Friday, November 27, 2009

Clearing the clutter in the attic

I agree that the title of this post is the same as this blog space by SG. This post does not have to do anything with the cited blogspace.

Today, when we were talking about transferring archived emails from one computer to another, I realized that as much as the best-selling stories,self-improvement books, and motivational talks discuss about living and being in the "Present", the corporate world insists on the "Past".

For those who are clueless about software and hardware industry, let me tell you, anything to do with Storage is the word of the day.. Just about anything and everything needs to be stored in the computerized age. This blog post would not show up if it is not stored. Hail Storage!!!.

While there could be functional and operational and process-oriented reasons behind the idea of storing all your emails for as long as you work in an organization, often, I must admit that most emails that you read once, do not have to be opened ever again in your life. We still keep an email, because a "What if I need it later/next year?" question comes up, almost always.

I agree that this is information world. Any information from the past, small or big, can make a lot of sense when in a decision-making situation - Medicine, Construction, Banking, Designing are a few fields that heavily rely on such historical data. These days, every sector has decided to learn from past mistakes ( which is a good move...) and consistently keep up accomplishments. So they store records of the past and use the statistics to improve business ( which is good again...).

We are so used to this storage practice outside and most of us are unable to avoid this percolating into our the storage attics - Cupboards, Desk drawers, kitchen shelves, Footwear racks,refrigerators, and of course attics if you want to call the overhead shelves as an attic in your house [ Indian building drawings and designers use the real-estate very well.. If nothing else can fit in contextually in that building drawing, it becomes a storage...most occupants love that extra storage space..].. We are so happy to have an extra storage space in the house, as much as we like to have a super-high memory space in our flash drives.. [The latest( by my slow standards in technology news)fancy I came across is an 8GB flash drive from Hewlett Packard.It could be easily mistaken for a white, strip of a chewing gum].

Okay, so we have the space.. now what?? In most houses, this is the scene:
All papers, no matter how important or unimportant get stored. You just might need a newspaper to wrap your shoes ( which is of course stored away in the far corner of the footwear rack) when you take it to the cobbler to mend, someday. And tell me, unless you've paid over a few hundreds for the foot wear, would you bother to mend it?

Every member of the family, especially the younger generation has a tendency to stack up foot wear that matches every dress in their wardrobe. May be that's a way to live up to the trend of the day, but also adds up to the clutter in the shoe shelf.

Some people put away plastic covers, old and outdated receipts, medicine strips and pens that are unusable. Clothes are another problem area altogether. We know we buy new clothes, but do we donate the same number of clothes at least to clear up space in our cup boards?

Next is books.. Keepsakes are fine; ardent book lovers keeping a library is good, but I see a lot of houses stacked up from floor to the ceiling with books that no one has the time to flip through. One spring cleaning should help find the books that can be donated to the nearest school library.

Coming to think of it, we must clear a lot of trash from our minds too. We store away a lot of thoughts too, just because we are so habituated to putting away things for a later reference or usage. Pleasant thoughts should be stored safely and shared often so happiness doubles. Unpleasant thoughts should be translated into experiences and shared with someone, so sadness or negativity dwindles. I think, it just needs some practice.

Cluttered mail box, cluttered work desk, cluttered house, cluttered mind, all consume time, energy and space.. The last and best of all: Your search for something never ends in a cluttered space. This directly means your stress never ends :)

Don't you think, this simple principle of storing only what is needed, is all we need to keep life easy? May be we should start with emails at work... I have started trashing the emails which I dont need, before I leave office each day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Splash on Complexity

- That which you call 'Complex' only seems complicated.

- Every complex task eventually gets accomplished.

- Yesterday's complexities always seem lighter than those in the present.

- Today will clearly be tomorrow's yesterday or simpler still..... Tomorrow, Today will be 'Yesterday'

- Often man complicates life, like the previous sentence.

- It is good to acknowledge complexities, but never let them stress your mind.

- If it does not seem complex, you may not put in your best.

- If it is complicated, it is surely an interesting challenge to take up.

- What seems complex to you may have been as complex to your neighbour, just that you do not know what really happened.

- Mechanical and Construction Engineering drawings seem extremely complex to me.... as complex as my Computer science seems to them.

