Friday, February 12, 2010

India today : artificially scenic

Bollywood.It is a Karan Johar movie. A Sharukh-Kajol Starrer. My Name Is Khan movie release is happening as I write this post.

Just click on any news link or flip through any magazine ( language is no barrier) in the next few days or switch on any news channel in the television today.. All you see and hear is about the problems and havoc created by a set of people for and against this movie release.

Makes me wonder.. When will people ever learn to love a movie just as a movie and not take it too serious to fight about?

Cricket Ground. Country A vs. Country B. Of course the match has to be conducted somewhere on the Earth because they cannot play on space.

Just attempt googling for any news link on Cricket in India today, and you will see a lot of stories about cricket, venue of the game, and a lot of other controversies which boils down to nothing when you think of the game in itself. Wonder why?

People just forget to appreciate the game for what it is and involve themselves too much in the politics that surround it. Too many things might happen at the board level, but our media and people bring all of it and sometimes much more than what is happening to limelight, making a lot of people lose focus from the game as such. When will people ever learn to love a game for what it is and not be behind the extraneous political stunts around it.

The next big scene in India, I expect is Valentine's day. Watch out for the news cast about Valentine's day this Sunday. I wont be surprised if police patrol is employed to keep Valentine's day event-free.

I think, naturally scenic India is going by this rule these days : If there is no event ( read as scene), create one. After all, creativity exists in everybody!!!!! If there was a theoretical classification of creativity, I will say that this kind of creativity is called destructive creativity.

Here is an example of constructive creativity: One of my friends told me that he would step into a particular country only if the Queen of the country gives him a red carpet welcome.. When I was thinking almost aloud about how much of baseless creativity this statement is based on, he said, ... "wait I have not finished.. To honor my recent research on a subject that interests her nation and world at large!!!!!, the Queen might just invite me over for an award function.... You never know!!!!!"..

Although it was said, in a light note, I must say, if you have to be really creative, it is good to spend it in thoughts like this.. A dream of red carpet welcome somehow sounds better than the achievement of causing havoc scene in the country for anything and everything. What is even more amazing is - not a single news channel is worried about the upcoming trend of "doing anything and everything to make it to the NEWS!!!!!." The next time you watch news, you judge for yourself the percentage of news that makes sense to you and this country.

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SG said...

when I read the title I thought you were going to be talk about the unnecessary camera enhancements or a house in Austria - both shown as regions in India when there are naturally beautiful places. But I agree with you; Indians do like drama but I always thought we got involved because of the emotions but now its becoming just for the sake of attention and all wrong attention at that !

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