Sunday, February 21, 2010

Its all about parameters

When I wrote about Standing Tall, I wrote that a lot in life is parametrized. I thought I will post a little more detail on these parameters, as I see it.

The first time I heard the word parameter was in my Computer science class in eleventh grade. My teacher was teaching about the classic C language. The simplest sense for a non-computer science reader for a parameter is this : You have a program that gives different results based on the inputs you give. The code is the same to add two numbers. The numbers that you give determine what result you get.

Back then, that is all I cared. I did not know that the next to next levels in my academics was all about parameters. It was taught in Chemistry Lab, Physics Problem, Maths Equations and Computer Programs. Parameters were everywhere.

When I did give it a serious thought, I learnt that health is parametrized... If your body temperature went above 98.4F, then your problem is called Fever. I don't know much of medicine, but this is the basic idea. Any health diagnosis is also based on various parameters.

Similarly, wealth is also parametrized... how wealthy you are depends on a lot of things : What wealth means to you, What you do to make it, What you do to keep it, What hinders you, and how you deal with it.. All these are different for each of us, though all of these parameters are the key factors that determine how wealthy we are... We all give different answers to each of these and hence the wealth levels are different for each of us..

It is easy to comment or criticize about a lot of things... I agree that the movie reviews I write are also easier than actually making the movie and releasing it to the wide audience for comments and criticism. When the values of all parameters are inclined to success, the movie becomes a hit, else it is a flop show.

Now, anything and everything you can name and think of, comes with a lot of parameters which we name circumstances. If this had not happened, if this had worked out, if this was that way, and if that was this way, I would have achieved this... That is what we hear people say often. All these are the parameters that determined the result and if at all anything has to be changed, then it has to be the way we perceive achievement and success of a particular goal.

I think for everything we do in life, we need to work our best to anticipate all possible parameters and keep it inclined towards success as much as we can. That is to say... If we need to score good credits in an examination, we need to keep our lesson notes latest, keep our concentration levels good, keep our health fit, keep our sleep patterns disciplined, keep our study time moderate, and keep our home atmosphere serene and happy. These are the positive values we give to the parameters - Notes, Focus, Health,Rest, Time,Environment - that are key to the success or failure of a student in an examination. In spite of all the positively inclined values, if the results do not come out as expected, we should not worry too much about it. It might be due to another parameter we had not thought of. What we could, we did, and so there is no need and no point in worrying about it.

Recently I heard about a college graduate who scored well in her academics, but did not get a placement. She has ended her life because she did not get a job. Obviously, a lot of parameters that caused her to take the decision... If the values had been positive for these parameters, just may be she would have lived to see herself landing in a good job.

I think, the parents, teachers and students and the society in which we live in, should learn to accept that Life is a lot about parameters; there is no point in comparison with anyone else, because the parameters that each of us deal with are the same but with different values, sometimes, as complicated as it can get.

We are better off approaching anything and everything in life this way : Just keep all the values of the contributing parameters inclined positively towards the success of your goal. Let's not criticize the matter after we have done that, because we are convinced that we have done what we could and there is no point in even talking about it further, except for learning reasons and improving on the parameters.

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