Saturday, April 30, 2011

Strange wish!!!

I was looking for some answers online. I got answers to most of my questions but then there are few that I am unable to find on google...

Over the years, I've got so used .. rather all of us have got so used to googling, that if it is not in Google, it probably is not there is the conclusion for most searches..

I recall a dialogue in Dum Maro Dum where a police officer is asking a question to a 'just-found' informer from the city gangster group. The informer shivers obviously terrified.. The officer says, " Say if you know this person or not.. For everything else there's google ". This dialogue is the best in the movie and seems so right too especially when you are looking for some information online.

Just a while ago, after thirty minutes of hard search and research, when I did find partial answer to my query, I logged on to gmail and sincerely wished God had an email address that I can write to for some of my doubts for which Google cannot give me a solution!!!!

Dum Maro Dum - Movie review

This movie is about drug mafia and its impact on the younger generation and the society at large. Everyone, just about everyone in the movie has a hand in the drug mafia voluntarily or involuntarily.

The ACP Vishnu Kamat is posted in this particular place to eradicate the evil of drug mafia. This officer had once bent a lot of rules and regulations for the drugsters until one fine day, a car accident in which his wife and child reaches God's abode changes his life for good. The cause of the accident was a head-on-collision with a vehicle driven by a drug addict. Vishnu Kamat changed for good.

Now, the way Vishnu Kamat deals with chasing the several million worth drug storage and its owners is one angle of the movie. The way the drug whirls every youngster into it is another angle. The fact that nobody is able to resist the money benefits that the drug business in that town and abroad brought is another angle.

The pivot of the movie is the brains behind the story line. The direction takes an applause. The songs make you smile. The cast have done their role well.

All said, I am wondering if the movie is a must-see for the children, because I have a feeling that some scenes and dialogues in the movie need not be understood and taken in by the younger crowd of today. I wish the movie is for only above 18, but sadly children were also seen in the theatre. Not sure, if they needed the high dose of violence and facts so early in life..

Agreed there are lot of lessons for the younger generation to take from this movie, but I dont think their minds would be able to see the morals as much as the color and charm and style and fashion and the lifestyle in teenage. Hopefully every one understands the movie in the right spirit.

Good work by...I dont know the director's name as I didnt get to see the name slides of the movie.

Good one. Noisy. Wild. But very different from the usually seen dramatically romantic, many-to-one chase love stories. Nice attempt but seemingly a little too factual.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Atleast they believe.....

Too many controversial statements, Too many cover stories, Too many opinions on that one great soul, Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Never meant to write about this, but then could not resist, when I read a post just now on one of the popular websites. The post was well written and says a statement that is way beyond argument.. Death happens to everyone and it seems like it all ends in 'Nothing'. Agreed.

It further goes to say that it is just because of this truth that makes man weak, that man seeks solace in divinity, sages, gurus, and spirituality. May be like a load of others this person is expressing his views...

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the belief in this great soul - some inviting, some troublesome, some biased, and some baseless. Over the years a lot has been said and a lot has been probably left unsaid...

Have you touched a zillion lives?
Have you been able to help as many people?
Have you sustained so many controversial cover stories?
Have you worn the same colored clothing all your life?
Have you spoken nice things for others to learn from?
Have you bothered to smile at the one who hurt you?
Have you made many efforts to make people around you happy?

Most often, we would have 'No' for answer to most of these questions. But this great sage, Sri Sathya Sai Baba has 'Yes' responses to all of these questions. So, definitely he is much greater than most others we know.

All said, there is just one more question that is remaining in my mind... Will so many people mourn our death when we die? It is as simple as that... Not that people must.. but the greatness of a man is mostly known when you see a lot of genuine prayers and tears at the funeral.

And it is said that after someone leaves this world, you should not be talking about flaws or continue the enemity. A lost life is definitely a big loss, however seemingly good or bad that person has been in his lifetime. So at least for that basic reason, let us respect his greatness, respect that a lot of people believe in him, and bow down for once instead of talking controversies that are no longer valid.