- The word 'Complex' stands meaningless, the minute you begin to understand it.

- When you accomplish a complex task, the sense of contentment you feel is immeasurable.

- All simple things have complex theory to understand; this is especially true of life and its bountiful presents.

- You can't escape sensing complexity; you surely can begin to accept it, work your way through it with resolve, and dream to accomplish it.

- Believe it completely when someone says 'It is Simple.'... that is the first step to accomplishment.

Monday, November 23, 2009

WFH - Work From Home

This post has been published on Bangalore Mirror dated 7th December 2009
Working from Home has become very common in corporates these days. Workplaces are looking to reduce cost involved in space and power. More and more offices are making this option available to the employees whose physical presence is not really required to get the work done. These people who permanently work from home are called 'Remote Workers' although I do not like the term much. I often realize that when I work from home ( very rare days) I work much more than I do at office. So, there must be a better term as I don't want anyone to register 'Remote worker' as 'Remotely working..'.

I chanced to have a conversation with a colleague who works from her home office. Surely, this sounds better than a remote worker. We were discussing about the idea of working from home in general. Here are what I captured and later realized:

When you work from home, work is always at the back of your mind, even after you are done with the office hours. It takes a very good disciplining of your mind to totally cut out work when you are not in front of your computer.

Work from home option gives you some peace and quiet that is otherwise a problem in most work places.

When you work from home, you do much more than when you are in an office building. However, it depends on the number of meetings you role demands. I believe discussion meetings are effective when in office and you meet people in person. If you are talking about meetings with people in different geographies, then there is no difference. Its anyways a remote meeting.

When you work from home, and there is a power failure, and your power back-up doesn't last long, then your work commitments suffer. The same applies to the Internet connectivity. At an office building there is someone whose job is to make sure that power and Internet works fine.

When you work from home, it is very difficult to draw a thin line between work and home life explicitly. You still have to answer the door. Any letter/post that otherwise waits till the end of your work day, lands in your hands mid-day, to make or break the rest of your work day.. Say, its a snail mail from an investment company with 'not-so-good' news...

When you work from home, you get to take quick breaks that in some professions boost your energy levels. For instance, in my field, if you write for more than thirty minutes, trust me, you will need to take five to ten minutes break.

When you work from home, if you do not have proper infrastructure, chances are that you might end up in posture related issues - back pain, shoulder ache and such ergonomics related problems. Most workplaces today have econometric conditions including lighting.

If you are a people person and do not like a lonely workspace, then you are better off working from an office building.

If you are in Bangalore and are commuting two hours on the road, one way to work, then Working from home is the best option your company can give you.I see people working from an office wanting to work from home permanently, just for this reason.

If you have a baby that demands your attention and your work can wait till you attend to your child, then working from home for a few months is a boon.

There are a lot of advantages when you work from home as much as disadvantages. It is just that we need to know both sides when we opt to 'Work from Home'. People who are working out of a corporate office should not complain about having to work from an office much, because, 'Work from home', among its advantages that you would certainly like to have, also has some disadvantages that are probably too hard to handle.

There is no right and wrong here, its just that what works for you finally matters. I wrote this post for those people who think working from home permanently is a very attractive option to have.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paani Puri lessons

This post is not about the Paani Puri recipe. For those who don't know Paani Puri is a North-Indian chat item. Please google for the recipe and if you are in India, hop over to the nearest chat corner and have one plate of Paani Puri..

We were a group of six friends looking for a nice coffee shop after a very interesting afternoon. We saw a Paani Puri vendor on the way and one of us in the group suggested that we all taste this vendor's Paani Puri. I love Paani Puri, but had stopped taking Paani Puris anywhere outside. The scene around the vendor's Bamboo stall interested me. I decided to just take the Paani Puri with the confidence that shone on the vendor's face.

He served at least 10 of us in one go.. The speed was unbelievable. Before you knew there was a Panni Puri in your hand... There were some people who wanted some specifics ( spice, sweet, plain etc.,) and the vendor grasped all the specifications and served us exactly the kind of Puris we wanted. There were people making payments, ordering more plain Puri chats, along with the ten of us eating non-stop.

