Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Respect the person within!!!!!!!!

Including children...I recently read this post by Sowmya Gopal and I agree.

I have been hearing a lot of unpleasant things about children's safety these days. It bothers me a lot. Early February, a good friend of mine, SK sent me a nice speech by Dr.Shalini and I went through it.

The content made me reflect into the situation of the day :

You send your child to school and you are worried about safety.
Your child is in a dance class and you cannot be sure about the teacher.
Your child goes to school in a bus, and you cannot be sure about the senior boys in the bus.
You cannot trust your neighbour who is your child's grand dad's age.

There was a time when the parents did not have to worry about the physical abuses to their precious daughter till she turns into a pretty young lady. Now, the case seems to be very different. Right from one year old baby, there is a reason to worry. This has always bothered me : Why cant people treat each other with some basic respect?

Today, at lunch, I heard an account of a shattering news from a friend of mine. She seems to have heard this from the media. It is about a pathetic situation expressed by an unfortunately ( Yes, beautiful people need to be a little extra careful, else it can turn unfortunate in this unpredictable world...) beautiful young lady in love with this insincere, idiotic, handsome, and rich young man. Pardon the usage of adjectives here... [I surely respect men who respect women and women who respect men.]The girl fell a prey to this man and also his friends. She tells the world of young love birds to be very careful and has lost respect for men. I am masking certain details here to keep to my personal policy.

This incident made me write this post. I am also hearing a lot of such threats to children and young women from their own family members.

Where is our world headed?
What are we doing about this?
Is it because we trust people too far?
Is it because we do not know to draw the lines?
Is it because we are confused about the facets of the word modernity -modernity and ultra-modernity and senseless modernity and careless modernity?
Is it because we do not teach our boys to respect the girls in their life?
Is it because of media?
Is it because of the prevailing 'So what?' attitude that is increasing by the second?
Is it because of our stupidity?
Is it because of peer pressure and physcological tensions?
Is it because we know more and more about the negatives only?
Is it because we are away from tradition?

In the name of love, in the name of care, in the name of trust, in the name of faith, in the name of concern, in the name of beauty, in the name of natural instinct, in the name of any relationship, why does the human physcology change when it comes to treating another person with respect?

I am reminded of this quote : Respect for self, Respect for others, and Respsonsibility for all actions... Do we reiterate this kind of culture in our country anywhere, anymore?

Let's take some responsibility to take care about the way we treat our immediate circle of friends and family and all children we know. When I am saying children, it is not just under-ten, as per today's standards, even kids under 21 behave as irresponsible and childish. Thanks to the lifestyle today. People like Dr.Shalini are working hard to communicate to the parents and teachers about the whole idea of taking care of the kids today. Let's participate or spread the word and do whatever little we can to contribute to the cause.

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SK said...

Thanks for your post. Hope to hear more from like minded persons to work on this.

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