Remember there are people who believe in him and there are others who do not. It is definitely a choice that people take and just as you have your reasons to not believe, they have reasons to believe. Let them be..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yes, that is a term used in Type-writing. I never went to an institute to learn typing and so never really knew which fingers to use for which keys in my keyboard. All I knew is I learnt to type through my endless ranting about sense and nonsense on my chat windows, email compose pages and blog space and ofcourse my job as a Technical Writer. [ It surprises me that not a single interviewer asked me this question if I knew to type professionally].I guess, everyone learns typing through practice and so that said, I do not know which fingers I habitually use for which keys on my key board... Until...


Why go as far as typing? I never realized the key role of one of my fingers other than wearing a ring, until this morning, I must say. I was busy dreaming about the yummy breakfast I am about to make ( yes, dream about the end product as you start preparing the dish, it will come out very well..) This is not a conscious decision I made, but then I was so hungry and was telling myself that my Upma will be done in a few minutes and the aroma was already filling my dreamy head.

And I cut one of my finger tips along with the ripe tomato.. In all the red color of the tomato and the blood, you must be able to imagine the scene on my table. I thought it was a minor cut and was doing all I can to stop the blood, but apparently I had sliced a little bit ( thankfully ) of the skin from the finger tip also along with the tomato. I didnt know Biology, but later learnt from the doctor that the blood flow in the finger tip would take longer to subside. After all the red turned white paper tissues thrown away into the dustbin, after some cotton swabs turning blood red, literally, some ice pack and some water, I finally decided to see the doctor. Now, until I opened my cupboard to take out a dress to wear to the doctors, it never really occured that this finger had been of a big help all these days in my life.

Without using that one finger my day is going on and I totally realize how hard it is for a lot of people who have not been blessed with fingers or hands for that matter. My entire house work has come to a complete halt because of this bleeding finger. No bath, No cleaning, No washing clothes, No cutting vegetables into fine chops until this gets well. When I sat down to type is when I realized how much I have been using that finger on my left hand.. I can't make the mistake of tapping the finger on any of the keys for the pain reminds me often that I have had a bad cut.

It is like I am learning fingering now for the first time( without this hurt finger) along with a major lesson in life reiterated:

Never underestimate the power of anything, however small or big, pronounced or subtle, significant or insignificant. Take time to realize that you are blessed in many ways than most others.

I sincerely thanked God for the fingers I have been blessed with today. At least my painful finger can get back in action in a day or two. A lot of people suffer permanent losses and excruciating pains. God bless them all.

Monday, April 25, 2011

cine songs - yesterday and years ago

Yes.. I did feel devastated hearing one particular song. Since it is against the policy of my blog to quote the programme or the movie ( I dont care to know which movie though) I am not saying which programe it is.

Yesterday afternoon, I switched on the TV and chanced to see a wonderful stage show where a lot of cine singers sang their best. There were also some dance programmes in between. It was supposedly some major launch and a lot of famous people were present to make the event and the crowd blessed!!!! And the crowd was massive... As far as one could see, it was heads and heads unlimited.

I was enjoying every bit of the song sequences and was in my own world of music. I love music for its tone sometimes, for its cheer some other times, for the words sometimes and for the background music other times. I am not a great singer but I do go on a singing spree at home sometimes.

Some songs just drive me crazy because I love Tamil language for its beauty and the words that make total sense to me.. It is my mother tongue and I grew up in Tamil Nadu and studied Tamil quite well. So I can safely bet that I understand quite a bit of the language. But in the recent times, I dont think I understand any of the words in most tamil songs.

There was this lovely song sung by Hari charan in the programe and I could not stop marvelling at the brilliance of the composition and the talent of the singer. I cannot tell a Raaga or Thala of any song, but I am glad I know to appreciate good music. So, obviously, was waiting for the next singer to come on stage. Its been quite a while since I got to see some mega music programme on television. After the much detested ad break, I glued my eyes and ears for the next programme on stage.

There was a lovely lighting on the stage, and a few girls did some dance movements. No comments. Then there came a set of boys. Did some dance movements. No comments here too. The background music seemed to get a lot of applause from the crowd especially the children. I didnt understand why. Still decided to see what is so interesting about it. Then the girls and boys started dancing for a note which seemed to be a known song to the entire world except me!!!! It said something on these lines...