The potato filling got over in between and you should have seen the speed at which he refilled and spiced up the mashed potato and no one really had to wait. The sincere effort with which the vendor was doing his job caught my eye. He took care and attention to fill up every Puri just the way he did the first one... and did not skip any step or spice just because there were too many to fill up, or just because it was crowded or just because it was a monotonous job for him. There was a smile on his face, an intelligent way of answering questions, and a smartness in the way he noted what each one of us wanted.. He knew when one person was done and knew when one other wanted more paani puri.

There was commitment, speed, sincerity, smartness in this business that can easily pass off for a professional business tactic. I said a big Thank You that brought a Smile on his face, a smile of satisfaction that conveyed the importance of appreciating a job that is well done. :)

Somewhere, this vendor makes me think, we all need to learn much more when we take up a task to do, whether at home or work...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Looking back at Hostel life....

Top reasons why a hostel life experience is very important:

To be able to make friends with most people...
To be able to say Good Bye to friends...
To be able to sleep undisturbed with the lights on, the whole night...
To be able to share a bar of a favorite chocolate with five others...
To be able to take a quick bath...
To be able to make a sandwich for a friend..
To be able to attend to an illness...
To be able to break a bad news...
To be able to rejoice at a peer success...
To be able to appreciate a letter, phone call, or email...
To be able to focus amidst heavy music and loud noise...
To be able to crib about things and adjust with them, nevertheless...
To be able to make someones day with a joke, gift, or an honest compliment...
To be able to keep your stance, when you know it works you, no matter what any one says...
To be able to know what does not work for you...
To be able to love your neighbour despite all imperfections...
To be able to understand the other person's priorities better than self...
To be able to give a hug, lend a hand, and spread some cheer when needed...
To be able to hail a support system and hold the fort when things seem to fall apart...

I realized this yesterday when I was talking to a friend who has not been in a hostel and has no clue how to handle too many 'outside interferences' in life. :-) It is difficult to put this thought across to some people: You are in a community and circle and there will be a 'give and take' that makes your life as interesting as it can get.

You can learn all of these even without staying in the hostel, but it will seem a lot harder and will take a lot of time to come to terms with the life around you. Those who have not had a chance to be in a college hostel, may be able to support my statement better. No one said, its all-pink time i college, but hostel does add a rosy touch to college life :) although back in college most people dont realize.

Hostel life for a short time ,with a lot of people around, is one good way to learn more about walking your way through the maze of life... For a completely beneficial hostel life, it has to be in college and not in school.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What all can you save?

I spoke to a friend just now. Here are my thoughts soon after the conversation:

  1. We know of a Savings Bank account for money.
  2. We know of a Blood Bank that saves blood.
  3. We hear about saving interest rates on loans.
  4. Credit card banking offers some savings on purchases using specific credit cards.
  5. We try to take a definite road to save travel time.
  6. We constantly try to think about saving fuel.
  7. We hear advertisements stating: Save the Earth, Go Green.
  8. We see emails with the signature line: Save paper and environment. Print this only if you must.
  9. We think about saving electricity.
  10. We talk about rain water harvest which means to save rain water.
  11. We want to save our energy and so have a listening ear towards Yoga, Meditation and Health care.
  12. Technology has its own contributions for us to save time, effort, and our physical energy : All electronic items, software and automation around speak for this.

The best of all and the often forgotten till December of every year is the leave balance account. Most of us save leave also. That was part of our topic of discussion and here are my thoughts:

Your company gives you leave to utilize it when you need. You do not have to save it like you save money, so you can en cash it or carry forward to the next year. However, if you have some event coming up in the near future and you are blessed enough to know it before, it is okay to save a few days for the next year.

If you are not ill, there is no point in taking sick leave, but if you are unwell and are unable to sit through the day, it is okay to mark a sick leave day and get out of office.

You have been working very late hours; You are putting in long and focused effort at work; And you know you really need a break after that one major release work, take a causal day off. Its very important for a rejuvenated you and a fat pay cheque, the next year.

Remember, some people and occasions are hard to miss. So don't trade off the fun and responsibilities that you cant afford to miss, just because you have a job to do. If your work priorities are manageable ( workable/doable) , take that fun day off to be with your friends and family. If they are not, work your way to get that job done fast, so you can still take time off.

