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Little pearls of wisdom

Yesterday, we were dining at a restaurant. I was busy trying to think how the cook managed to flop the usually excellent "Adai". I mean, even to flop some dish, there has to be a way.. What I expected on my plate was the usual South Indian delicacy called Adai, made of grams, rice and lentils with typical  flavoring that South Indians cant live without. I was thinking of the excellent adai I made at home earlier that week... While I was trying to munch the adai on my plate, I couldnt help looking at my husband's expression on the Pongal he was eating... He also said something about the Pongal that we ate at home earlier that week.. Our thought lines stopped right where they were, as we heard this line : Cut the Past and Shut the Future. It was from a little girl at the next table.. She was telling her mother to cut the past and shut the future in some context.. I turned to look and saw a six year old or may be seven years at the maximum, saying this mega pearl of wi

From Bitter Gourd...

Of course, the title seems like I am going to write a recipe with Bitter Gourd... May be I can write.. but the idea today is what I realized when I cooked bitter gourd curry yesterday. Okay, for beginners or people who can never think of bitter gourd even on paper, I must let you know that it is quite an art to make this interesting vegetable to suit your taste. Bitter Gourd as the name has it, tastes bitter, so much so, not many people would like to eat it. Now, one truth about dishes that are less tasty is that they are all healthy for the body's function. So, the dutiful home maker that I thought I was, decided to make bitter gourd curry yesterday. A big achievement for anyone who is cooking is to ensure that the vessel is empty after the meal, meaning everyone likes the dish so much that nothing is left for the next meal or tomorrow. Honestly, I think that is when everyone has had a really good meal. Now with this aim, to cook bitter gourd was really a challenge for me. H