Who is the one who gave birth to you.. If I see her anytime, She's dead ( meaning I'll kill her)

Now whoever wrote such a lyric, might be a great lyricist, might have written for the context in the movie, or any other lame reason that any one might give.... I simple cannot accept children singing this song word to word... Mother is the greatest... And whoever can conceive this about the being so special to the world. Can accept any illogical stupid composition in any baseless context, but not this one that demeans motherhood. Why didnt the censor board say anything? Is it not in their line of work to condemn songs without basic sense? I just hate to say that the tamil world is approving such writing.

And there were a bunch of people who chose this song to dance in front of a hugggeee crowd. The only way to stop such songs from being recorded or accepted in the movie world is people abstaining from playing it anywhere.. The movie should lose its rating because of such demeaning numbers, only then will the industry and its pattern change...

Where is the concept of poetry anywhere in most of today's songs? I dont mean to go back to the classic tamil cinema, but I couldnt help comparing some of the age old lyrics... I was singing these lines at home day before yesterday:

Kalangalil Aval Vasandham; meaning In Seasons, she's the 'Spring'.
Kalaigalil Aval Oviyam; meaning In Arts, she's a 'Painting'.
Maadhangalil Aval Maarghazhi; meaning In Months, she's the Tamil Month, 'Maarghazhi'.[ December 15th to January 14th is supposed to be the holy month in India]
Malargalil Aval Malligai; meaning In Flowers, she's 'Jasmine'.

I learnt the next few lines of the song also, so kept repeating this and you wont believe that the feeling of beauty and the love expressed in the lyrics and the music can make you feel so good that anything you see will look beautiful. Even if you do not know or understand Tamil, Google for 'Kalangalil Aval Vasandham' and listen to the song.. You'll see what I mean. It will seem like good music does not need the knowledge of the language. It shows really.

Wonder when will our movie directors and music directors learn to only accept good poems for music lyrics?? And when will our audience learn not to applaud for stupid lyrics? Wonder why music world is not saying anything against such compositions?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

No time syndrome

Yes, I was caught up in the 'No time' syndrome for a while I guess. I never took the effort to come to my blog page until this morning when I picked up this book called Megaliving by Robin Sharma.

I enjoy my morning cup of coffee usually with some TV programme. Today, because the book was lying in the sofa where I left it last night..[ Oh yes, am not too organized.. for me, its really okay for things to be lying around once in a while... usually the house gets in order only after 10:00 A.M. After that I never re-arrange or move things much. If me or my husband have not had the sense to put it back on shelf, so be it.. until the next morning!!!! Life is more than just cleaning is my present motto.], I picked it up to leaf through it.

Some thought lines as I typed the email spreading word about the book to my friends:

When we cannot spend time with ourselves and people, what are we trying to achieve? Are we trying to work for a tomorrow that is yet to come? Most often we are bissfully unaware that today is just passing by without any effort to keep our mind sane at a later date. Just like we would make time for brushing our teeth ( I assume most people brush their teeth everyday..) we must make time to keep our mind sane.. It is the engine that drives everything about us. It must be maintained.. I read this in the book. That the mind is like an engine that will work well if kept oiled and maintained. Quite right!!!!

Always thought the heart does the engine job, then slowly thought that the digestive system is the key, and have had thoughts if brain is the engine, but came to realize that the mind which is an entity on its own, with no tangible form is the master of the game. What the mind conceives is what we are able to do. No more and No less. You can eat healthy, your heart rate can be perfect, your IQ might be excellent, but then we need to remember that it wont take much time to lose control of all these, if we don't work on that intangible mind that is the master of everything about us. Now, we all know that the master dictates and we listen. That is exactly why we say ' No time'. The same with everything else. Whatever the mind says, we do.. We seem to have no control over it.

So who are we if we don't have control on our mind..?

Yes, we cannot control what is happening outside, but what we can certainly do is control the thoughts that enter our mind and condition our mind to believe what is good for us. That takes practice and the only non-materialistic instance in the world when Master can also be a slave.

