Friday, November 28, 2008

New entry in the list of Natural Calamities........

Well, am not really going to write some content for a school book on what natural calamities mean, but then looks like we'll soon have to add Bomb Blasts and Terrorism to the list of the other disastrous natural calamities.....

How else would you explain the terrorism attacks happening in India today?

Just like we have no hold on Earthquakes, High-tides, Cyclones, Flood, and Volcanic Eruption, it seems that we have no hold on the Bomb Blasts and Terror attacks that shake the country today.

Not a single day goes by without some news of bomb, terror, fire and attack. Every paper and news cast has one of these words on their news item all the time. Children grow up seeing and hearing of these things. We go to a movie theatre and there the situation is worse. Not a single movie in town today is clear of attack and stunts. Don't explain that a commercial movie needs such things to me.....At least once in a while children should get to watch things that meet the standards of their mental age. Today, the only option is to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Every one including me, here in this blog are talking about it, but none of us is quite able to do anything much... The thought aches....

No one is to blame.... Unless we all collectively come to a conclusion that the way things are going is not good for our school going kids, and do something about it, we surely will have to face a day when the child reads out aloud from one of the text books/Internet:
List two natural calamities : Earthquakes and Bomb Blasts.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Classic Project Management - Indian Wedding Muhurat

I was talking about Project Management to a senior friend of mine....He told me about the most striking analogy from a lecture that he once attended on Project Management.

The lecture goes to say that the best example of Project Management is the Indian Wedding Muhurath. [ pronounced as 'Mo' as in 'Move'[Mu] , 'Who' as in 'Whose'[Hu] ' , 'Ru' as in 'Rumble'[Ra] , 'th' as in 'thrive'[th].

I am sure you can 'google' the word, but to put it in simple words: Muhurath is the chosen moment when the bride and the groom get married. Different customs are followed to mark this celestial moment of matrimony. In traditional weddings, a number of elaborate rituals precede and succeed the 'Muhurath'.

The bride's parents and the groom's parents agree to get the wedding done on a specific date and time. For the guy and the girl, this event means 'Engagement' where they get formally engaged to be married on the set date. The wedding date is usually set three to six months after the engagement to take care of all the wedding preparations.

The 'Things to do' list in a typical Indian Wedding :

  • Shopping for the Bride's attire and a huge list of accessories
  • Shopping for the Groom's attire and usually minimal accessories
  • Making a list of guests for the wedding from the bride's party
  • Making a list of guests for the wedding from the groom's party
  • Arrange for invitations [ 3 in number: traditional invite for relatives, modern invite for friends and colleagues, an invite for the reception, if you have more money to spend, then many more invites]
  • Arrange for the Pandit ( Prohit - Priest ) who will take care of the ritualistic procedures
  • Send email invites to people spread all over the world
  • Reserve a wedding hall for the special day
  • Calculate the approximate number of attendees
  • Arrange for accommodation for the people who might need it
  • Arrange for stage decoration and the like
  • Shop for return gifts for the attendees
  • Ensure that all plans work out as per the charted outline
  • Take care of travel and commuting needs before, during and after the wedding
  • Maintain the list of phone numbers in case of follow-up needs...

Hey, the list doesn't seem to end anywhere here... So lets just conclude that so much and more gets done for a wedding Muhurath.

There is no formal Process, Design Document, Development, Testing, Integration, Documentation and Release Plans like we have in Software Development. Still, there are inherent unwritten rules that govern this Mega Project -Wedding Muhurath and its amazing to note that people work in absolute sync to get this Project done.

Lets think about it....
  • Everyone thinks of one goal : THE MUHURATH.
  • Right people are posted at the poles to take care of the proceeds.
  • Everybody agrees to disagree on something that will not work out.
  • People in the group seek advice whenever needed.
  • There is no 'try' in most of the situations.
There could be ( am sure there are ) many more aspects to it, but the best and the important ones that came to mind are these seemingly simple but very difficult points.

If the Project Management works this way, there will never be any hassle in getting any project out on the set timeline.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What is the poiint??

  • What is the point in sitting in a class and not listening to the lecture?
  • What is the point in writing something without comprehending the meaning?
  • What is the point in going to a party without the enthusiasm?
  • What is the point in teaching without knowing the concept?
  • What is the point in managing without knowing project management?
  • What is the point in buying more and more when you don't want to 'give' away things you don't use anymore?
  • What is the point in earning money when you cant save some of it?
  • What is the point in asking questions when you don't want to know the answer?
  • What is the point in eating when you cannot appreciate the dish?
  • What is the point in saying 'yes' when you want to say 'no'?
Simple : Time pass!!! :) and appropriate pay off in terms of experience in each of these instances :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Quantum of Solace

I went for this movie yesterday not because am a great fan of James Bond movies, but because I can catch up with some of my friends.

I read the movie reviews upfront and got a sea of mixed review comments...

Time to write my own.. I am not a major fan of English movies, and definitely not of Noisy movies, still I can say this much about the movie : basically Good, very Noisy, moderately Intelligent, and extremely Tiring.

I surely expected more for all the hype it had created among the fans.


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