Companies give you sick leave, casual leave and Paid/Annual leave.. Spend them as wise as you would use cash and time.... Wait a minute..... You might want to read about Time and Savings here. Save leave, spend leave and think of encashing your leave balance as the last option.

You are getting paid for what you are doing. If you think, you are not, then change jobs, improve skills, speak to your manager, or do something on those lines.... but never think about leave encashment....if it happens on its own, good for you.

The leave balance is 'Avail'able. Avail adequate leave each year with some discipline and redefine yourself at work, if you think you are not taking enough time off your work and if your family/friends/health is cribbing about you being workaholic.

So here's what all you do save if you spend your leave with some discipline : Relationships and Memories, Blood pressure and energy, and most importantly, Yourself.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Over one crore new mobile connections in October 2009!!!!!
That's from a news cast today in one of the papers.

On Google search for "Mobile Phone Hazards", all you see is only scary threats listed. While you are wondering what would it be like without having a mobile, ( I still cant understand how I managed without a mobile five years ago!!!), there are more and more new models out in the market and more and more new users are joining the mobile phone user community. Cell phone companies continue to make profit.

Same applies to most things.... Computer based jobs are increasingly advocated to cause a lot of health issues and yet there are not many non-computerised jobs in the world. Internet is a boon and also a paranoia kit. Smoking is bad, yet the cigarette company continues to be in business. Drinking is believed to be bad, yet the number of alcohol serving restaurants are increasing every day. Mobile phones are bad for health, they say, yet the number of new connections are on an all-time high!!!!

What's with the increased usage of something and the ever increasing threats about the same thing?
One side of the scale says, " Eat healthy" and the other side says " You are missing something, if you are saying 'No' to this dish"....
One side of the scale says " Its okay to take care" and the other side says " You are paranoid about things"....

One side of the scale always says " Don't" and the other side immediately says " You have not much in life, if you don't"...
But Why??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waiting and watching and longing....

Yesterday evening scene close to my house:
It was late evening, the street lights flooded the streets and the place looked painted in yellowish orange. I was enjoying the breeze, the soft drizzle, a melodious note on my ipod, rhyming my steps to the tune and walking my way home. The road had orange flowers all over. With the yellowish orange light on the pale brown pavement, the orange flowers looked perfect modern art to my eyes.

I switched off my ipod as I saw two children rushing towards me and then suddenly stopping and then rushing back to their house's gate. An old man said, " This is someone else, your mother will come home in a while, go inside and play, it is already dark. " The children looked very disappointed that it was someone else and not their mother. I felt so sorry to see their disappointment. In Bangalore traffic, God knows where their mother is held up and here I was telling them, " Listen to your grandpa and go in, Your mom is on her way home.. She will be here in few minutes.".. They just gave me a very emphatic No for an answer. They intended to stand there, under the street light and just outside the gate till she gets home.

Children are stressed more than the adults these days, I think because they have to wait for their parents to get home.. I don't know the answer to this, yet, but then makes me wonder aloud about "How to handle this problem?"....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time and Savings

How many times do we say that we do not have time for prayers, people, phone calls, emails, hobbies, and the list can go on.. Each of us has different reasons to give for not being able to do something and never have one reason why we must consider doing it... I think I have finally stumbled upon that one reason to do all that I would otherwise postpone saying 'No Time'.

Last week, I chanced to read some points that gave me a very different picture about Time. We have about 1440 minutes in a day. Math : 24 * 60 = 1440. I wrote it out just in case you are trying to do a mental math on this. It is as clear as the calculation, that we have a whole 1440 minutes to do all that we want to do in a day..

With this thought, can you just spend a minute to check if you can spend five minutes each day in prayer, 20 minute for friends, 10 minutes to respond to missed calls and text messages, and say another fifteen minutes for music or exercise or some hobby? In all your spend time would still be less than hundred only, but will bring you immense results personally.. You still have another 1340 minutes at your disposal..

If this sounds doable, you have given this math a serious thought.. if it doesn't, try thinking about it once again...You should be able to crack this simple thought.