Well, am not into the mental well-being class on this blog post, but just realized that a lot of what we want to do gets undone or goes un-noticed just because our mind says 'No Time'. There is no best way to make time for things you want to do, except really taking time out.. Just take time out.. Your mind has the trick to help you deal with the after effects, because you are the master here. Your mind will help you solve the problem of dealing with the lost time. Dont ask me how, but if this post sounds good, then just believe it!!!!

On the home page

I usually have Google search page as my landing page as soon as I start my browser window. The reason was every time I needed some reference at work, it was easier to 'Google' it.

Last month, we had given our computer for a re-formatting. When the computer came back from the center, the home page in our Internet Explorer browser was set to a news page. I didn't bother much. I used my Google whenever I needed it, but since I am not working like before, I used the search page not so often.

It must have been three weeks with that set up of news page. Every day I got to read some unpleasant, saddening news of some problem, mishap, accident, tricked incident, fraudulence, and resistance. I didn't like it, but then took it as a fact of life. I used to quickly skip the page after the first story of mishap. This particular page had sixteen news bite pages. It was a nice page design and I thought it is better than reading a whole news paper.

One morning, just before I started my core writing for a technical subject, I thought another five minutes is not going to delay the work.. [ The minus point of freelancing..]and I started reading through the home page news bites. The first one was a war story, the second one was a scandal, the third one was a student case of unfairness, the fourth one was a murder, the fifth one was a case on trial, the sixth one was a problematic scene in politics, the seventh one was another murder trial, the eighth one was some renowned and one of my favorite singers' daughter's unfortunate death. I sat there, shocked!!!!.. The shock registered only after I read the news about someone I could associate with even as just another fan, but then realized that I have only read all mishaps and unpleasantness.. The world seemed like it is full of tragedies...

I changed the home page in the browser to about:blank, which is a blank page where you land every time you start your browser. Its been a week now, and I am a better person now. This is not to say that what I did was right, but then I guess I do not have the courage to read so many unpleasant news every day.

I used to avoid the news just for this reason and right from childhood never cared for current affairs. Some time mid-way I regretted for a very minimum time frame when I didn't know as much as the others on politics and world affairs, but then overcame it as I began to realize that it is sufficient to know what I must know for the overall growth as a person and not really worry about who is the next leader or where is the next cricket match scheduled.

Now, after a very long time, these news bites did bring a chance to read through some news from the world, but then, realized that most of what make the news are unpleasant and often cannot be digested all in a day by me. Unknowingly these news bites created a turmoil in me about life at large... Now that I have cleared my home page, I feel I am much better off.

Yes, I agree that there is so much happening in the world, but not necessary that you must know all of it. What you must know will reach you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Padhinaaru - Sixteen

I do not know any of the cast of the movie. All I know is that it is a 'Kalaipuli' Thanu movie. The only star I recognized was Kasthuri. I also recongnized some faces but dont know their names. Not much help? Yeah, still you can find the movie by the name.

I only got a chance to see the second half of the movie. I sat for the movie only because of the name. Somehow sixteen sounded very different for a movie name.

Its about two sixteen year old children in love. These two children were in the same school. The girl Ilavarasi's parents decide to get her married off to her maternal uncle. The girl frankly expresses her love for her class mate Gopi. Much to her objection and hate, the wedding plans progress. The girl takes the help of police to call off the wedding. Ilavarasi and Gopi decide to have a baby just to ensure that they get to marry at a later date. They don't think about the pros and cons of such a hasty move and go ahead with their plans. When the parents came to know about the to-be born, the father asks Ilavarasi if the boy she trusts has enough means to buy her a clothing if she needs. Gopi with the dress he bought for Ilavarasi meets with an accident and is taken to Kerala by someone for treatment. When he comes back, he sees Illavarasi and her maternal uncle all set for the wedding. So, he retreats and lets Illavarasi live her life.

Two young lovers are reading this story from a book. At the end of reading they come to know that this is the love story of the girl Indu's father. Her mother gave the book to Indu when she announces her love. Indu is convinced that she must leave her lover but feels very unsettled. The boy Shiva takes effort to find out more about Illavarasi and what really happened to her life.

