsapp from friends wishing Happy Women's day!! Wonder why?? What joy it is to celebrate being a woman when people around you, both men and women don't value the being in you at all??

Why Women's day? and not Men's day??  Have you asked yourself this question??

I don't bother to google and check how and when International Women's day was listed at all in the first place, but it is easy to assume that a day is marked when the respect for the cause has to be reminded!!!!

Girl Babies are cute! Little girls are adorable!! Young girls are lovely!!! Smart women are nice-to-have company!!

They are daughters, sisters, friends, wives and mothers. They are doing what they are best at !!!! - LOVE. In all the relationships a woman has with her people, she does bestow a lot of emotional attachment called Love. Now, that is all she is good at!!!

To all the readers here, may I ask, is this one day enough to celebrate the women in your life?? Or is it because women need to be reminded that they have to celebrate being a woman?? I don't know which is true.

Girlhood is grand, Womanhood is precious - Alright, but only if the world realizes that beneath the several layers of dresses ( OK, that depends!!!!) and make-up ( That differs too!!) and the smiles ( or tears) and the figure (or the disfigure) that a woman wears, there is a human being - A man with a Womb!!! Treat her with regards. That is all I ask of anyone who happens to come across this post and cares to repost it!!!

When you send a wish to a woman in your life, whether you are a man or woman reading this post, remember that you are talking to the strongest creation of God, who possibly looks weak due to the wreckage that the world has caused to her!!!!

Make her day, Keep her hopes, and Never ever degrade her! Law can't change what man doesn't want to change!!! Re-look at her, this time a little inclined to her being a human with real senses, Re-think about her in your life, and Re-define the understanding you have about Women.

To all the Women, Let's celebrate being Women - Amidst all the pains and tears, it still feels nice to be a woman simply because we can hold it all together!!! Countries are addressed as females for the same reason I guess!!! The epitome of love!. Love more and serve more this Women's Day!!! Happy Women's Day!!


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