The same can apply to savings. Every time you think you have not saved enough or you want to save more or want to spend more, all you need to do is check how much you spend for a whole day and then a whole week and then a month. You will be able to separate the need from want, want from comfort and comfort from luxury. Have all these listed separate and see how much you can save per day.

The book said that if a smoker decided to save the money he spends on one of his cigarette packs everyday, then he will have a reasonable savings by the end of the month. Let's see how. Let's say a pack of cigarettes costs about Rs.25. Math : 25 x 30 = Rs. 750. Now, don't you think, this money can come in handy for a quick dinner with a friend, later that month? So, think of that dinner with the friend and cut down on one pack of cigarettes each day. This way, we can identify a lot of things to cut down, to postpone and to minimize until an appropriate time when all these becomes feasible and comfortably affordable.

When we say it is tough to manage the expenses with a given amount of cash, we just need to sit down for a week and watch what is happening to the cash.. and with time, we need to sit down and watch where is it elapsing away like that.. Both cash and time get spent anyway.. The people that claim to have both only invest and spend smarter than the rest of the herd.

As for the savings story, I am not talking about people who are born in royal families and have silver spoon memories. I am talking about those who are earning a monthly pay cheque and are trying to do their best to save, spend and enjoy - all at once.
As for the time story, I am talking about everyone of us. This has no bearing with the financial, social, professional status. You cannot do anything to stop the ticking time which is anyways 24 hours or 1440 minutes for everyone alike.

Small amounts of time invested whole-heartedly and cash invested wisely have their own way of paying you back.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Nature - naturally superior!!!!!!

அழகிய மலைச்சாரல்

தூய வெள்ளை அருவி

பச்சை பசேலென்ற நெல் வயல்

இலவம் பஞ்சு போன்ற மேகம்

நீல நிற அடி வானம்

மெல்லிய மழை நீர் துளிகள்

சில்லென்ற மென் காற்று

இவை எல்லாவற்றையும் கண்களாலும் மனதாலும் படம் பிடிக்கின்ற கணங்கள் மிக அருமையான அனுபவம்.

நேற்று முன்தினம் சுற்றுலா சென்று இருந்தோம். வழியில் கண்ட காட்சிகளை தான் சுருக்கமாக கூற எத்தனித்தேன். சுருங்க சொன்னாலும் நிறைந்த மனதுடன் மீண்டும் என் அலுவலக எழுத்து வேலையை தொடருகிறேன்.

இயற்க்கை நான் நினைத்ததை விட பெரிய படைப்பு என்றும் மனித படைப்புகள் எல்லாம் சர்வ சாதாரணமானவை என்றும் தோன்றுகிறது, இன்று.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Need for Bangalore Daylight Savings Time??

I had never really gathered a complete picture of the Daylight Savings Time(DST) till I got to read this post by SG at :
Thanks, SG.

I had this email that American clock is 13.5 hours behind IST and our official meeting hours with our US counterparts will change accordingly. I did not bother much. Such messages are common twice a year in all IT companies.

Day before yesterday, when I stepped out of office, it was a cloudy sky, but never thought that it will be pitch dark at 6:00P.M. I have waited for three days to see if I have to make this patentable proposition of having a DST declared for Bangalore and call it " The Bangalore Daylight Savings Time (BDST)".

I don't wake up very early, so I do not know if it dawns early these days, but I must say night sky sets in very early these days - as early as 6:00P.M. Complimenting the dark skies is the heavy November downpour. I don't know what's with rains and traffic jam in Bangalore; the traffic jam is too heavy even by Bangalore standards. So, if you start off from work as usual, say around 5:00P.M or 5:30P.M, you are bound to get netted in the painfully slow moving traffic or worse still, deadlocked traffic. You just cannot move. It is raining and you are on a bike and you are locked in the traffic. When you reach home, it is invariably 7:00P.M; at the earliest, so to say.

I got caught in rain day before and with no auto to take me back home, I had to walk up to the nearest sunshade of a shop to shelter my head from getting wet. ( Don't blame me for not carrying an umbrella!! I heard it at least ten times from five people that day!!!) With nothing better to do, I watched the interesting scene in front of me:
My shelter was close to a cross road facing the main road.. Water is gushing one cross road to the main road's walkway. It looked like a river to me. That is my usual route, so I knew how many trenches are open on that walk way. With water gushing like an overflowing river, walkers need to know what they are walking into.