Illavarasi thought that Gopi must have died on his way back, else why wouldnt he have returned with the dress for her? Her maternal uncle decided to marry Illavarasi's friend who had come for the wedding and not disturb her.The baby she conceived died in her womb. She relocated to another place in the turn of life's events and started a school with some inherited money. Her school is home to a lot of children who do not know the names or faces of their parents. She is living a contended life with Gopi in her name and heart.

Shiva and Indu get to meet her. Gopi also gets to see her in the flow of the movie's direction. He realized that she was never married and he had misunderstood. No one was the reason for the misunderstanding. It just happened. Gopi is happy with his family and signed off love as insignificant in school days and forgot about it until this day when he sees Indu, Shiva and Illavarasi talking in the school portals. Gopi decides to remain dead for Illavarasi and the children Indu and Shiva decide to study and get into a successful career before they think of marriage and love. They have put a pause to this love story.

Not sure, if I am good at telling a story from any movie.. But then, whether you like the story or not, it is a must see.. You get to see the senseless teenage thoughts, ferociously adamant behavior and then the calm realization and clarity of the same person at the age of say 40 plus... Made me wonder.. Age and experience matters so much in things... There is a huge difference in the way we think about the same point in various time frames of our life.

The story was a cause for a big purpose in each person's life . Gopi became successful professionally and personally. Illavarasi became a mother to a lot of children. The children Shiva and Indu understood more about their next steps.

One person who is to be appreciated in this story line is Gopi's wife, Indu's mother. She accepted her husband knowing his past, kept a print of his diary and pulled it out when needed. That I guess is the power of being a sensible woman. Good attempt to teach women some parenting lesson.

Writerly thoughts

I have not had a chance to open this page at all over the last few days..

Suddenly, it seems like I am too occupied with many things to do, say and think, all at once..

Half a dozen sayings and quotes crossed my mind in the morning in one of the most enlightening session of "dish washing... ". Oh yes, Dish washing does teach you so many things..

1. When you have a lot of writing to do, almost always there are too many soiled vessls in the kitchen sink.

2. When you have to patiently edit a document, you have to quickly throw away plates in the kitchen sink.

3. What does God think about dish washing? We can never figure out.

4. Why is soiling easy and cleaning tough? Read: Why is the 'good' always tough to be, do and say?

5. Whoever wrote the quote, 'work is worship', didnt think of the possibility dish-washing and writing together.

6. It is always possible to write quickly in face of a timeline or committment to the client. Similarly, it is possible to wash any number of dishes in a very short time if there is a guest coming home for dinner. But then, when there is no guest and there is more time to write, both dishwashing and writing seems a little too tough to finish.. Wonder why? Laziness?? I disagree..

7. A lot in life is about cleaning. Clean the vessel, fill it with fresh food. Clean your mind off the hate and useless thoughts and you get to fill it up with love and useful, positive, energetic thoughts. Well, don't tell me you prefer to eat from the shopping bag straight!!! :-)

8. I cannot hate dish washing, because I love cooking. I cannot hate discipline, because I love a nice home. I cannot hate work, because I love the time spent well and ofcourse the cash. In effect we cannot foster hate for anything because we definitely get some benefit out of everything. Sounds parallel to: To get something you must give up something. And: There is no such thing as free lunch.

Home-making does teach you lots. Will make time for more.

Friday, April 01, 2011

A Ten thousand Mark

Dear Readers,

I have not really taken a good look at the visitor statistics for quite sometime now. Today, I chanced to take a good look at my blog page. The Dew vistors mark has crossed ten thousand.. This is a big achievement for me, personally and I would like to thank all of you readers, for your valuable time on my posts.

I didnt think, I would see this number when I started writing. Since I do not have major advertising practices, I thought ten thousand is a far-off mark. It is nice to note that people read what you write. :-)

Now that, I see the big number, I am glad and just writing to share my joy with you all.

Keep reading and also continue to post your thoughts. They are big value additions for my posts - present and future.

Have a good day,



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