Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrating Love....

I got this lovely Valentine's day wish on 13th February night, when I was on a call with friends. It was their four year old daughter who spoke .. Hello Auntie!!! Happy Valentine's day!!!!!!! :) :) So pure and clear, So near and dear.. :) That's all it takes to make some one's day. A sincere wish that sounds straight out of your heart..

Yesterday, when the long day finally dawned and slow moon waned for a lot of love birds on the planet, I was musing about the whole idea of Valentine's day and its present day impacts.

My mobile service provider sent me this message two days ago:
IMPORTANT - Please note, Normal SMS charges would be applicable on Sunday, 14th Feb 2010. Free/Discounted SMS rates will NOT be applicable on that day.

Goes to say that there are a lot of messages expected to fly around in the network and its time to make the Valentine moments special for the organization that supports the service. A similar rule on New Year day has generated about 1 crore revenue for the major service providers in the country is what a News report had to say few days into year 2010. We'll know the stats for the Valentine's day soon, I guess.

I logged in to say Thanks for a recent cake order, and hit on a few florists by chance. A bouquet of 12 roses cost somewhere between Rs.3500 to Rs.4700. This is if your Valentine lives abroad. I was trying to reason out that there must be something better. Found out that a teddy bear along with the roses cost another thousand and a cake to compliment it costs another Rs1500. Total works out to about Rs6000 if you want to make it a perfect Valentine gift package from this florist website. Business to the cake shops, Florists and the Gift shops... :)

I didn't bother to find out the local rates because, the place was packed anyway. Whether they were selling high-priced flowers or not, from the number of heads I saw yesterday at the shop than usual, I can tell that they've done a great business than usual.

One of my friends wanted to send a card abroad.. She didn't think a simple card ( trust me, it was really simple and did not weigh as much as the usual cards these days) would cost her Rs.1950 to be sent on International courier. Wonder how many others actually sent such cards and parcels on International courier to be delivered on Feb 14th? and how much business the couriers made out of this.

Apart from this, all movie theatres were packed to full-house in the city yesterday. More business to the movie theatres.

Coffee shops didn't have a vacant seat. More business there.

All the shops in the big shopping Malls had some offer or the other going on. I am sure that would have added some extra business.

I saw this advertisement on TV yesterday. She is upset and is just unable to smile in life. He is giving her a surprise with a lovely diamond necklace. She smiles instantly. So, was that all? Can expensive gifts win over people's love permanently?? Question that I have for the Advertisement makers...Wonder how much business this jewel shop had made... If not diamonds jewellery, gold is also a good enough buy these days for the shop's business to lift.

Its nice to note all this and it does bring a smile. Wonder how nice it would be if everyday, everyone were to celebrate love the way they do on Valentine's day.... Would we do that?? Wonder what would the logic of spending so much on gifts and presents and flowers be then?

Although I am a gifts and cards and flowers person and I understand that some little nice gifts (that fits our purses) to our loved ones are a sure way to let people know we love them, I still do not understand exorbitantly priced gifts to celebrate love.

With due respect to the love you have for your Valentine, I sign off saying : Celebrate Love, and Celebrate every moment, in your own special way, even if it means to just dial a wish for your special one.. Ensure that expense for gifts does not become a subject of discussion anytime in your life. Save for it every year and spend within that amount. Every time you get an increment, allot an increment to that gift amount as well. This way, Love doesn't eat your purse. Applies to all special day gifts, especially Valentines' day.

Best wishes,


Rajat said...

Nice write up and I just did followed the advice, a simple message and no expensive gifts and that saved me a few hundreds :)

Deepak G said...

new here going thru some of ur old ones....loving it..tat 'tiruvizha' song bot back vivid memories of childhood...the whole class wld shout out loud this sure we cld not appreciate the meaning then but man we still remember it...and i dont think ter is a poet name to it...wr u able to find out?

Casey said...

This is sooo true - we have made it into sm kind of mad shopping extravaganza. Valentine's Day is a celebration of lowe sans all the jazz sm mktg guy created :D
I agree :)

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