Attention shift: A biker stops his vehicle and rushes to take shelter with the other three of us waiting there. There was a deadlock in traffic. No one could move. All cars and bikes were honking and no one can move an inch because of the gushing water and haphazardly organized vehicular traffic. It was like a race on cross roads where vehicles from four sides of the roads were trying to hit the finish line which was the center of the road in this case!! Sure shot accidents!!!..

Headlights beaming, persistent honking conveying the urgency of each one to get past the other, confused pedestrians, over flowing rain water, all made the scene seem hopeless. As far as I could see on all sides, there were only vehicles... No sight of a moving vehicle.

I thought about the cause for this situation. Everyone starts from work at about the same time, plus or minus a few minutes though. Then,mid way it gets dark, rainy and all of them want to get home before they catch a cold or fever.

The only way, it seemed to me, to avoid this hassle is to start from work early evening ( say 4:00 P.M), for which people have to be in at 8:00 A.M. That is what I meant by BDST. We need to make the best use of the early morning hours till November and through the winter days in Bangalore, which is early February. It will help a lot of traffic issues.

Also, the metro work and electrical conduits and anything else I have no clue about, seems to have some trench dug up on the pavements, almost always. With less or no light at all, imagine the plight of old pedestrians. On a particularly busy junction on the 80 Ft Road, there is some work going on. It was 6:00P.M. No street light. Rainy evening. The dug up land has turned into a marshy area. Imagine an old man walking his way from the church nearby..... Who is going to tell the concerned people, that there are some falls when Sorry does not help repair the effects?

Can't avoid the early dusk, Can't stop the rainfall, Can't stop constructions, Can't stop digging roads and pavements, Can't do anything about proper rain water routing and harvest or drain, but the one thing that must work is we finish our business outside early and get home before the night fall/rain fall/traffic peak.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

You are in the right place!!!!!

This was the opening statement in one of the presentations I happened to attend yesterday.
So, what's the big deal about it and why would I even notice it??

Honestly, I was not too well to attend a presentation at that time of the day, but I still decided to be there because I believe that some postponed appointments never happen later.So, with that said, I must say I galloped my way in a city bus amidst all the Bangalore Metro construction work sites and rushed in only to see that I was exactly fifteen minutes early. [I hate my late entry anywhere - coffee, meeting, wedding, or any appointment for that matter - and so for the first time I smiled...] I am in!!! I am in, on time and when I walk in, the first thing I notice is I am in the right place... That's what the slide being projected said.

And I took a good notice of the words.. I read it over and over again, to let the message sink in.

The feel-good factor in me was soaring up to sky-rocketing heights and I was very glad that I came after all the roller-coaster rides, changing three buses on the Complex old madras road, as one of the shop's banner put it.[ It said, No. X, Trinity Church Complex Old Madras Road... and the writer in me, punctuated this at an incorrect place and read it as Trinity Church, Complex Old Madras Road.. and trust me, the present situation is totally complex on Old Madras Road!!! Hail Bangalore Metro Constructions!!!!]

My mind had a comfortable ten minutes to ponder about the line.. You are in the right place.
Well, what else do you expect to do when all you get to see is "You are in the right place" flashing every minute in front of you? Of course, I have dutifully turned my mobile to silent mode and blocked all my attention towards the presentation.

Isn't this statement eternally ( or should I say perennially) true? Okay, cutting all the flowery words, Isn't this statement true all the time??

To book a train ticket you must be at the ticket counter.
If you wait at the entrance to the railway station and want to book a ticket, you are again at the right place.... to realize that you should queue up at the reservation counter to reserve a railway ticket.

To cross a road, you must be at the pedestrian crossing.
If you try crossing the road from a fair distance away from the pedestrian crossing and you just missed a hit and run accident, you are still in the right remember to follow road rules.

If you fall down and break a bone, I am sorry to say, you are still in the right place learn to watch your step on a rainy day when you walk on a muddy, marshy road.....[only if you had stood at that slippery spot, you could fall, the way you did... so even for a fall, you must be at the right place.]

Antonyms are prevalent in this world...So, my mind went ahead to think about where does the question of being in the wrong place come from??

When you aim to book a train ticket and expect only that result....
And did not expect to be in the right place, to welcome someone arriving at the station...
When you want to cross the road and expect only that result....
And did not expect to be in the right place, to realize the hazards of crossing the road from a non-designated zone...
When you want to go for a walk on a rainy day and expect only that result....
And did not expect to be in the right place, to realize that a slippery road can cause a fall...

In all these cases and others that we know of or can think of, there are no wrong places...What you did not expect always ends up in your mind as the Wrong side of the story..We do not say I got a different result, but always say I got a wrong result. At any given point in time, we don't want to understand or believe that what happened is something that is right - although not expected, it is right for us at the moment.

There is no such thing as Wrong in its absolute sense, only in relative sense...Something may be wrong relative to the results we expect, but absolutely correct with reference to what we are supposed to know/receive. We get it all wrong, while almost always, everything happens for the correct reasons, at the correct places, with the correct people and at the correct time only.

Philosophical?? I have no idea, but if this is philosophy, then I believe it must have some truth to it, is worth giving a thought, and is the first step to positive thinking... Wonder if that is why in the writer's world we do not use the word 'Wrong'. We always say 'incorrect', which can mean 'not the expected result'.

Coming to think of it, should we consider doing away with the term Wrong from our diction?

I was convinced that I was at the right place at the end of that session to realize something.... I wish to keep my understanding to myself for a while. It will be out on this blog at the right time.

I am at the right place and so are you. Do not think about the could, should and would aspects of your life. Just believe that you are and have always been at the right place..

What you can gather from what is happening around you is what defines who you are.

Monday, November 02, 2009

You dont have to wait......

until the next accident to repair a collapsed railing....
This is the address of the railing I am talking about:
Krishnarajapuram Cable bridge,
Near K.R Puram Railway Station,

One day, sometime early this year, on my way to office, the usually over-crowded Old Madras Road beat its own records of the highest peak-hour traffic and lowest speed. I called up my manager and informed that I might be indefinitely late for work, due to a reason I have no clue about, and all I knew was that my bus stood still on the Old Madras Road.

When the traffic finally started moving at a snail's pace ( of course, we were glad and thankful) I looked out of the window to see a huge container truck toppled over. Thanks to the crane that moved the toppled truck to one side of the road, so a narrow one-lane passage was clear for the vehicles to inch their way through. From the bus, some eyes were transfixed on an angle just above eye level towards the railing of the cable over-bridge that we were just crossing. Our road was adjacent to the bridge, at a lower level and ran below the bridge. That is to explain the height difference between the bridge and the road. This way, you might be able to visualize the catastrophic fall of the truck from the over-bridge to the road on the lower level.

God knows whatever happened to the driver, helper and whoever else might have been in the truck that day. I silently hoped it was a movie shoot and everyone inside the vehicle were alive outside the movie screen, but the papers confirmed that it was a bad accident. The truck driver had rammed on to the side railing in the wee hours of morning and the toppled truck scene was too real to ignore. And here I was, with complaints about reaching office late when so much was toppling over in the world!!!!!

The next day, the peak hour in Old Madras Road was in the usual pace. When I crossed the same spot, I noticed that there was a thin caution ribbon tied on the broken railing. For another three months or so, whenever I remembered to give that angled-look towards the broken railing, I saw the caution satin ribbon.[ I like the confidence that the old neon signal, in a tattered caution ribbon, would continue to show Red in the head light of an approaching truck at midnight!!! Read carefully.. so many parameters here !!!].

Over the next few months I saw the ribbon missing. Made me wonder, what if another bicycle/ bike accident happens just because of the gap in the bridge's railing? Till today, this railing has not been fixed. I can say its been like this for about eight months now. Wonder if we are waiting for the next major accident at the same spot, to come back to senses and do something about this broken railing of the ever-populated, forever busy, over-bridge in the most-crowded road in the city.


With new opportunities also comes to fear and self-doubt. How can we navigate these very strong forces in order to reach our fulfillment...